Pupper West Side: Crash Lives for Blizzards

By A. Campbell

Name: Oh hi, yes, hello! My name is Crash.

Age: 2.5 years old and I’ve got the young pup energy to prove it.

Breed: I’m a mix of Beagle, Norwegian Elkhound, Chow, and Golden Retriever.

Profile/history: My siblings and I were born in Kentucky and then transferred to Virginia. A couple of years ago, Mom and Dad were both attending law school in Virginia and they adopted me from a local shelter. It was love at first sight! Now I’m living that big city life – smelling smells, meeting pups, avoiding sidewalk grates – the whole thing.

Daily routine: I love exercise and being outdoors, especially in this crisp, snowy weather. I’m also very social, so Mom and Dad cater to my needs with lots of walks. We take a walk in the morning, and then Mom and Dad head to work. I have a wonderful dog-walker who might stop by once, or even twice, in the afternoon. When my parents come home, we take a post-work walk and a nighttime walk. I’m very social and always have to say hello to the other pups we meet during our adventures. On the weekends, we do lots of exploring of Central Park. One of my favorite activities is climbing up the boulders and rock formations in the park and peeking over at all the humans and pups below.

Loves: Snowwww! I love rolling in it, snarfing around in it, and eating it. Also, chasing. I don’t really play fetch, per se, but I like to take the ball and then have people or dogs chase me for it. Bacon and hot dogs are never-ending loves as well.

Does not love: Construction. Those jack-hammers! Those cranes! Those wheelbarrows full of….what is it exactly? Dirt? Asbestos? Yuck. I also despise trash bags. They’re downright spooky, all piled up on top of each other and thrashing around in the wind.

Favorite store/business on UWS: I always enjoy perusing the treats and toys at Unleashed by Petco. I also loved the Lowe’s on West 68th and Broadway, but sadly, it recently closed. Maybe a dog-friendly charcuterie store will open in its place. (Or a supermarket?)

Favorite park spot: The Balto Statue in Central Park. I love stopping by and paying respect to our noble and brave pup forefather. For dogs who don’t know, in 1925, Nome, Alaska was hit with a terrible outbreak of diphtheria. Balto led a heroic team of mushers and sled dogs through treacherous blizzard conditions and across 674 miles of terrain to deliver much-needed medicine to victims of the outbreak.

Favorite treat: Bacon, hot dogs, and ice cream. I’m a pup of simple pleasures.

What’s the best dessert spot on the Upper West Side? The neighborhood has lots of yummy spots to choose from but, being an ice-cream lover, I’d have to say my favorite is Emack & Bolio’s. Their cookie monster ice cream – cookie dough ice cream with chunks of Oreo cookies mixed in – is what dog dreams are made of. And speaking of cookies, I’d also highly recommend Levain Bakery to anyone who enjoys hot-baked, gooey goodness.

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    1. Sarah says:

      Goodness, you are a handsome fellow, Crash!

    2. Sara Louise says:

      Beautifully reported.

    3. Antonio says:

      Only a revolution or an astroid can save us.

    4. Sylvie says:

      Our Beagle, Charlie, seems to have the same taste. Beautiful summary of the neighborhood for our loved doggies!

    5. Sally F says:

      Love this!

    6. puppylove says:

      Crash, would you date an older gal? I’m a six year old doodle and I’ve fallen head over heels reading your profile.

    7. Nelson Aspen says:

      Who’s a good boy??!! Crash!

    8. Kathleen says:


    9. Marci says:

      I love Pupper West Side and look forward to it every week.