Morning Bulletin: Baby Rides 1 Train By Himself, Mysterious Soot, Rabid Raccoons

A “Snow Queen” made by Mia Stubner in Sakura Park (near 123rd). Photo by Tim Casey.

March 11, 2019 Weather: Sunny with a high of 51 degrees.

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A 1-year-old baby was separated from his caretaker on Tuesday at the 96th Street subway station and ended up traveling alone all the way to 34th Street. It turned out the caretaker had a medical episode and got separated from the baby, police told media outlets. “The child was recovered unharmed at Penn Station, and ultimately reunited with his mother, police said. The caretaker was questioned by police and released without any charges. Due to medical privacy laws, police couldn’t detail the medical condition that led to the man’s episode.”

Some residents at 12 West 101st Street say a mysterious black soot has seeped into their apartments, causing them to raise concerns about the boiler, but the superintendent and the city say the boiler is okay. “During the inspection, they found no evidence of black smoke or soot in the building. They inspected the boiler and chimney and determined that both were working properly, and were well maintained,” the DOB said in the statement. “No violations were issued as a result of this inspection.”

Four raccoons with rabies have been found in the Inwood Hill Park area this year, the first in Manhattan since 2011.

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    1. Gia Stern says:

      We had severe soot issue for over 3 weeks around 108 ST Amsterdam Ave (windows facing Columbus Ave). Super said all is fine and thought it MIGHT be from the demolition of the garages nearby. All stopped now. Not sure how far soot can travel.

    2. nkatt says:

      She looks more like the Statue of Liberty than a Snow Queen, just sayin’.