One Person Injured After Small Explosion in Garbage Truck

Photo by Mary Ann Mobley.

A “small explosion” in a garbage truck near 90th Street and Columbus Avenue on Friday morning injured one person, according to the FDNY.

The explosion occurred around 7 a.m., according to the FDNY spokesman. It wasn’t clear what set it off. The spokesman also did not have information on the identity of the person injured and whether it was a sanitation worker. The injury was considered minor and the person was taken to Mt. Sinai St. Luke’s.

“There was a very loud boom this morning area of 90 and Columbus,” our tipster Mary Ann Mobley wrote. “The sanitation truck and workers were startled. Fire trucks and police roamed the area for over an hour and did not discover anything.”

The explosion was so big “it shook the ground,” she added.

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    1. Ron Slusky says:

      Are we on the UWS graced with the presence of THE Mary Ann Mobley (former Miss America)?

    2. Possibly, someone threw into the garbage something compressed and/or electronic that should have gone to a hazardous household waste or electronics disposal event. It takes a bit of googling to find out where to take what.

    3. Joan says:

      Mystery solved. Thank you.

      I live at 90th and Columbus and the noise from this just about knocked me out of bed!

    4. soldier says:

      Explosion in a garbage truck is not normal. You know what causes explosions? Bombs do. Police ought to be interested.