Breaking: Water Main Break Floods Broadway; Avoid the Area

Brown water gushed from holes in the street on 99th Street and Broadway Thursday morning after a water main break. Firefighters were on scene attempting to stop the flow, but it looks like it will be a nightmare for hours — and hopefully won’t turn to a sheet of ice. The M104 bus has also been detoured due to the break. (“Northbound: Via Broadway, right on 96 St, left on Amsterdam Av, left on 106 St, right on Broadway and then resume their regular route.”)

Police advised people to stay out of the area and warned of heavy traffic.

Crews from NYC’s Department of Environmental Protection [DEP] are also responding to the scene. If any locals experience changes to their drinking water – discoloration, etc. – the DEP’s list of tips advises not to drink the water. A DEP rep said that anyone seeing brown water from their taps should call 311 or file a report online to expedite follow-up.

See a video below:

Photos via 24th precinct. Thanks to Robert for the tip on the M104. Additional reporting by Joy Bergmann.

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    1. Bill Williams says:

      The Subways don’t work and the entire infrastructure of the city is crumbling and yet Comrade Bill thinks there’s enough money for free health insurance for illegal immigrants and Cuomo thinks they should get college tuition assistance.

      • Ish Kabibble says:

        What a joke of a comment. Comrade Bill? LOL.

      • T says:

        Exactly – want to get elected? Offer free stuff to people without any way to pay for it while taxpayers flee the city and state reducing the tax base. New York is going downhill

      • Jen says:

        And of course all the towering developments don’t generate any revenue and developers don’t make huge amount of money off it. The entire city screams big money are made here, banks, trading companies, expensive condors. But surely we can’t touch rich to pay for the necessities for the society. No wonder middle class is almost extinct.

      • Scott says:

        Not just free health insurance but free legal defense. It’s revolting and this clown narcissist thinks he can parlay this platform into national office.

      • Mark Moore says:

        Pipes break sometimes, especially in this weather. There should be a lot of ice around this one.

      • Don says:

        Did you type this while wearing a red MAGA hat?

      • John says:

        Bill if you are a American you do not matter anymore. 🙂

    2. izzy says:

      How awesome is the FDNY? We’re really lucky to have them.

    3. Jane P says:

      I’m on 91st and Broadway and the tap water is brown. Is it safe to drink?

      • jhminnyc says:

        Come on, someone has to tell you whether it’s okay to drink brown water when you see there’s a major break like this near you?

      • Joy Bergmann says:

        We’ve updated the story with DEP’s water safety advice: Don’t drink brown water. Report it to 311.

      • superman says:

        No,wait until it is running clear before using it as potable water. You can still use it to flush your toilets, water plants, and threaten the children with it, if they don’t clean up their rooms….

    4. Dave O. says:

      There is brown water coming out of my faucet at 203 w. 103 st., but that happens all the time.

    5. Leonard says:

      Comment 1 and 2 are a testament to positivity versus pessimism.

    6. Manfred says:

      What is happening to “Francesca’s La Vela” restaurant?

      • David says:

        Why ask about a restaurant on Amsterdam at 78th Street on a thread about a water main break at Broadway and 99th Street?

    7. tim says:

      8:30pm update – just spoke with one of the workers – says water will be restored tonight -fingers crossed for a proper shave tomorrow morning, thx to DEP and NYFD for heroic job in these conditions!

    8. Less welfare for the rich.

      I’m old, and I remember when we had money for public goods. Nowadays there’s little money for schools and infrastructure because we’ve slashed NY’s tax rates on dividends and capital gains. Conservatives design their complaints about taxes in order to reduce and eliminate taxes on the rich. Conservatives start from the assumption that taxes on the rich are bad policy.