Saturday: One of Two NYC Women’s Marches Starts on UWS

The Women’s March in 2018.

The third annual Women’s March in New York City — one of two being held — will begin on the Upper West Side on Saturday.

The march hosted by the Women’s March Alliance will gather in an area starting at 72nd Street between Columbus Avenue and Central Park West, with marchers moving from there down to Columbus Circle and then along the march route to 44th Street and 6th Avenue. The line up, which may also stretch farther uptown on Central Park West, will start at 10 a.m.

The march this year has been roiled by controversy, stemming from accusations of anti-Semitism against leaders of the Women’s March in Washington DC. A second group aligned with the national DC organization Women’s March Inc. (a separate group from the “Women’s March Alliance”) will have its own march in Foley Square at the same time. Info on that march is here.

The leaders of the Women’s March at Foley Square say they repudiate anti-Semitism and had hoped to have one march, but the two groups could not come together. Jewish leaders have split over whether to support Women’s March Inc. Rabbi Ammiel Hirsch of Stephen Wise Free Synagogue on 69th Street wrote that “we are disassociating from Women’s March Inc.” because “its current leadership has distorted the values and thwarted the goals articulated on that amazing January day in 2017.”

There is also a Non-March for Disabled Women also planned for 2 to 4 p.m. at Grand Central Station

The Times and Gothamist have more detailed explanations on the back and forth.

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    1. Noel DeKing says:

      WNYC public radio correctly reports that the Foley Square event is a “rally” not a march because NYC did not issue two march permits. If you go to Foley Sq. you will be standing in frigid weather to hear speakers only for 1-2 hours.

    2. ZoomZ says:

      Lots of snow, ice, wind.
      Watch out marchers.
      You may freeze and get wet.
      Dangerous combo.

    3. Robert says:

      I have to just stare in disbelief anti the anti Trump progressive crowd on the UWS. First let me state, before people start telling, I don’t hate Trump nor do I love him. But like it or not he will be Pres until at least Jan 2021. You need 67 Senators to remove him, which is not going to happen. There are 48 races in which Dems hold the house seats and they are rated tossup for 2020 by various media, pollsters etc.
      Its galling that UWS progressives will be pushing this march, lead by many of our elected. The Woman’s march has gone far out on a limb of racist and anti-Semitic statements and actions. For example the Cal march was cxl as being to white, they posted that reason on their own Facebook page. “Up to this point, the participants have been overwhelmingly white, lacking representation from several perspectives in our community,” states a post on the group’s Facebook page. “Instead of pushing forward with crucial voices absent, the organizing team will take time for more outreach.”
      They are so far out in never, never land that the DNC has canceled their listing of being a partner and/or sponsor of the 2019 Edition of the Woman’s march. This was report on the 15thy by CNN. If even the DNC is backing away from this organization, why oh why are our local elected’s etc pushing it. Woman’s rights need to be and should be protected to the fullest extent of the law, but there are folks that have hijacked the original idea of expressing support for woman’s rights to a hoge poge of anti Trump and the republicans.
      March, yell and scream as loud as you can Sat, pls do with the understanding that the republicans need to pick up a net of ONLY 18 seats to take back the House and there are 48 Dem seat rated toss up by Gallop, UVA, Rasmussen etc. These march my play well in NYC and LA but they turn off a lot of folks in those purple districts the Dems are now far overextended in going into 2020

      • Bill Williams says:

        You’re not alone. There are many of us here on the UWS

      • JerryV says:

        Robert, Nothing can be predicted until the Mueller report is released and what will be done with it. If Trump is exonerated, he will be on his way to a second term. If not, he and the Republican Party will be toast.

        • robert says:

          Muller’s investigation is over. He has cfm to Rod Rosenstein’s office t DOJ that final report is almost done, should be out in March. Grand jury that brought incitements so far is being folded after an extension of six months. This was done a couple of moths ago as they wanted to be sure they kept it open till all the plea deal stuff was worked out. I have to laugh when the times sells a story as the one that will get ’em, only to have several “clarifications” issued and then corrections, when the “facts” they reported turn out to be incorrect. No matter how high up any one source might be it ridicules to run a store that could cause a constitutional crisis without double checking it. They ran with the story that his senior staff under Trumps orders was in Prague colluding the Russians, even when he was a seen and photographed at public events in Cal the same day he was supposedly colluding.
          So far all of the people charged and or convicted of things that they did a number of years ago. Its also funny to watch the media fail to report that Trump has once again beat them at the PR game. Pelsoi and co are in a box, they have put all their hopes on one outcome, if that doesn’t come to pass what do they do ask for a mulligan? The interesting thing will be what comes of the, yes conformed by DOJ, criminal investigations on several top FBI and others from Mueller probe
          An ex of this is the former FBI consul that was fired for cause as well as others

      • SA_NYC says:

        After the shock of 2016 I’m perpetually nervous and perhaps you’re right. But I have high confidence in Trump to continue to act a jacka*s, thereby keeping energized those large numbers of us (Dems, Independents and Republicans — I’m not a Dem) who feel the past two years have been a national disgrace. On to victory in two years!

    4. Margaret says:

      I dislike Trump and think the sooner he’s out, the vastly better, but I have no idea what this march is looking to achieve. The fact is that the US has a president who can’t even speak in front of Boy Scouts without disgracing himself, and many (myself included) consider him clearly mentally ill. And until Republican Senators decide that situation needs to change, it’ll continue. If Republicans in general need to know how the president and their platform are viewed by American women, they can just look to the 2018 midterms to see how we voted. Maybe I’m missing something but I don’t get what impact or influence an Upper West Side march has. There’s so much at stake but this feels like a weird distraction.

      • gs says:

        What a foolish statement Trump has accomplished more in two years that the great divider did in eight! MAGA

        • Margaret says:

          There are massive concerns about the cost to us of the Trump presidency. I think we can agree that time will tell how history judges him. But, leaving aside the foolishness of whether any individual voter approves of him, you missed my point. His approval rating with American women was 20 points underwater before the government shutdown started and hundreds of thousands of paychecks stopped. It’s dropped from there. He’s under FBI investigation. These are serious concerns, however the reality is that how we proceed from here is up to senators like Susan Collins and Joni Ernst who don’t take their cues from UWS rallies.

          Not trying to convince you who to support. But I grew up with impassioned relatives who used epithets like “great divider.” Whether you thought that applied to Donald Trump when he spent years implying President Obama isn’t American, I don’t need to guess. All I’ll say, and if you disagree then cite your source, is that it worries me that non-related competent people who deal with Trump comes away worried about his understanding and the chaotic possibilities.

        • EricaC says:

          Could you give an example?

    5. UWSGal says:

      I actually like Trump and as a woman living on the UWS, I am scared for my safety to say it out loud, so I say it when I am alone in the polling booth.

      • UWSHebrew says:

        UWS is nuts, I have to let all the anti-Trump vitriol that I encounter while in normal conversation just go beside me like I never heard it. I voted for Trump and will likely vote for him again. Not only are all the current Democrat choices pretty terrible, the DNC is increasingly falling under the influence of people who are obsessively anti-Israel.

    6. Jen says:

      I don’t like Trump but not necessarily for his policies but his personality. He is an embarrassment but we do t know much about his achievements from media, only about his failures be it a tweet or anything of the sort.

      That being said, I think these marches and #metoo kind of movements have evolved into scary institutions that make no sense, not helpful in anyway, but god forbid you disagree with them. If that continues and DNC keeps their witch hunt while focusing on things like cultural appropriation instead of real issues, we will get another 4 years of Trump.

    7. Melinda says:

      From what I see of the march is a lot of women wanted to get out on a Saturday with their friends, get some fresh air and go to brunch. By 11 am you couldn’t get into any of the restaurants on the UWS – all where jam packed with “marchers”