Morning Bulletin: Goodbye Time Warner Center, School Nurse Shortage Hits UWS, Dakota Book

Photo of the Columbus Circle holiday market from the Time Warner Center, by Robyn Roth-Moise.

December 17, 2018 Weather: Cloudy, with a high of 48 degrees.

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Goodbye Time Warner Center, hello Deutsche Bank Center. “Commercial Observer can first report that the Time Warner Center is going to be officially renamed the Deutsche Bank Center, thanks to the fact that Deutsche Bank has officially leased 1.1 million square feet at the One Columbus Circle complex, taking all the available office space except for the building’s 20th floor.”

There’s a school nurse shortage on the UWS and elsewhere in the city and local leaders are raising the alarm. “If students ‘don’t have access to a trained medical professional, and something happens, we could be looking at a catastrophe,’ said Kimberly Watkins, a parent leader in District 3 on the Upper West Side…Henry Zymeck, principal of the Computer School on the Upper West Side, said his school’s nurse must sometimes walk over to nearby P.S. 87 to give medicine to students when that school has no coverage. He said it makes him nervous to have no nurse on site, and he is supposed to call 911 if a child needs medical help.”

The Dakota on 72nd has been a central location in several books and movies. The latest is a novel set in the last year of John Lennon’s life. “Barbash says he grew up very near the Dakota, ‘and it was always this great, looming, haunted castle. But I wanted to write about people who were neighbors of John Lennon in the year before his assassination, that was the first conceit. And then I discovered that it was really more about this father and son.'”

Awful subway service is now convincing businesses to relocate jobs out of NYC. “In the mind of the chief executive, inconvenience is vanished profit. The delays stemming from the failures of the R train or the incapacitations of suburban rail lines is money gone to the winds.”

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    1. Gold0105 says:

      Do we seriously have to call it that new name now? Thats so incredibly dumb I can’t take it.

      • Sue L says:

        We don’t have to call it ANYTHING–“seriously” or not!–just get off bus or subway (or exit cab) @ Columbus Circle. That advice comes from a UWSider who remembers previous “adjustments”–like the one from the New York Coliseum to Time-Warner some 18 yrs. ago. Same difference!

    2. Roger says:

      re: Deutsche Bank… will always be the Time Warner Center, just like it will always be the 59th St. Bridge and the Triboro Bridge!

    3. J chiverton says:

      Regarding awful subway service. How can our representatives in Albany expect major proposed raises when our subways need work. Without public transportation nyc will be in trouble and not provide Albany with most of the funds supporting the entire state.

      • Eric says:

        Hmmm … perhaps if the system charged riders what it actually cost to provide the service (well over $4 a ride) it would not be continually operating at a deficit.

        • Pinalty says:

          Perhaps if they spend money on real work and not on contractors and new displays every year , MTA will have enough money

    4. former teacher says:

      About the school nurse shortage…how about using unspent salary dollars temporarily and hire the Visiting Nurse Association to fill in?

      • B.B. says:

        There isn’t a “shortage” of school or other professional nurses in NYC. Newly licensed nurses and experienced are leaving this area or state to find work elsewhere due to a surplus. This and the city has lost many hospitals in past ten or so years, but nursing schools continue to churn out graduates by the hundreds each year.

        What it comes down to is money I shouldn’t wonder. Wages for NYC school nurses are only between $40k-about $55K per; meanwhile hospital nurses *start* at between low $70K to a bit over $91K.

        Right now and for the past decade or so the bedside is where professional nurses earn very good money. Many will take whatever jobs they can get (rehab, LTC, nursing homes, schools, etc…) until they can get hired by local hospital. Hence all the turnover referred to by some articles on this subject and in general.

        City needs to get its priorities straight. NYD DOE pays their “Director of Diversity and Inclusion” $170K per year, which gives you an idea of this mayor’s agenda.

    5. Mel Stone says:

      Will always be the Pan Am building on Oark Ave!

    6. Rosamunde says:

      isn’t this Trump’s favorite non Saudi or Russian bank???

    7. BillyNYC says:

      Oh come on…. couldn’t they be a little more creative and come up with a better name then “Deutsche Bank Center”?
      They could’ve least gone to the public and ask them !!!!
      That is so ridiculous.
      To me that will be always the NY Colosseum.

    8. Ethan says:

      I still call it the New York Coliseum.

    9. UWS_lifer says:

      As long as they never sell the naming rights to Madison Square Garden and Yankee Stadium I’m good.

    10. Ellie says:

      I’m not happy about the Time Warner Building name change!

    11. Leon says:

      Since the NY Times is now on the outer edge of Times Square should we rename it Disney Square?