Chase Bank Robbed on Monday Morning

NYPD at Chase Bank, 73rd and Broadway, Monday morning

By Joy Bergmann

A man robbed the Chase Bank at 73rd and Broadway on Monday morning around 10:10am, fleeing the scene with approximately $1700, police said. No weapon was displayed during the incident; the robber passed a note.

NYPD describes the suspect as a black man in his 50s, wearing clear glasses, a green hoodie and a dark grey winter hat.

Photo of suspect, provided by 20th Precinct

According to Alex, a Christmas tree vendor on the corner, the perpetrator slipped in and out of the bank without attracting attention. “I didn’t notice anything,” says Alex. “And he didn’t take a single Christmas tree.”

No Christmas trees were harmed in the incident, says vendor Alex

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    1. BillyNYC says:

      The bank robber could at least bought a Christmas tree ๐ŸŽ„ with his winnings on his way out of the bank showing the Christmas spirit.

      • Matt W 81 says:

        BillyNYC you have such a great sense of humor… I read your lines in Westside Rag News all the time. Good for you!!! Let the holiday spirits be with you.

    2. A Westsider says:

      Too close for comfort. That’s my bank. Luckily no one was hurt.

    3. RiversideDude says:

      That’s a great tree stand too! Highly recommend. Great customer service. Surprised he didn’t buy a tree after the robbery!

      • Scrooge says:

        I hate to be a Scrooge….but the Christmas tree guy who was selling Christmas Trees in front of the bank is no longer there!!!!
        I wonder why…?

    4. Ted kuzier says:

      Thank god no one was hurt – human or tree. God bless America and all itโ€™s citizens. These men should be rehabilitated not punished. We need to compassion in this country and it must start top down.