Penguin Random House Opens Pop-Up Bookstore

Penguin Random House wants in on the bookstore revival on the Upper West Side. So it’s partnering with West Elm at 1870 Broadway (between 62nd and 63rd) to open a pop-up shop inside the store for the holidays. The shop has several kinds of books, in categories “ranging from Art, Design, Cooking, and more…including Gift, Music, and Children’s titles.”

Cushy furniture and books. Not a bad combo.

Photo via Penguin.

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    1. Kat French says:

      If we want to preserve the Upper West Side’s uniqueness, we should shop at local stores instead of big chains. We have a number of locally-owned bookstores on the UWS.


    2. Bookseller says:

      Is Penguin Random House now going into competition with the Independent Booksellers in New York City and other places across America? How about supporting Local Bookstores? Isn’t it challenging enough dealing with the Evil Empire of Amazon, and now Penguin Random House wants make Bookselling more difficult?

    3. Steve says:

      Fyi. I heard there will be a Rumble gym at the old Gristedies location on 86th and broadway