Photos: 86th Street Station Reopens With New Mosaics, Murals and Repairs

The 86th Street station serving the B and C subway lines reopened on Friday afternoon, after five months of repairs and renovations. Structural steel and concrete was repaired, new lighting and digital information screens were installed, and the station got new artwork by artist Joyce Kozloff.

Kozloff designed six pieces, including glass mosaics and ceramic tile murals. They show images of the neighborhood in macro and micro, from a colorful map to depictions of details on local buildings.

Photo by @AdventureSarahB.

Photo by Dlaine.

Photo by @AdventureSarahB.

Photo by @AdventureSarahB.

Photo by Dlaine.

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    1. brava to Joyce Kozlof! The murals look gorgeous!

    2. Mia says:

      So fitting that the murals appear to be aerial views since 86-90th streets are strafed by air tourism helicopters from new Jersey all day long seven days a week.

    3. Richard says:

      Good job! So nice to see this happening.

    4. Alex says:

      The concrete platforms are already cracked. Found six cracks walking about ten feet.

    5. Roger Wolfe says:

      Please up grade the signals and make the trains run in a timely fashion.
      Structural repairs more important than “window dressing.”

    6. Joey says:


    7. Audrey ,Slass says:

      Where is the

      • Minx says:

        Really? This was well covered in a post here a couple of weeks back when the 72nd street station reopened.

        The new station looks great – its well lit, the mosaics are great and its back open.

    8. ZoomZ says:

      Get the trains to run on time.
      Get the train to be clean.
      Get the loud speakers to be understood.
      All this make up is just that – make up.
      The guts is still broken.

    9. elizabeth k. rogers says:

      Wow! What a colorful descent into the Underworld!

    10. Ecobill says:

      What a horrible way to live when you only hear the noise and see the cracks in life and miss the beauty that is also presented to you.

      • 92nd Street says:

        What Beauty? It is a drab, dim, subway station.

        We are getting pretty angry over the pathetic service that has not improved in the last 15 years.

    11. MQue says:

      I am so grateful I do not need to go to 81st every time I take the train.

    12. scb says:

      I got dripped on on the downtown platform this morning. So much for waterproofing

    13. Wendy says:

      All the benches are gone but one! People waiting need benches.

    14. Charles says:

      And yet 86th and Broadway station remains a piss-filled hellhole with illegal noise levels.

    15. AR says:

      Except.. if you stand by the second stairwell from the South entrance and look up, you’ll notice a crumbling rusty beam about to fall on someone’s head…

      Wish I could attach the picture of it… I only became aware of it after a bystander tapped on my shoulder and said “you may wish to move”, and pointed above my head.

      Great artwork.. guess it prevents us at looking at hazards!

    16. Public Deserves to Know says:

      Why isn’t Helen Rosenthal calling for a criminal investigation into the expenditures on this faux-renovation? Or an audit at least?

      Which contractors got paid how much?

      Which politicians received campaign contirubtions?

      And which MTA executives were ‘alternatively remunerated’?