Cynthia Nixon’s Order at Zabar’s is the Talk of the Town; Cinnamon Raisin with What?!?

Cynthia Nixon is hoping New Yorkers are looking for someone with new ideas to come in and change the corruption and stagnation in Albany. But one of her ideas — to put lox, capers, onions and tomato on a cinnamon bagel (gasp!) — strikes some New Yorkers as frankly the wrong direction in these troubled times.

Gothamist caught Nixon ordering that concoction at Zabar’s this week, calling it, in short, “disgusting.” They posted the video below. Nixon has been having fun with it, and is raising money off a “nosh with Cynthia” contest. Let us know in the comments if this mix of ingredients ought to be a crime.

Image via Nixon’s Twitter account.

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    1. wombatNYC says:

      Fake News

    2. Leon says:

      First of all, the combination she order is absolutely disgusting. You do not put lox on a cinnamon raisin bagel. This is a huge error in judgment that makes me question her decision making ability. Throughout her campaign she has shown very little understanding of finances (increased spending without increased revenue) and throwing away a lot of money on an awful sandwich like this is further proof of that.

      Second of all, any self-respecting Upper West Sider who order hand cut lox (rather than pre-packaged) knows to ask the counter guy for a free sample to try.

      I didn’t know you could even order a bagel sandwich at Zabar’s. I wouldn’t have the chutzpah to do that – it holds up the line.

      • Juan says:

        I agree and I think the guy who was willing to make that for her should have his license to slice lox suspended (just kidding, sort of).

      • Bruce E. Bernstein says:

        it’s a misunderstanding of her spending proposals that she doesn’t propose revenue additions. the main spending proposal — by an order of magnitude — is NY Health Act, or statewide Single payer. this is an existing bill in the state legislature which is funded through a progressive payroll tax.

        it will save most residents and businesses money, as there will be no more health insurance premiums, co-pays, and deductibles.

        reporters who are lazy have not looked into this.

      • Bruce E. Bernstein says:

        and PS, her sandwich choice sounds delicious. It will be now offered all over town, and known as “the Cynthia.” some people don’t understand creative types.

      • Carnival Canticle says:

        At least she didn’t ask for mayo on it.
        I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anyone order a sandwich from the fish counter either. Gevalt, the screams you’d be getting from the regulars! For starters, you have to buy a bagel at the other end of the store first, which the video shows Nixon doing (actually, she got an employee to pull a bagel from the bin and bag it for her).
        I suppose you have to be running for office to enjoy the privilege of having the counterman stop everything to construct your own speshul nightmare sandwich.

      • Steven says:

        What does her taste in food have to do with her decision making ability? Not a fan of her combo creation, but I’m still going to vote for her. I like elbow macaroni with ketchup & butter, so I guess it’s a good thing I’m not running for office or I DEF would not be getting Leon’s vote.

      • Viola says:

        EXACTLY!!! They have a cafe next door for that kind of tourist crap.

    3. Zanarkand says:

      Could be worse…it could be a well done steak with ketchup.

    4. Joan says:

      Obviously Cynthia wants to shake things up a bit in Albany and the upper west side – and high time someone does. I personally like raisins and red onions in my tunafish on a sesame seed bagel or an everything bagel.

      • UWSHebrew says:

        obviously she is as authentic with her ordering of a bagel & lox as Hillary is always having hot sauce in her purse. Pandering, phony, blech.

    5. Kitty H says:

      Which is the more unforgivable, this, or eating pizza with a knife and fork?

    6. Been There says:

      Well, I guess this proves that raising your kids Jewish doesn’t make you one.

    7. Scott says:

      I hear she puts cloves on her breakfast cereal too.

    8. Tom says:

      Yes, let’s focus on the type of bagel she ordered instead of the serious issues in this city and this country.

    9. AC says:

      Not a fan of her or her policies, but admire that she’s a real New Yorker. Been here all my life and one of the first things I learned over 50 yrs ago . . . don’t be concerned with what others say.

    10. Veronica says:

      What are the chances that she ordered this with a glass of milk?

    11. Gaia. G says:

      Lol I don’t care what she orders or what she’s doing in politics (I’m sure it won’t get far anyway) she still Miranda Hobbes to me. I’ll try lox on cinnamon next, sounds exotic, why not! By the way, LOVE Zabar’s. Good choice Miranda! I mean, Cynthia!

    12. Paul G says:

      In our family we refer to a CR as a “shiksa bagel.”

      Nothing against that, though I agree that lox etc seems odd.

      Having said that Nixon is a much more down to earth real person than you might expect, a Public School parent. My only fear is that if she wins, it will open the door to the Republican in November. But I dislike Cuomo intensely so I am giving her my vote.

    13. UWS Dad says:

      She can have whatever bagel combination she likes, but not from the sliced fish counter. Typical hypocritical politician who claims to care about the people but clogs up the line for other people for almost six minutes while the poor guy runs around making her special order.

    14. Jane says:

      Worse would be ha, and cheese on a bagel. So many sins! Pork. Milk and meat together. Pick yer battles, UWSers!

    15. Karen Bruno says:

      That’s just not right!

    16. ann bluestein says:

      the lox and capers offset the sweetness of the bagel, but the tomato, I don’t know

    17. Gretchen says:

      What?? And no Sriracha sauce on that bagel? Damn, that girl got no taste!

    18. acnky says:

      She can keep the capers, onion and tomato, but I’d eat cream cheese and lox on a cinnamon raisin bagel.

    19. Judy says:

      It is the cinnamon raisin bagel that should be outlawed.

    20. Yael says:

      Living under a microscope, ugh. Anyway, I just love her. (And not just because we used to live in the same building, lol).

    21. Alison .schiff says:

      She likes to combine sweet and salty…..sounds good to me

    22. David says:

      RICHARD NIxon for Governor! HE knew enough not to order lox and capers on a cinnamon bagel in Zabar’s while courting the Jewish vote!

    23. BillyNYC says:

      Only at Zarbars!!! Don’t you just love this city!!!

      • Ye Olde Englishe Teachere says:

        We’d love it even more had you spelled Z*A*B*A*R*S right!

        Old adage still applies: “Write once; Proofread TWICE!”

    24. Peter S. says:

      That sounds delicious to me. Sweet (raisins) and savory is common to many cuisines and the balance of the ingredients are natural partners to lox. I vote for that sandwich.

    25. JerryV says:

      Please folks – keep this quiet! It it gets out, Magnolia Bakery will start selling cinnamon muffins with lox frosting on top. We’ll have scores of tourists wandering around munching on this abomination.

    26. Bob Kowit says:

      The guy behind the counter is Jaime
      He is not a “deli man”
      He is an artist
      He exhibited an incredible degree of class and self control through the entire disgusting process
      He represents a level of dignity to which we all should aspire

    27. Weird That Way says:

      It sounds tasty to me but I’m weird that way.

    28. Gina says:

      Maybe going to schul has not taught her enough.

    29. Juliet says:

      NOTHING but butter should ever be schmeared on a cinnamon raisin bagel. And it should be toasted.

    30. Joey says:

      Maybe her next order will be pickles and ice cream

    31. Tim George says:

      Make me a list of the things YOU eat. I’ll bet I can find something disgusting.

    32. Wendy says:

      Ya don’t have to be [my] Jewish to eat Bagels; [smile]. Capers from Spain ? “Nixon” : I keep thinking of our past President, who attended Whittier College. How @ biallys ? Hope that the counter clerks speak our English language. “What am I , chopped liver?” : joke. Try yellow & white onions? Save our family farms, &, Food Stamps.

    33. Paul Arents says:

      Like putting bacon chips on cheese cake