The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Filming Throughout the UWS on Thursday

The hit Amazon show The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is filming on several blocks of the Upper West Side on Thursday, from West 81st Street to 90th Street.

The show is set in the neighborhood in the 1950’s and 60’s, and features a housewife-turned-comedian played by Rachel Brosnahan.

Click to enlarge.

If you see some cool props or stores transformed into 60’s shops, snap a picture and send to westsiderag at gmail!

Thanks to Christine for the photo.

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    1. Ben Model says:

      I saw grips and electric wiring up Artie’s and gelling its windows yesterday, and had a hunch this was happening. Has the production company rented the shuttered restaurant long-term as its Stage Deli set? If you peer through the windows you can see set dressings and fake malteds on the counters.

    2. Leon says:

      This show is incredible – it really captures the essence of the UWS (with some poetic license). I was very happy to learn that it was also appreciated by friends who are not UWS Jews, as I felt like I was the target audience but many others love it as well.

      I am hoping to see them filming tonight after work! I saw the signs yesterday and was very excited.

      • Irena says:

        I’m an Upper West Sider who is not Jewish (mention only because writer Leon said thought it might only be appealing to a targeted market) and who LOVES LOVES LOVES this show.

        Great casting (Tony Shaloub! though I hate that it meant he had to leave cast of the Band’s Visit before I saw him in int) including Rachel Brosnan (SP>) who got an emmy I think.

        Wish I had time to see where they are filming. Love that we have that degree of authenticity.

      • B.W. says:

        This non-Jew LOVES the show!

      • Cyn(thia) Icke says:

        Re: “…it really captures the essence of the UWS….”

        REALLY? Saw ONE episode (and nearly fwew-up); the one where a struggling young would-be stand-up comedian and family live in a luxurious CPW co-op (exterior shot was The Beresford or its ilk), as does his stereotypically annoying in-laws!

        THIS was “the essence of the UWS” ???????

        • bravo says:

          Back then the city was 95% rentals. The Jews were not allowed into buildings on the East Side (or hired by established law firms, or given medals for war service), so we built the CPW and West End and Riverside. Just (recent) ugly history, you know. Also, her father is a scientist.

        • J says:

          There was a time when middle class people could afford to live in some buildings on CPW.

        • AnDee says:

          Icky – if you watched the show, you would know it’s only possible because his rich parents paid for the apartment, which has its own consequences down the road.

          And even if that perfectly plausible explanation didn’t exist, if you hated every movie or tv show because of something was implausible…

    3. dannyboy says:

      Also noticed filming yesterday evening on the path down to the 79 Street Boat Basin Cafe, walking from the roundabout.

    4. Parker says:

      What a great show! I’m not much of a TV watcher, so I was a little surprised that I binge watched the first season so quickly. Glad to know that they’re filming another season!