Openings & Closings: Vin Sur Vingt, Farrow & Ball, Brodo

Wine and broth are flowing freely on the Upper West Side.

Vin Sur Vingt opened a new wine bar at 100 Riverside Boulevard at 64th Street about two weeks ago. Thanks to E. for the tip. There’s another Vin Sur Vingt at 66 West 84th Street. The wine menu is lengthy, and only includes French wines.

Farrow & Ball, the paint and wallpaper store at 322 Columbus Avenue near 75th Street, has closed.

Brodo, the broth store at 2144 Broadway near 75th Street,  is open and now serving various kinds of broth from taps at the back.

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    1. NotImpressed says:

      Broth from a tap sounds gross.

    2. David Rapkin says:

      We will miss the good folks at Farrow & Ball on the UWS whose excellent paints cover all our walls. For our next remodel we will just have to go to another F&B and hope we run into the same lovely, helpful folks.

    3. dannyboy says:

      French wines and Broths were the favorites of Marie Antoinette.

      • Marie et Louis says:

        Let them eat cake!

      • eyeroller says:

        You never quit, do you…

        • dannyboy says:

          Never will I quit pointing out the obvious.

          And those things that people are doing in our neighborhood that affect our community.

      • NotImpressed says:


        • dannyboy says:

          Again, I did not expect you to be aware of the historic reference. Sad that.

          This is representative of you discussion.

          Again, is this the best possible use you have of your time?

      • B.B. says:

        Queen Marie-Antoinette also liked duck.

        Man charged with preparing the queen’s meals at the Conciergerie would often go out of his way find duck when shopping for MA’s meals. This he paid for out of his own pocket.

        Just for the record, Marie-Antoinette never said “let them eat cake…”.

        The phrase “Qu’ils mangent de la brioche” had been known in France since Jean-Jacques Rousseau published a series of books entitled “Confessions”. These were written in 1765, and published in 1782.

        Others place the phrase one hundred years before Marie-Antoinette was even born; uttered by Maria Theresa of Spain, consort to Louis XIV.

    4. Davie says:

      Broths on the UWS? Well, I never….Do they really think that us crazy/normal/neurotic rent stabilized, liberal, always unopposed Jerry Nadler voting,floor-to-ceiling bookshelf owning, Lincoln Plaza Cinema going folks will go for this? Who knows? See you on election day! I’ll be the strange invisible one. Won’t you be my neighbor?

    5. BILLYNYC says:


    6. Henny Lives! says:

      But what shall we call the person pouring the Broth?

      Perhaps a “BROTH-ER”?

      Seems good…but: could a female also be a BROTH-ER?

      To quote Yul Brynner: “Is a puzzlement!”

    7. UWS Craig says:

      Broth from a tap is much more eco-friendly than the canned broth you find at the store.
      What would be disgusting is matzah balls from a tap. They would get stuck and build up filthy residue.

    8. Glen says:

      I would be intrigued to know what sort of market research Brodo did to determine that selling broth by tap would be successful on the UWS. Further, having made broth myself, $59 plus tax seems like quite a markup for 96oz of water that once boiled bones and a few veggies.

    9. Marina says:

      Stopped by Brodo and sampled some of their broth — it was SO good, and the people there were so nice!!!

    10. Margaret says:

      I wonder if there’s an update on the Bar Veloce that was announced to open on Amsterdam around 82nd? Looking forward to seeing it.

    11. BillyNYC says:

      Billys Bakery from Chelsea is opening a new store here on the Upper West Side at 80th St. and Columbus Avenue.