An Underground Shower on 96th Street

Water poured into the 96th Street subway station on Thursday during a fierce thunderstorm, adding a new adventure to the subway experience. Thanks to Ryan Dritz for the photo.

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    1. PaulCons says:

      What springs to mind is they JUST opened (well maybe 2 years ago) a brand new, extensively removated station right above the tracks. Wonder which politician’s son the architect was?

      • Mark Timperley says:

        That’s not the station on Broadway. It’s the station on CPW. I think that’s a C train in the photo.

      • EricaC says:

        As it happens, I know the architect. I actually plan to ask whether there was anything that could have been done to prevent this at the one that actually was renovated a few years ago. I’ve always wondered how you can have stations that must vent to the outside, under a sidewalk (so a shed or similar protection is not possible), and therefore must be open to the elements to some degree. Do you know? I’ve always been curious.

        • B.B. says:

          Part of sidewalk subway vents/grates are located are property of NYC. Thus no easement or taking of private property required.

          It *is* possible not to have open air vents; the SAS tunnels on UES are very deep underground and use forced ventilation. Those stations also have air conditioning as a result.

          There you have it; the basic two only ways for providing (required) ventilation for any tunnel. It is either mechanical (SAS, Holland, Lincoln, Brooklyn Battery, and soon the new Gateway tunnels) all use mechanical systems. IIRC parts of Grand Central Terminal and Pennsylvania Station tunnel systems use mechanical means as well.

    2. Wendy says:

      Remember, decades ago, when an M.T.A. worker saw similar drenching – maybe @ Times Sq. station ? [t.v. news]. Some social housing apts. have also had leaks via wall[s] ceiling[s]. Anyone else miss London Transport ? How much excess $$$$ does our M.T.A. now have ? Remember when the fare cost 15 Cents ? Be safe despite this heat wave. Guess that no use being a Lifeguard in poured on 96th St. station.