Muffins Cafe Closed by Health Department

The Muffins Cafe on Columbus and 70th street was shuttered by the Health Department last week because of health violations at the store. The beloved cafe racked up 64 violation points on April 27. The details of the violations are below.

“One of the more underrated businesses in the neighborhood, so I hope it gets back up soon,” wrote one tipster.

Update: The cafe was open on Wednesday, according to an employee.

1) Hot food item not held at or above 140º F.
2) Cold food item held above 41º F (smoked fish and reduced oxygen packaged foods above 38 ºF) except during necessary preparation.
3) Raw, cooked or prepared food is adulterated, contaminated, cross-contaminated, or not discarded in accordance with HACCP plan.
4) Evidence of mice or live mice present in facility’s food and/or non-food areas.
5) Wiping cloths soiled or not stored in sanitizing solution.
6) Facility not vermin proof. Harborage or conditions conducive to attracting vermin to the premises and/or allowing vermin to exist.
7) Pesticide use not in accordance with label or applicable laws. Prohibited chemical used/stored. Open bait station used.

Correction: We originally had the wrong address.

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    1. UWSHebrew says:

      Hey! Those aren’t cranberries in my muffin! What the…ew!

    2. Jason E says:

      I know the one at 70th and Columbus but not of one between 67th and 68th.

    3. Rob says:

      Thank you Health Department

    4. dannyboy says:

      “One of the more underrated businesses in the neighborhood, so I hope it gets back up soon,” – tipster

      well, they did “rack[ed] up 64 violation points on April 27!

    5. veronica says:

      I’m not surprised. I recall sitting a table there and noticing lots of trash on the floor. My impression was that they don’t really care,

      • ADitzyRedhead says:

        Been a loyal customer for 30 years. Never a complaint Never had spoiled food. Never seen trash except from customers who can’t be bothered to bus their own tables. And the owner cleaned as soon as they left. When my husband had cancer they brought him warm croissants and tea. If you have a problem, find a Starbucks. (Doubt the food is fresher or the coffee can compare.) Muffins is the best of the neighborhood non-chains. Go local or go away (please.)

    6. Valarie says:

      Not long ago I walked in, saw how dirty the shop was and turned around and walked out. Haven’t been back since and won’t be after hearing about this report,

    7. EGF says:

      I live around the corner and this place has never done a thing for me.

      • Cato says:

        “I live around the corner and this place has never done a thing for me.”

        Thanks for plenty o’ muffin, eh?

    8. UWS1995 says:

      The health department needs to look into Noi Due on west 69th street.

      The way they store their supplies and food is unsanitary.

    9. SteveUWS says:

      Comments like this are difficult to comprehend.–> ““One of the more underrated businesses in the neighborhood, so I hope it gets back up soon,” – tipster <–

      The place gets closed down by HD and someone hopes they reopen quickly. DISGUSTING! They have no understanding of Food Safety and or contamination. Wow…..

    10. yoyomama43 says:

      Speaking of being condemned… What’s shocking to me is how Lenny’s on Columbus around 74th St gets an A grade when it hasn’t wiped down its tables since 2014. They are beyond dis-gust-ing!

      • scooter56 says:

        I have been getting something from there practically every day for the last six months. Not once have I had a problem. The baked goods are delicious, coffee is great, prices are reasonable for the neighborhood and its a lovely family that owns and works the business.
        Its a welcoming neighborhood business and I am glad they are back open.

    11. Anon says:

      I thought this was near 70th. This is where Theo sits. What’s he doing it the shop is closed?

    12. Lauren Lese says:

      I’m bewildered by negative comments about the Muffins cafe. It’s a wonderful small business with lovely owners serving the neighborhood for over 20 years. I practically raised my children in this store. It is exactly the kind of neighborhood spot people who follow WSR bemoan when they goes out of business and are replaced by something corporate or useless to local residents. Any food establishment can fail an inspection once. I for one will be back with no hesitation.

    13. Cassandra says:

      No surprise. That place is always such a mess.

    14. Jo Baldwin says:

      But the mice seem to be living large.

    15. nycmom says:

      It’s back open. Was just there yesterday morning and business is back to usual