New UWS Trader Joe’s Gives More Details Ahead of Friday Opening

Trader Joe’s is opening its second Upper West Side store on Columbus Avenue between 92nd and 93rd street at 8 a.m. this Friday May 4, and they sent us a little info about what will happen on that day.

Unlike the 72nd street location, the store will be one floor. It will have murals that show Central Park in different seasons.

“A brief grand opening ceremony will take place moments before the store officially opens its doors, and the celebration is scheduled to continue throughout the day with live music and food tastings. Store Captain Melanie Chesley—a nearly 10-year veteran of the company, and Trader Joe’s Crew Members will be on hand to greet and assist customers.

The new store will be the 9th Trader Joe’s in the city, the 26th location in the state, and the 476th TJ’s store in the U.S., overall. Close to the 1, 2, 3, B, and C trains, as well as the M7, M11, and M96 crosstown buses, the new location is easily accessible to customers on both the Upper West Side and the Upper East Side. The single-level store will feature 21 checkout lanes and several, colorful murals that highlight Central Park as it appears through the changing seasons. Hours of operation will be from 8am-10pm daily.”

Photo by @davetrek.

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    1. dannyboy says:

      I did some research with my TJ expert. I will be getting on kine early with lots of frozen tiny peas in my basket. I’m for World Pease.

      • Leda says:

        Whirled peas?

        • dannyboy says:


          and now we got a Whirled Peaqs Movement going.

          Keep the momentum whirling! End war

      • Felicia says:

        There’s no point trying
        to be witty when you don’t
        have a ripened brain.

        A haiku

        • dannyboy says:

          Felicia, is this your contribution to our discussion of “New UWS Trader Joe’s Gives More Details Ahead of Friday Opening”?

          you think

    2. SkyOnEightyTwo says:

      Wait, does the TJs open on Thursday, May 3rd or Friday, May 4th?

    3. Danny says:

      Very excited for the store, but I’m skeptical how wide the selection can be with only one floor (and it’s not a very big floor at that).

      • Fornicastor says:

        Me too. And there’s no free stuff either. I give them two weeks, tops.

        • dannyboy says:

          I just committed to TR. I gotta keep that. I need butter. Do you know if they have 1633 beer. Fiuggi water? Thanks for helping.

          I feel your handle.

        • Lisaynne says:

          You are my new fav. Gracias

      • Theforceinside says:

        Union Square is only one floor and it has everything. It is actually easier to navigate if you forget something.

      • Wendy says:

        Many Trader Joe’s exist with only one floor; on 6th Ave and 22nd, on East 14th St. etc. Plus many suburban Trader Joe’s are only one floor. There will be plenty to purchase there.

    4. heather says:

      Great that it’s all on one floor! That will be a time saver for shoppers and a money saver for Trader Joe’s

    5. Etan Frankel says:

      no wine? 🙁

      • ScooterStan says:

        RE: “No wine?”

        Guess not. Seems there’s some arcane NYS rule preventing more than one wine store:

        AND WSR covered that back in February:

        Just another example of the case for “Home-Rule for NYC” (Google it)

      • MB says:

        What is with people complaining about no wine at TJ’s?! This is a GOOD thing as it won’t compete with local wine/liquor stores, thus causing them to close down, thus causing outrage on this website for the closing of a local business. Please stop complaining about no wine at TJ’s and buy your wine at the existing places–many of them are great and knowledgable.

        • dannyboy says:

          I’m off to Gotham today. Last week they selected a red blend from Tuscany and a Spanish white from a vineyard celebrating their 200 Anniversary for a party I hosted.

          Going back for the same. Got raves!

    6. Sue L. says:

      Am curious to see how the 92nd St. TJ’s affects the 72nd St. store in terms of numbers of customers/overall income. Though I plan to give the new store several weeks’ breaking-in time, I can’t imagine anyone above 82nd willingly choosing the longer distance and escalators (no comment on the elevator!) over the new one.

    7. UWSer says:

      I think it’s 2 floors, as I remember seeing an elevator under construction and stairs.

    8. WestsideGuy says:

      Will they sell bicycles?

    9. UWSHebrew says:

      Party time! No more 72nd for me with their always-broken escalators! Just a few minutes from my apartment! Whoo-hoo!!!

      • Felicia says:

        Are you sure it’s safe?
        I hear there are ruffians
        who shop at this store.

        A haiku

      • James says:

        the escalator isn’t broken. they shut it off when the store is busy, as it becomes unsafe to use.

    10. AndreasNYC says:

      Happily, it’s only half a block to the new TJ for me! That plus 5 blocks to 97 St Whole Foods and all the grocery bases are covered!

    11. M. Taylor says:

      It’s about time. Hooray!

    12. Rita A Scott says:

      OMG,Ican’t wait! Now I can take my shopping cart and walk 10 minutes from my home!

    13. David says:

      This store is really not close to the 1, 2, and 3 trains. Good luck walking with your groceries two avenues back to Broadway in the snow or rain (especially when the 72 St store is directly opposite the subway station).

      Also, I think management is dreaming if they believe that Upper East Siders will be willing to cross Central Park to shop at this location.

      • Paul says:

        I agree with you. The new store is far from all public transportation (with the exception of buses), which gives me hope that it will mostly attract a local crowd, unlike the store at 72nd st where people shop from far away.

    14. RReitz says:

      Support Mani Marketplace. The best little store on the UWS. Shop local.

    15. Sue says:

      Thanks for the great news. Is it on the West or East Side of the Street? Former D’Ag?
      We need petit peas, that they are out of at 72nd St.

    16. Zoraida Valentin says:

      Glad to hear current news on upper west side NY C