Gazala’s Set to Return to the UWS

Gazala’s, the Druze restaurant that closed its doors on 78th street and Columbus in 2015, is planning to reopen at 447 Amsterdam Avenue between 81st and 82nd streets, which appears to be the former home of The Meatball Shop.

Druze is a religion and culture based in the Middle East. “Their tradition dates back to the 11th century and incorporates elements of Islam, Hinduism and even classical Greek philosophy,”  according to the Pew Research Center. Druze specialties include sagg pitas, which are large and crepe-like, and all sorts of meats, kebabs and bean stew. There are familiar spread like hummus and yogurts.

Chef Gazala Halabi, who is from Israel, opened a small restaurant in Hell’s Kitchen about a decade ago and she now lives on the Upper West Side. She told Food and Wine magazine in mid-March that she planned to open the new Gazala’s in about two months.

A liquor license hearing for the new space is scheduled for Wednesdsay, April 11 at 7 p.m. at 250 West 87th Street.

Thanks to Terry for the photo and tip.

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    1. Rita says:

      Great! The food was delicious 😋

    2. Bonnie Rice says:

      Love this place. So happy it’s returning to the UWS.

    3. Carla Wolper says:

      I loved Gazala. The restaurant was lovely and their food wonderful. I especially loved the whole fish encrusted with delicious and crunchy seasonings. I am looking forward to the new restaurant opening.

    4. RC says:

      Good news, glad they’re reopening soon. Loved their food.

    5. SA_NYC says:

      Two thumbs up for Gazala’s return!

    6. MF says:

      Very good news! Loved that restaurant and was so sorry to see it go. WELCOME BACK.

    7. liz says:

      Great news, I loved this place too

    8. Bravo umnik says:

      Wikipedia: “As a religious minority in every country they live in, they have frequently experienced persecution, except in Lebanon and Israel where Druze judges, parliamentarians, diplomats, and doctors occupy the highest echelons of society.”

    9. Sherman says:

      I love Gazala’s. The one in Hell’s Kitchen has great food but it’s small and cramped and there’s usually a long wait on weekends.

      I’m glad it’s reopening on the UWS.

      Incidentally, Gazala’s is Israeli Druze food. There’s a big Israeli influence on the menu.

    10. Bob Lamm says:

      Great news.

    11. john meyer says:

      This promises to be an interesting new spot. If they’re denied their liquor license maybe we’ll get to BYOB!

    12. Lauren Lese says:

      This is really great news! Can’t wait for it to open!

    13. Rob says:

      Welcome back, we missed you and look forward to dining with you soon.

    14. Eli says:

      I love this restaurant in HK! I hope it re-opens closer to me soon.

    15. Lisa says:

      Wow! I can’t wait till you open! This is great news!

    16. Lisa Kanso says:

      I am in New York often and make it a point to go Gazala’s Restaurant every time I visit. I absolutely love the food and great service. Can’t wait to go to the new one!

    17. Sue says:

      Great news!

      Now if only Westside Market and Lincoln Plaza Cinemas would come back.

    18. Eva says:

      I am so happy!!!!