Morning Bulletin: Local Church Shields Immigrant, Two Arrested for Park Robbery

Photo by John Wells in Central Park.

April 2, 2018 Weather: Snowy, with a high of 39 degrees.

“Mid-Day Music at Columbia” and more local events this week are on our calendar.

A reader found a gold wedding ring in Riverside Park yesterday exiting the park on the ramp on 103rd St. Contact her at and describe the engraving if it’s yours.

An undocumented Guatamalan immigrant is now living at the Fourth Universalist Society on Central Park West and 76th street. “Two weeks ago, Ms. Hernandez moved into a worn former office at the historic Upper West Side church with her 15-month-old daughter, Camila, to avoid deportation to Guatemala. In doing so, she joins about 40 other immigrants around the nation who are being publicly shielded by houses of worship. She vows to remain there, without going outside, until her immigration status changes.”

Two teenagers were arrested and accused of punching and robbing a man inside Central Park near 72nd Street at about 10:30 p.m. on Friday.

Star butchers Erika Nakamura And Jocelyn Guest have left the White Gold restaurant on 78th and Amsterdam.”

The state budget did not include congestion pricing, but people who ride in for-hire vehicles in Manhattan below 96th street will be assessed new $2.75 charges and taxi riders will be assessed $2.50 charges.

Plus, hearing it’s quite a slushfest out there:

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    1. dannyboy says:

      “Star butchers Erika Nakamura And Jocelyn Guest have left the White Gold restaurant on 78th and Amsterdam.”

      there’s Schatzie

    2. Rob says:

      Why does a building of religion skirt the law?

    3. timnyc says:

      Undocumented = illegal

    4. EricaC says:

      I don’t get the idea of charging more for those who ride taxis and Uber’s. If you are trying to get people not to bring cars into the city, many will need taxis to handle the “last mile”. People drive into the city for a reason – they are carrying something, can’t/don’t want to walk a longer distance, whatever. If that is the case, to get them not to do it, it would make sense to offer taxis – and mean that taxis would spend less time circling empty, u increasing their efficiency as traffic reducers. This seems like exactly the wrong idea. It is the private cars that should pay.

      • dannyboy says:

        I expect that those with “the private cars” also think that they should not pay. So everybody thinks that they should not pay.

        But not everybody thinks that “the other guy should pay”. That would be selfish.

        If you want to resent someone else for your dilemma, don’t blame the innocent party. Ask yourself who benefits (“Cui bono”) which often identifies the culprit (try it, it works!).

        In this case it’s the T&LC, medallion owners, yellow fleets, private yellow taxi owners, their garages, etc, etc

    5. Filatura says:

      Is the Fourth Universalist Society accepting donations of clothing, blankets, toys and/or money for the support of Ms Hernandez and her little girl?

      • Bruce Bernstein says:

        thanks to Fourth Universalist for a simple humanitarian act.

        I wonder what the “nego” commenters above would have said about the Underground Railroad… which, after all, was Against The Law.

    6. ca says:

      Outrageous. Congestion is found at a short block from 81st to 79th st on Columbus, which needs to be fixed by better traffic flow management.
      Charging people who may take a taxi, like I sometimes need to do from 95th to 86th St. when buses are delayed,or I am late for an event or appointment is discriminatory, especially for older people on fixed incomes. This is not a congested area and we should not pay for midtown congestion traffic. I am opposed.

      • AC says:

        Same occurs between 78 and 81 streets on Amsterdam. Use to be a Four Lane through-way, with parking on each side. NOW, we have bike lanes; reduced parking spaces; and three lanes. When a taxi, delivery truck, or a bus stops (they never stop in their designated space), the three lanes narrow down to Two lanes. That’s half of what the original lanes were designed for.

        Congestion has been exacerbated with the reduction of traffic lanes, and now we’re suppose to solve the problem by adding a charge on cab fare???? I don’t even use cabs, but what gets me upset is the money is being used to pay for MTA (subway & bus) overruns. Want to fix the subway system? manage it correctly and stop screwing the city resident!

    7. dannyboy says:


      Unconscionable for NYC to force pedestrians, especially the elderly and disabled, to navigate crosswalks like this at 96th and Broadway.