City Draws Crosswalks on West End Avenue, But 96th Remains Bare

A crosswalk at West End and 69th Street. Photo by Sharon.

The Department of Transportation has drawn crosswalks on West End Avenue from 61st to 72nd Streets, which were repaved last year. The lack of crosswalks had alarmed pedestrians, because cars often stopped in the middle of the pedestrian walking area.

Still, that stretch of West End still lacks a complete set of lane lines, and the Department of Transportation hasn’t gotten back to us on when they’ll be painted on.

In addition, 96th Street still has no crosswalks, even though it was also repaved months ago.

96th and Columbus.

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    1. dannyboy says:

      The DOT must make their management decisions using the adage that “Lightening doesn’t strike twice in the same place.”

      Otherwise they would repaint the crosswalks on 96 street, both on Columbus and West End Avenue. Both intersections had fatalities.

    2. Lincoln10023 says:

      I can finally cross the street safely. Hooray!

    3. Frank says:

      Congratulations to the West Side Rag! Thanks for getting this done!

    4. David Morris says:

      96th Street is a disaster for pedestrians. Carr is heading west, to the highway, routinely run red lights and cause massive traffic jams at the corner of Broadway. Sometimes there are traffic cops there, but they do not seem to help. Even when they’re not standing on Broadway busy on their phones, they don’t seem to help. There is no visible light in the intersection for cars entering from the east. it needs work. CB7, Linda Rosenthal, Gale Brewer, where are you?

      • dannyboy says:

        The designers of that intersection must have gotten their training in fashion design, certainly not in Safety.

        The north-south crosswalk is filled with cars as the pedestrians cross with the light.

      • Why's Guy? says:

        Re: “CB7, Linda Rosenthal, Gale Brewer, where are you?”

        In Car 54

      • Sarah says:

        Yes, this intersection is a disaster. Huge foot traffic from people entering/leaving the subway station there, and the N-S crosswalk is constantly being encroached on.

    5. Kylee the Cattledog says:

      This is awful, how are we supposed to cross the street!?!

    6. BillyNYC says:

      Excellent work committee!!! KUDOS!!
      Believe me…Sometimes you just have to keep on hounding them until it’s done.
      I see there was no quality control here from the city.
      We on W. 80th St. are going through very similar issues with the city right now.

    7. Mary J Cahill says:

      Yes and I saw those crosswalks being put down at W. 70th St. on March 16 when temps. were in the 30’s. Earlier Councilwoman Rosenthal’s office told be they couldn’t do it until temps. were in 50’s. Who’s kidding who?
      96th St. neighborhood is not getting fair service. Just danger.

      • dannyboy says:

        “96th St. neighborhood is not getting fair service. Just danger.”

        Maybe our officials and agencies don’t know that there is a public school on 96/WEA?

        Maybe they don’t know there is a Senior Residence in the Williams?

        Maybe they don’t know that there is a bus stop there?

        Maybe they don’t know about the express subway stop on 96?

        Maybe they don’t know that cars race down 96 street to get on the West Side Highway, intersecting with the public school children, the seniors from the Williams, the pedestrians crossing to the bus, those on their way to the subway?

        Or perhaps they just want to save paint.

        Irresponsible any way you look at it.

    8. AMH says:

      I really don’t understand why it takes months to put markings down after repaving. Often the lines go down one at a time, weeks apart. Just schedule the marking for the day after paving and get it done!

      • dannyboy says:

        It;s a different City department. Got to work its way through the Bureaucracy.

        You asking for Management? Get outta’ here!

    9. df says:

      Last blog about this, the DOT was referenced saying they could only do it when the weather is warm enough, but they seemed to have painted last week on some of the colder days, near freezing.

    10. Uwsman says:

      Current mayoral administration has not been on top of things. In fact, too busy for New Yorkers due to presidential aspirations.

    11. Dale says:

      Repaving? That’s a joke, right? Has anyone seen the condition of the crosswalk at 96th and Columbus? There’s a sunken manhole cover that is not only a danger to pedestrians and bicyclists, but when trucks hit that hole it sounds like a bomb is going off… all night! I reported all of this months ago on the 311 and their answer was it’s the sewer companies problem. Pass the buck? How about following through and pass it along to them. Sick of it all

      • dannyboy says:

        Dear Dale,

        I feel you, but don’t end up getting “sick of it all” because then you stop fighting.

        I got Helen Rosenthal to walk with me starting at 96 Street and WEA. It’s a disaster.

        I left her with a thought to ponder when I told her that “there’s blood on your hands” if another fatality occurs even after I provided her solutions.