H Mart is About to Open!

H Mart, a Korean supermarket chain with a wide array of hard-to-find specialty items, is about to open its doors at 110th Street and Broadway. Employees are telling people the opening will either happen today or Friday.

The shelves — including the produce section — are now well-stocked. I

The New Jersey based chain has a location in Korea Town (32nd Street) and lately has been opening new locations throughout the country. The stores sell fruit, vegetables, fish and many Korean specialties, including snacks and sushi-like Kimbap rolls.

f you’re among the first to go in, take some pictures and send to westsiderag at gmail dot com.

Thanks to @ashirak for the photos above and below.

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    1. chris says:

      so excited about this!! really looking forward to it!

    2. Sharon Kaufman says:

      Where is it?

    3. francoise says:

      Really excited about this opening!

    4. md23980 says:

      Can’t wait. Would always go to 32nd street location. Yes, this is a win for our neighborhood.

    5. David says:

      If this is like the H Mart in Fort Lee, it will have a terrific fish department! They’re great.

    6. Emilia says:

      Yay!!!! SO EXCITED! I’ve been making my shopping list for months in anticipation…

    7. Stuart says:

      But, and this is really important to followers if this website, will H Mart be selling wine?

    8. Musty says:

      It’s open as of 4pm today (Feb 15) and it is fabulous!

    9. RedRaleigh says:

      I was told they were opening TODAY (Thursday 2/15). Don’t know if they actually did. I plan on stopping by tomorrow to shop.

      Mt wife is Asian and we are THRILLED to have this store in our our neighborhood!

    10. A. Local says:

      It was open this evening…

    11. Diane says:

      Very excited! I hope the prices are the same as the New Jersey locations. Hard to imagine that they will be given the rent that they will be paying

    12. Ellen Count says:

      Agree with Sharon, would like to know exact location – what store did it replace? I don’t recognize the (new?) building through the window above eat-in counter….

    13. TH says:

      H Mart is open but the configuration of the cash registers and the one HUGE line around the store to pay for your goods, don’t work. I hope this is addressed soon.