A First Look Inside H Mart: Jackfruit, So Much Crab, and Pokemon Socks Galore

Photo by Barbara Peck.

Long lines were already forming late on Thursday at H Mart, the specialty Korean supermarket at 110th Street and Broadway, the former home of D’Agostino. The store is calling it a “soft open” and were giving people 5% off. We received several excited messages from readers who were among the first customers, including the missive below from Barbara Peck that reads almost like a poem.

People rushing in at 6:30 pm (“soft opening”; 5% discount)
Kinda cramped produce area at the front.
Produce includes sliced jackfruit!
All the tofu you can eat!!
Stocked shelves; open ceilings.
They have ceramics! OMG! Also Asian beauty products, storage containers, all kinds of stuff.
Aaaaand Pokemon socks!
Best part is the BIG seafood area. We needed this.
Great prices for seafood too.
The busy checkout area!

Another tipster, who calls himself Flash, noted that the prices appear to be higher than at the New Jersey stores, and they don’t take the loyalty card. That’s the same policy as at the 32nd Street store, he said.

See photos below.

Photo by Barbara Peck.

Photo by Barbara Peck.

Photo by Flash.

Photo by BW.

Photo by Flash.

Photo by Flash.

Photo by BW.

Photo by Flash.

Photo by Flash.

Photo by Barbara Peck.

Photo by Barbara Peck.

Photo by Barbara Peck.

Photo by Barbara Peck.

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    1. Sarah says:

      Finally, some good news!

    2. Johnny UWS says:

      What accounts for what appears to be the increasing presence of Asian owned/oriented business’ in NYC ie H Mart, Muji and many smaller business’ featuring Asian products and food. Is it an increase in immigration, a rise in disposable income, and just the globalization of the world and freedom of travel allowed with a certain measure of income. Just a sincere query no agenda or ax to grind.

      • Scott says:

        I guess you weren’t here in the 1980s. Korean vegetable stands were everywhere. Now, all gone.

      • Sean says:

        All of the above and the store is close to Columbia University.

      • Mary says:

        I believe that there has been a significant increase in the Asian student population in the Morningside Heights area, due almost entirely to increasing numbers of mostly Chinese students at Columbia. A growing number of businesses and restaurants cater to their tastes.

      • francis says:

        wrt this store ?

        Columbia students

      • j says:

        The increase in NYC due to several factors as you note:

        Many more people with disposable income; relaxation of travel restrictions; more families seeking to send children to college in US; people purchasing luxury apartments to “safeguard ” their money (note that some luxury developments are specifically marketed in China) ; and investors who may seek to qualify for green cards.

        • patrick says:

          Also, Asian cooking is pretty mainstream nowadays. Compared to other NYC neighborhoods, the UWS does not have great access to asian grocery products.

    3. Molly says:

      Wonderful store-meat prices are high but that’s all over lately. Many interesting products but no idea how to use them. Gave a suggestion to the staff to post some recipes and or have tastings so we Westerners can know more about the ingredients. Staff was very friendly and polite-unlike many checkout clerks at Gristedes.
      The spicy tuna roll was delicious and very spicy. Will be back.

    4. Gigita says:

      Yay! Can’t wait to splurge this weekend! Thank u Barbara Peck for the preview!

    5. PauCons says:

      Johnny UWS, Columbia (as in it’s students), at least as it applies to H Mart’s new location.

    6. Vee says:

      How are priced vs 32nd Street location?

    7. S says:

      Anyone know if they will have delivery?

    8. MelterUWS says:

      I LOVE Jackfruit, so I want the whole thing. Not a slice. How much is it a pound there? It’s a bit of a journey for me.

    9. Phoebe says:

      I don’t like to say things like this but I have heard that some Asian seafood is not healthy. Does anyone here have any information about this and what to look out for (or not) in this store? After hearing last night about the dog food recalls, I feel even more anxiety about this issue, and facts are facts, even if risks depend on various factors.