Openings & Closings: Ed’s Chowder House, Kefi, Barcibo Mediterraneo, W96 Deli

Ed’s Chowder House, the seafood restaurant on 63rd Street and Broadway under the Empire Hotel, will close on January 27, according to a manager and an employee there. The manager said they are closing for renovations, but would not confirm if they are reopening. She didn’t have further information. An employee who spoke to one of our readers made it sound like they’re closing for good, as did an employee who spoke to West Side Rag. Management did not respond to an email seeking further information. Ed’s closed once before, only to return several weeks later.

Greek restaurant Kefi on Columbus Avenue between 84th and 85th street was closed on Tuesday night with a notice from the city marshal’s office that the landlord now has control of the space. Another sign on the door said it will reopen for dinner at 5 p.m. — though it’s not immediately clear which night they mean. Restaurants can certainly recover from being seized like this, though it does not always work out that way. We were unable to get through to the restaurant early Wednesday morning for more info. The popular Greek restaurant was also forced to close for several months a few years ago because of a gas problem in the building. Thanks to Rachel Hoffman and Jenn for the photos and Marlene for the tip.

Barcibo Mediterraneo, the tapas spot at 2020 Broadway (68th-69th Street) also has a marshal’s notice up and has been closed for several days. It was formerly known as Barcibo Enoteca. Thanks to J.R., Janine and Alex for the tips.

W96 Deli is now open on 96th between Broadway and Amsterdam, on the south side of the street. It serves breakfast lunch and dinner. Thanks to Flash for the photo.

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    1. NY10023 says:

      Barcibo Mediterraneon owners spent 7 months doing renovations and was open about 1.5 months.
      The Korean Deli, Albertina, right next door, spent over 8 months doing renovations and then closed after about 1 month of being open.

      Nothing suspicious at all about these endeavors.

      • Jess says:

        Does anyone know if the same owners ran Barcibo Mediterraneo as Barcibo Enoteca? That place was always packed to the gills – never understood why it closed…. Assuming someone has more background on the story?

        • Alicia says:

          No, the owners of Barcibo Enoteca are not the same as Barcibo Mediterraneo. I was told they sold the new owners the concept and similar name. The owners of Barcibo Enoteca (at least one of them) is an owner of Bin 71.

      • Sean says:

        Possibly because the UWS woman needs to get a pedicure even in winter?

      • Chase says:

        Albertina’s was a sad state of affairs I’d love to know more about. Thought it was a great spot BUT they didn’t keep the grill open 24 hours. They would try and sell you panini’s that were sitting out all day instead of making you something fresh. Wasn’t a fan and think that helped lead to the demise. Also was expensive. But still, thought the neighborhood could use a spot like that.
        Barcibo… also very strange. Something’s up.
        As for the nail salons… they keep constant business coming in don’t they? Not sure.

      • Kenneth says:

        These food places close quickly because the tenant/potential business operator grossly under-estimates the time for and cost of renovating a Manhattan commercial space for a food-related business and they burn through all their inadequate available capital before the door ever opens. This combined with an unrealistic projection of year one gross revenue is the perfect recipe for a rapid business failure. I don’t understand the manicure salon business model – but my observation is the start up investment is minimal compared to a restaurant.

        • Sherman says:

          The start up costs to open a nail salon are much cheaper than a restaurant. I mean, a restaurant needs ovens and grills and refrigerators etc…a nail salon doesn’t need much.

          Furthermore, a rule of thumb in the restaurant business is that 40% of your expenses are just for the cost of food.

          This is why even restaurants that are always crowded might have trouble turning a profit.

          A nail salon has much higher margins per transaction. If a nail salon has good volume it can be very profitable.

    2. J Cornwall says:

      Does anyone know what happened to the nice small grocery/deli on Amsterdam and 90th street in the former Saigon Grill space? It also spent a lot of time renovating and then closed quickly. The neighborhood needed that place!
      Any news on why that space is still empty?

    3. Reynold says:

      Wonderful news about Ed’s Chowder House! Food was drab industrial quality, service was indifferent, prices were on the high side.

      • Lauren says:

        they had one of the best salmon burgers for brunch

      • Stacey says:

        It’s really rude and tacky to write “wonderful news” about a restaurant closing. People will be out of jobs and have to scramble to find new ones. Are you also one of those people who loves when a Broadway show that’s not to your liking closes?

      • Rob G. says:

        How exactly is it “wonderful” for any restaurant in our neighborhood to close? If you don’t like it – don’t go! But celebrating a loss of jobs and a place that others enjoy is pretty low and selfish.

    4. JerryV says:

      Ed’s Chowder House was one of the better (and non-touristy) restaurants around Lincoln Center. They were a bit pricey but always good for “Restaurant Week”. I had wondered why they were not listed in this year’s Winter Restaurant Week.

    5. Joanna says:

      I’m bummed about Kefi, though–it’s one of my favorite reasonably-priced restaurants in the hood!

    6. Sarah says:

      Wow, Kefi was always busy. If they can’t make it…!

    7. Margaret says:

      Sad to see Kefi go, although their prices jumped too high for me a couple years ago. Great place – I only wish they’d been able to keep the menu a little more affordable.

    8. Janisz says:

      I heard that many nail salons are premises with no lease with a landlord renting chairs by thehour tithe manicurists. That way the landlord avoids accepting a lower rent and keeps store avaulabke while still earning something in the meantime.

      • js says:

        There have been rumors over the years that nail salons are a relatively easy way to park money from overseas.

    9. Jeff says:

      Worth noting that on OpenTable, Kefi has stopped accepting reservations, but only until Monday 1/22.

      In combination with the sign on the door about reopening for dinner, that could suggest they see this as a temporary problem that can be quickly fixed.

    10. mark green says:

      when will chef jose acosta open his italian restaurant da luce, on columbus av. across from zingone? nearly two years and the coop board is still not being ‘cooperative’ at all !!?

    11. Lisa4NYC says:

      Kefi is opened for dinner tonight.

    12. Mike says:

      Went to Ed’s with another couple a few years ago. Long story short, all was good until a huge water bug ran up our friend’s pant leg and had him scurrying to the men’s room to set it free. Upon hearing about what happened, our waitress’ reaction was to offer us a coupon for 15% off our next meal, which, as it turned out, they were handing out to pretty much everyone. When I took this up with a manager in writing the next day, she was quite apologetic and attempted to be more accommodating, but between this episode and a pricey menu, that ship had sailed (although the food was pretty good).

    13. Cyrus says:

      I’m happy to hear that Kefi is back open. One of my fav’s. But I’m concerned about their future. I believe they also own Fish Tag so I wonder if they’re having difficulty operating both

    14. Mark Hampton says:

      Any updates on the opening of Trader Joe’s?
      I think they’re using the same contractor that built St. John the Divine.