Coffee, bagels, and a new deli? We’ll take ’em in a to-go bag with extra ketchup, salt and pepper, please. Check out recent Upper West Side openings and closings below.

Freshy’s Deli has opened on the corner of 106th and Columbus Avenue in the former home of a pentecostal church, Daren tells us.

gotham foodZucker’s Bagels has signed a lease for the former Gotham Foods space on Columbus between 72nd and 73rd street, Columbus Avenue BID Executive Director Barbara Adler tells us. There’s another Zucker’s on Lexington Avenue that makes hand-rolled bagels, but the store’s management did not respond to questions about the new store, including whether they’re the ones who own it. It’s frankly kind of amazing that there could actually be two bagel stores opening on the Upper West Side (H&H Midtown East is opening soon on Columbus between 85th and 86th). We’ll only believe when we are literally pinching the warm cinnamon raising bagels.

Ed’s Chowder House has returned tot he Empire Hotel on 63rd, after briefly morphing into Moore Food & Drink. Eater had the scoop: “According to Moore he signed an eight week lease with CGC with the possibility that they could ‘work something out’ for a longer commitment. Apparently CGM decided not to extend the lease, although it appears that the parting was mutual.” Moore also said something about the Upper West Side having a different “clientele” than downtown. Yeah, we don’t pass out in our boozy brunches as often. Thanks to Eileen and Ann for the tips.

former cava

The former space of Cava Wine Bar at 185 West 80th street will become a nail salon, according to permits filed with the city. Thanks to Terry for the tip.

Amla, the Indian restaurant on 105th and Broadway, appears to be closed, a tipster tells us. The store is for rent, no one is picking up the phone, the last Yelp review says it’s closed, and the Grubhub page is down.

coffee berry

Coffee Berry, a cafe and eatery, is set to open on 90th and Amsterdam, the former home of the Bagel Basket. Thanks to Rachel for the photo.


Thiam Variety Store at 528 Columbus Ave (85th-86th) has also closed, Terry says. “It was very handy for small dry goods items and more.”

The Easy Spirit store at 2251 Broadway (80th-81st) is closing, with the remaining stock placed at the front of the store, Toinette tells us. It no longer shows up on the company’s store map.

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    1. Lucien Desar says:

      More new bagels stores – – YES PLEASE ! I am so happy there is a new bagel place taking the Gotham Food location.

    2. Stacy says:

      Zucker’s is very good. There’s one in Tribeca as well. Very happy to have fresh bagels near my apartment!

    3. Beth says:

      According to the staff Moore was never supposed to stay. They called it a temporary pop-up restaurant. 🙂 And while it was Moore it was basically the same menu with a few comfort food additions. They even kept the same bread treats (also with a couple of additions).

      Strangest thing I ever experienced in NY dining 🙂

    4. Wendy says:

      Sorry to see the Bagel Basket go. (who needs yet another coffee joint up here??) Now only Tal Bagels is left above 86th and west of Columbus for fresh baked bagels. But Ed’s Chowder House was one of our favorite Happy Hour spots; We were pretty upset to see that disappear. The new place isn’t the same, menu or other-wise (same main bartender though).

    5. Mary says:

      Just about all I ever saw being sold at Thiam. (I didn’t even know it had a name!) were hats and sunglasses. Bring back Johnny’s!

      • ctP says:

        I am such a fan of the space that was occupied by Thiam Variety Store. I dream of opening a little shop in one of these sliver stores.

    6. Kate says:

      I wish more places to eat would open in the Lincoln Square area. Not horrendously expensive places, but just normal cafes and coffee shops. Seems like every issue of WSR’s “Openings & Closings” only has stuff opening north of 80th St.

      • Sean says:

        Aint gonna happen. Lincoln Square is for European tourists. Stop by Century 21 and you will see what I mean.

    7. Soul Man 24 says:

      Absolute Bagels remains the best in NYC

    8. Lin says:

      Friends and I miss Willow. It was on Amsterdam
      @ about 75th.

    9. Elizabeth M. says:

      I pass by the future H&H on Columbus every day and it is not going to be ready any time soon. The inside is not near being finished.

    10. Katherine says:

      I’ve noticed a lot of remodeling construction going on in the southeast corner building of 106th & Amsterdam – does anyone know what that will be? I’ve noticed some guys putting up dark horizontal wood beams above the storefront, which makes me wonder if a Starbucks is en route.

      • Nadine says:

        I heard it’s going to be a kosher food place. And one door down from it, just South, is SoCo realty. Sigh. Why can’t we get a decent independent coffee shop in the area? Not a diner, not a Dunkin Donuts, not a greasy-spoon table-service place, but a coffee shop with adequate seating and a restroom? Uggghh.

        • Mark says:

          Ever heard of a place called the Hungarian Pastry Shop?

          • Elizabeth M. says:

            I agree with you Mark. They’ve been there forever and they’re great. Fantastic pastries and great atmosphere.
            Reasonable prices. Real character. Try it!

        • Tom D. says:

          Please define “decent” and “in the area”. Plowshares seems to meet both criteria. But maybe two blocks is too far a walk for you?

    11. E says:

      No more nail salons!

    12. Sean says:

      The Bagel Nosh was great.

    13. cs says:

      Coffee Berry is moving in right next to Georgia & Aliou’s bakery/cafe?

      Two similar places side by side?

    14. Andy says:

      Freshys has an impressive selection of organic and natural products.

    15. Kat says:

      Did Filicori Zecchini on Broadway and 95th close down today? Please say it ain’t so!!!