Postal Truck Engulfed in Flames on Amsterdam Avenue

A mail truck on Amsterdam Avenue and 86th Street was consumed by flames around 2:30 p.m. on Friday afternoon. “It now has turned into quite the smokey blaze with lots of emergency vehicles,” wrote Ellen.

FDNY said the fire was called in at 2:20 and under control by 3:06. We are awaiting more information from the FDNY on whether anyone was injured.

It’s the second dramatic vehicle fire in the last two days.

Thanks to Ken for the top photo and Ellen for the bottom photo.

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    1. Smokey says:

      Are the two car fires related? Perhaps there is an arsonist on the loose?

    2. Oona says:

      Live right there but the decibel level of all the City sirens has become so incredibly loud I don’t pay attention anymore. Actually at that time I was on the telephone to 311 calling in a noise complaint about the siren noise which has become unbearable this last year.

      • mary says:

        those 2 tone Mt. Sinai ambulances are totally annoying, hear them half dozen or more times a day. why all of a sudden the need for so many amb calls…sometimes I watch the amb go by doesn’t seem like they are in a hurry, just cruising on by, makes me suspect they play siren cause they can.

      • Tom says:

        Tell me about it! I suffer from tinnitus – ringing of the ears – which I got from exposure to loud music. I have to duck into a doorway and hold my ears for dear life. It is so loud and most of the time unnecessary. They should have varying loudness depending on how much of a rush they are in. Sirens blasting at deafening levels when the ambulance is going 25 miles per hour. What gives?

    3. PaulC says:

      2nd vehicle fire this month on Amsterdam… don’t park there!

    4. Lord Of The Slice says:

      This truck had my delivery.
      I was waiting on a smoke detector and fire extinguisher.

      oh, the irony.

    5. Jen says:

      Can WSR folllow up re this and the other recent vehicle fires? What is the cause, etc. I believed the was the third one recently as well. They are all pretty close so makes you wonder if there’s a common cause.