Five Fantastic Fog Fotos (From Friday)

On Friday morning, warm air passing over the frozen Hudson River caused a heavy fog to form. It’s called advection fog, said David Windt, who posted the awesome photo below on Twitter. He noted that it was 60 degrees with no wind. We got several other excellent shots too.

Photo by David Windt.

Photo by Amy Solas.

Photo by Stephanie.

Fog on the Hudson @westsiderag

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(Click on the arrow on the right side of the last photo to show another photo.)

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    1. manhattan mark says:

      This fog was amazing as it formed at sea level as it rose up.
      and just as interesting it was moving from south to north. The river flows from north to south as the ice was doing.

    2. Steve McGhee says:

      Another word for this phenomenon is “sea smoke”. An old timer here on Martha’s Vineyard said they used to call it “reek’, a word that originally meant smoke.