Fate of Broadway Restaurant is Unclear; Interior Photo Shows Significant Damage

A fire on New Year’s Day caused serious damage at the Broadway Restaurant, a diner on Broadway between 101st and 102nd Street. There were no injuries in the fire, which drew 12 units of firefighters.

The business, which opened in 1970, has been closed since, and the phone has been temporarily disconnected. Our attempt to reach the owner through a family member was unsuccessful.

Katie Carman-Lehach took the photo above, showing how the restaurant looked on Thursday. If anyone knows the owner, he can contact us at westsiderag at gmail dot com. We’d like to know how locals can help.

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    1. Jacob says:

      I live around the corner from the Broadway diner… it’s always been a great value. I’ve always thought it could use a little update, looks like it will. Hope it comes back, but since the staff is of advanced age….. who knows if it will.

    2. Daniel Connolly says:

      I know their niece (out in Queens) consults the ‘Broadway Restaurant and Coffee Shop’ page on Facebook.
      Posted there a couple of months ago. One of the owners said his niece saw it. We had a good laugh about it.

      Really miss that spot. The Facebook page is a good place to look.

    3. Yessika Pazmino says:

      Wow. That’s serious. I do agree they can use an update. Hopefully they will take opportunity to do it. Either way…. they must open again.

    4. LSK says:

      We can offer to start a Go Fund Me campaign to pay what insurance does not pay.

    5. Sarah says:

      This is just too bad. We’re rooting for you, Broadway Diner!

    6. C. Beth says:

      We should start leaving notes on the exterior letting the Broadway know how much they mean to the neighborhood!