Morning Bulletin: Museum Plaque Criticized, Another ‘Trump’ Building Rebels, Price Cuts at the Dakota

Photo by Kate Hinds near 67th and Columbus.

January 16, 2018 Weather: Cloudy, with a high of 38 degrees.

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After scientists pointed out that a plaque at the Museum of Natural History appears to downplay the human causes of climate change, critics are raising new concerns about the museum’s controversial donors and board. The museum says the plaque was simply outdated — not changed to appease donors — and it will be updated.

Residents of another Trump-branded building on Riverside Boulevard want the president’s name off the building, and now a judge is considering the issue. “The Trump name was cemented in place by a four-page licensing agreement, signed in 2000. It described Mr. Trump as a ‘worldwide renowned builder and developer of real estate who enjoys the highest reputation in these fields among others,’ but set only a modest value on the use of his name: $1. Not payable monthly or even annually, but $1 in total.”

Speaking of Trump…a sign on the West Side Highway bearing his name that was vandalized after the election has suddenly disappeared, tipsters tell us.

Is the Dakota on 72nd and Central Park West losing its cachet? Recent price cuts on two apartments are raising eyebrows. “The Dakota — constructed in 1884 on Central Park West and 72nd Street as America’s first-ever luxury apartment building — has long boasted well-heeled residents with glitzy homes to match. In 2015, for instance, it nabbed a flurry of headlines for the $21 million sale of late starlet Lauren Bacall’s nine-room, park-facing residence, which spent less than a year listed. But a handful of other apartments there have faced longer spells on the market and a number of price cuts before entering contract or being delisted.”

Three people were injured in a fire on 101st and Amsterdam Saturday,  but refused medical attention. FDNY is trying to determine the cause of the blaze.

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    1. maria w79th says:

      I’ve never seen Lauren Bacall referred to as a starlet! Interesting!

      • Stella says:

        Maria, I’m with you. Miss Bacall was a star of the first magnitude back when the designation truly meant something. “Starlet”, HA!

    2. Margaret says:

      Cachet is the word I think you were trying to use when discussing The Dakota

    3. Jon Delfin says:

      “Is the Dakota on 72nd and Central Park West losing its cache?” Even worse, is it losing its cachet?

    4. Cma says:

      Re: fire at 101st street.
      Two women thought they were doing something meaningful by rerouting traffic on Amsterdam Ave at 96th and 97th streets, A #7 bus I was waiting twenty minutes for turned onto 96th St. One of the rerouters said people were jumping out of Windows. I spoke to a fireman who said it wasn’t true and traffic did not need to be redirected. Where were the police here, I wondered. Did not see one, anywhere.

    5. Gretchen says:

      Why don’t they rename the eponymous Trump bldg. 200 S**thole Place in keeping with current trends.

    6. Elizabeth Sachs says:

      I don’t think “starlet” is the right word to describe Lauren Bacall…

    7. LEE APT says: