Even Birds of Prey Get Cold

A hawk (or turkey vulture) that normally perches on top of the Beacon Hotel on 75th Street found a new spot during this recent cold spell, on top of a chimney. Geoff, who took the photos above and below, thinks the bird is cold.

“In the closeups (taken using my iPhone and aligning its lens to view the image through my binoculars), it can be seen looking toward me, its beak pale yellow.

In the other image, the more commonly used hawk perch can be seen in the far off distance, the little square cube atop the yellow bricked Beacon Hotel.”

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    1. M F says:

      that is not a hawk that is a turkey vulture.

      • West Sider says:

        Thanks, any other bird experts want to weigh in? We’re now confused, and have made that clearer in the headline! WSR

    2. Wendy says:

      At least that Hawk hasn’t fallen down, BUT, some Iguanas in Florida State have – supposedly. Don’t put pet birds outside in this weather, on a Fire Escape; or, next to a Window in a Cage ,[ in the direct sunlight]. n.b. maybe a club @ raptors in Mirebeau, France, F-86110. A book @ falconry, which I read. No Santa Claus down that Chimbley ? [joke]. Could it be a red tailed Hawk ? Vivat : “Hawkeye”, of M.A.S.H..

    3. m.pipik says:

      I’m not an expert, but I know the local raptors.

      I just saw the bird flying when I came out of Fairway. Not a hawk or bald eagle. Agree it looked like a turkey vulture, but I was seeing it from below and the tail looked a bit short. The best way to recognize a TV is to view it head on. The wings make a V shape and they rock from side to side. They also have “tiny” red heads which I couldn’t tell with the distance and glare.

      I can’t think of another bird which would have looked like the one I saw.

      I’m surprised that a TV would be hanging around Manhattan. They are usually just passing through. I wonder what it is eating. They like open land and generally eat carrion, although I have seen them fishing in California.

    4. James says:

      Turkey Vulture. Its red head is a give-away. No other local raptor would have that. The rest of the indicators are also consistent.