Morning Bulletin: Art Garfunkel, Community Board Applications, Police Officers Injured

Photo by Ellen Cohen.

January 8, 2018 Weather: Mostly cloudy, with a high of 35 degrees.

Art Garfunkel comes to Barnes & Noble on Wednesday. That and more local events are on our calendar.

You can apply to be on your Community Board from now until Feb. 9. The 50-person board plays an important advisory role in everything from new development to liquor licenses to parks and street design. Apply here.

There will be public hearings about the proposed consolidation of PS 208 and PS 185 and the truncation of PS 165 on Monday and Tuesday respectively. More here.

A cab driver plowed into a police car on the West Side Highway between 79th and 72nd Street on Saturday at 6 a.m., injuring two officers, according to police. The officers had been blocking part of the highway as they responded to another crash.  The 27-year-old cab driver “showed signs of intoxication and possible drug use, police said. He refused a breathalyzer test, and was also found in possession of several packets of marijuana.”

A writer explores his memories of a Hasidic rabbi on the Upper West Side. “The more I learned, the more I too was awed by Rabbi Steinberg’s erudition. I was, in my adolescence, quite the little misnagged myself, and simply could not understand how Rabbi Steinberg, in good Hasidic fashion, played fast and loose with the halakhically-mandated times for prayer, or let seudah shlishis begin perilously close to sunset. At times he would sense my agitation and assure me with a chuckle that everything was fine.”

Can we get one of these? At a restaurant opening soon in Chelsea, you literally fish for your dinner. “Patrons at Zauo — opening on West 24th Street in February or March — can try to hook seafood from tanks with different kinds of fish and even other seafood, such as rock lobsters.”

A reader lost a special bracelet 2-3 years ago. “It’s a silver link bracelet with black (onyx?) hearts. I got it in Arizona or New Mexico – Zuni design. I lost it somewhere between 82nd and Broadway and 72nd and Riverside. It’s not fancy – I just really liked it – and there will be a reward. I never thought to post before – but I’m hoping for a belated Christmas miracle.” Yes it’s a longshot, but please email westsiderag at gmail if you happen to have it.

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    1. Guppies Against Yuppies says:

      Re: ““Patrons at Zauo — … can try to hook seafood from tanks with different kinds of fish and even other seafood….”

      Possibly a new low in DISGUSTING! The equivalent of ‘shooting fish in a barrel!

      Is there any way for the captive fish to retaliate…or at least notify P.E.T.A.?

      • jezbel says:

        I agree. The fishtank version of going out back to shoot your own steak. What a HORRIBLE idea. Appalling for children to personalize fish or who have fish tanks of their own at home. This is a nightmare idea. We would NEVER even consider dining there.

        • geoff says:

          would adding a degree of separation alter your feelings? how about a cat, or a heron at poolside; whatever it catches, you eat.

          • Linda says:

            Many specialty restaurants offer customers the opportunity to choose their seafood live. Someone or something has to kill the fish before you eat it, folks. If you go to a fancy Chinese restaurant, you can choose your lobster. Is it more cruel to have the guy in the kitchen take it out of the pool? Have you never heard of fishing?

            • Izaak Walton says:

              Re; “Have you never heard of fishing?”

              I have!

              It certainly makes me feel…feel….wait for it….feel “Compleat”!!


    2. B flat says:

      Funeral service for Erica garner today at 5pm. 1912 Adam Clayton Powell blvd, 1st Corinthians Baptist church

      • Will says:

        Thank you, and RIP to Erica and her father Eric. I can’t believe Daniel Pantaleo can choke a man to death and still earn a paycheck we tax payers pay for. Crazy decade we’re in!

        • UWSHebrew says:

          I am very pro-cop but Pantaleo makes me sick.

          • H says:

            It is telling that people often have to put a qualifier when commenting about a criticism of police. Just as most officers are good, most civilians respect them and want them to be safe. But we are in a climate where any criticisms of police officer behavior is met with backlash so when making comments, we have to showcase how “pro cop” we are as if being critical of someone doing something wrong or criminal is somehow justified. This happens with many a group that yields enormous power be it political, monetary, religious, etc. This shouldn’t be the norm. We should call out freely those that do harm to others without having to preface it with something.

    3. OldTimeUWSer says:

      re the community board, they say anyone can apply but it seems it’s very hard to get chosen if you are simply a local concerned citizen – they are really looking for the politically-connected or those who represent a significant interest group. just a heads-up for anyone thinking of investing time in the application process.

    4. Jimbo says:

      If a Police Officer says you are under arrest just put your hands behind your back and comply.