What’s Open Amid the #BombCyclone Snowstorm: A Running List

Photo via Tessa, which is open for lunch and dinner on Thursday.

Some people are asking about what’s open during the snowstorm. Here are a few businesses that have confirmed they’re open today. Please add others in the comments!

Tessa at 349 Amsterdam (77th)

Cafe Tallulah on Columbus between 71st and 72nd

Awadh, 2588 Broadway​ (98th). Free appetizer if you mention “Snow Day Special”.

French Roast at 85th and Broadway

Cafe Lalo at 201 West 83rd Street

Tavern on the Green at 67th Street inside Central Park. Free food for kids off the kids’ menu.

More from Facebook:

Bodega88 is also open, between 87-88 and Columbus

Joe Coffee at 187 Columbus Ave.

AMC Loews 13

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    1. JOSHUA T COHEN says:

      The Gin Mill 81st and Amsterdam
      Jake’s Dilemma 81st and Amsterdam

    2. Deri says:

      Fairway just FB’d that they are open.

    3. Jimbo says:

      Mila Cafe———–YOU GO SERGE!!

    4. eric says:

      Film Society at Lincoln Center is open today. movies movies!

    5. Marco G. says:

      Momentum Fitness on 72nd & Columbus is open and still running out FREE classes all day so stop on by if you have the day off!

    6. Rion robbins says:

      Hey! We’re open at HENRY’s 2745 Broadway!

    7. Henry says:

      105@ B’way

    8. Sang Park says:

      Lenwich, 7-eleven and Walgreen’s on 96th and broadway are all open.

    9. Dave says:

      New York sports club. You go do that resolution people.

    10. Tim says:

      Gabriela’s on Columbus between 93rd and 94th — and today’s tequila day!!

    11. Gena says:

      Awadh is between 97 & 98 on Broadway. Manhattan Valley is the Indian restaurant near 100th Street.

    12. your neighbor says:

      Are you serious?
      Its just a snowstorm folks, a better list would be which stores decided to close for the day.

      It isn’t like we are in the suburbs where the only way for employees to get to stores is to drive their cars.

    13. michael says:

      Shake Shack

    14. UWS Dad says:

      I got an e-mail from Vai / Spuntino Bar saying they’re open from 1-8pm with 50% off all alcoholic beverages

    15. Reva says:

      UPS on W 72nd at Columbus

    16. Alan says:

      Face Values & Beyond on 90th & Broadway is open until 10 pm

    17. robert says:

      I have to laugh
      Welcome to a normal NYC winter from a born and raised New Yorker
      Rather than being concerned about where to get prepared foods while playing hooky from work…some of us bought food for several days in advance (not to stockpile, just thinking ahead so we didn’t have to go to the supermarket in a storm) and could just head home after 16 hours working in an ER

    18. David says:

      I’m sure Westside Market between 76- 77 would have been open…