Fairway Has Upped Its Snow-Prep Game

The photo on the left is from the blizzard of 2016. The photo on the right is from this morning.

“Fruits & veggies? Not today. Vaporizer pellets & paper goods,” wrote Mindy Forman, who sent in today’s photos.

Well played, Fairway.

Don’t eat the rock salt!

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    1. Scott says:

      That’s what we need, more rock salt. Corrode those pipes and cars and burn our dogs’ feet. Degrade our drinking water. Perfect.

      • Flip Side says:

        That’s what we need, more self-centered, fake-public interest, preening do-gooder snarkasm.

        Don’t shovel or de-ice the sidewalks. Let grandma bust her hip. Let the guy without health insurance break his leg. Attract more useless, unwanted, unneeded cars into the city. Turn the sidewalks into one big icy cesspool for dog crap. Priceless.

        • Scott says:

          Right, because I said don’t shovel. Your powers of comprehension are stunning.

        • young man! says:

          Well said flip side.
          Enough of the entitled dog owners who let their animals do their business in the middle of the sidewalks.

          Scott, what do you suggest using to melt the icy dog pee that runs across the sidewalk.

      • kaylord says:

        I agree with Scott. Find a more holistic solution, NYC!

    2. Brian says:

      Actually, I think they have had the fruits and veggies inside all week to keep them fresh from the frigid temperatures.

      • Leonard Davidman says:

        Yes. Brian is correct. The fruits & veggies were indeed inside for the past few days. I am a regular shopper there.

    3. your neighbor says:

      Passed by around midnight last night with my sons. We got a good chuckle out of it.

    4. Spence says:

      What are vaporizer pellets? Inquiring minds need know.

    5. Elizabeth Ronis says:

      Didn’t you announce a few weeks ago that Fairway had closed? Please clarify