A Benefit Concert for the Homeless, and A Night of Remembrance for Those Who Died

Next Friday, December 22 at 7 p.m., there will be a concert meant to benefit the city’s homeless on Thursday night at St Paul and St. Andrew on 86th Street and West End Avenue.

“Acclaimed American soprano Lauren Flanigan, joined by world-class opera singers, sings and hosts this annual event to raise goods and awareness for New York’s homeless.” Learn more below:

Also, on Thursday Dec. 21, Care for the Homeless holds its annual memorial for homeless people who died in the prior year. Multiple homeless people have died on the UWS over the past year, with their deaths often causing a profound sense of loss in the neighborhood.

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    1. Laurie Spear says:

      Help the homeless by calling 311. Ask the operator to connect you to the Homeless Outreach Services.
      They will ask you to provide the location of the homeless person and a description of the person.
      The will send out an Outreach Team within an hour.
      You may provide contact information so that they contact you if they need additional information. You can also provide your email if you want to know they outcome of the contact.
      It takes a few minutes to complete the call. It could save a life.