Openings & Closings: Bit’z Kids, Petco, Techtronics

Children’s clothing store Bit’z Kids is closing its location at 410 Columbus between 79th & 80th on December 30. The downtown store and online shop will remain open. “It is my favorite shop for clothes for my son. :-(,” wrote Kelli. Thanks to Kelli, Kevin and “the Yenta” for tips and photos.

Petco at 805 Columbus near 99th Street is closing on January 23, an employee told us. She said it had to do with rent, as did one of our tipsters. Inventory is on sale now.

Techtronics, which offers computer and phone repair, recently opened on Broadway between 97th and 98th . Thanks to David for the tip.

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    1. Maryjane says:

      I always thought the petco on 92nd st would close,stock is always low and its a 2 story bldg. 99 st store is a nice store.

    2. Alan S. says:

      This Petco was enormous with cashier on top floor and most merchandise in basement. The staff was very nice but everytime I shopped there, it was empty. Large store to be for rent.

    3. John says:

      Darn. I like the Petco on 99th, and quite dislike the one on 92.

      99th Pros: quieter, less crowded, better stock, and — cat supplies on ground level!

      What a pity.

    4. Kylee the Cattledog says:

      I heard they were going to let all the animals, brids, reptiles, and crickets out at midnight to fend for themselves. I think we should protest or something, if true.

    5. Sarah says:

      Is this Petco the first store in that “Columbus Square” development to go down since whatever store still has that “Fetch Yo’ Retro” signage in the window?

    6. wombatNYC says:

      That entire” Columbus Square” Retail is depressing .( Home Goods, Bare Burger , PetCo , Chase, 7-11 etc. ) It’s all Chains and empty storefronts and ugly glass residential building . Reminds me of Charlotte or Dallas Not NYC – NIMBY !

      • Sarah says:

        That 7-11 is useful for the hostel and other nearby buildings but the actual stretch on Columbus is gloomy as hell.

    7. Chuck D says:

      Shame about Pet Co.

      The Columbus Square area is definitely priced too high for these big box stores to survive. I can’t even think of a retailer that would need that much space.

    8. Melanie says:

      So upset about Petco @ 99th closing. Such a nice clean store and great groomers! I hope 92nd street will get their act together… it’s so different and not as personal. It’s really too bad the rent is so high… that a big company like that needs to close… sad 🙁
      I wish they just downsized a bit…. So many other spaces in that block that could be smaller to move the store into…

    9. knyc says:

      i’ll miss Bitz Kids! they are so friendly and offer something a little different in terms of style!!!

    10. Wendy says:

      Petco : please take exc. care of the Budgerigars. NO to those sandpaper-covered perches. NO to budgerigar mills. Use Vitalites.

    11. KT says:

      Sheesh, if Petco can’t stay open in that Columbus Square complex, I don’t know who can. The population in this area is so diverse, I imagine it would be hard to find a tenant who could appeal to everyone in the neighborhood AND afford the high rents. Would have thought Petco hit the mark. I’ll miss them, the fish people were really knowledgeable and helpful!

    12. Independent says:

      Techtronics, which offers computer and phone repair, recently opened on Broadway between 97th and 98th.

      Note that, shown in the photo, just under the techtronics name on the door and window is written “Mac & iPhone Repairs”, suggesting that the devices serviced by this new business are limited to those produced by Apple. But then, included in the bullet points that appear just below on the window but not on the door, we find “Android Repair” and “laptop/ PC Repair”.

      Perhaps Techtronics specializes in servicing Macs and iPhones and wanted to stress and advertise this? If so, and assuming that this business is indeed fully competent and prepared to handle Android- and Microsoft OS- based devices as well as Apple ones, wouldn’t wording such as the following be clearer and more accurate for them to use in their in their advertising?

      Smartphone, Tablet & Computer Repairs

      – iPhone
      – Android
      – Mac
      – PC (MS Windows)

      – Laptops & Desktops

      Specializing in Apple Mac and iPhone Repairs