This Time, the Sinkhole of 82nd Street Swallowed a Tree

Eighty-second street between Columbus and Central Park West has gorgeous townhomes, lovely trees and a hungry sinkhole that seems to devour different sections of the asphalt every few months. Last month, it took a section of the street. On Friday, it took a tree down.

Kate Hinds took the photos above and below: “The sinkhole in front of 62 West 82 Street just opened up in a tree pit and swallowed a tree,” she wrote.

A Department of Environmental Protection spokesperson told us “Broken private pipe belonging to 56 West 82nd Street. Building has been directed to make appropriate repairs.  All customers have water service. No street closure.”

We’re checking with the DEP to see if this issue is more pressing than simply fixing a pipe. If the street keeps collapsing every time a pipe bursts, isn’t there a larger concern here?

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    1. robert says:

      Its the mole people from middle earth coming to see the surface dwellers LOL

      • UWS_lifer says:

        If I remember correctly, Middle Earth is where the Elves, Dwarves, Hobbits, and such come from…a la Tolkein.

        This are just your standard sewer mutants…a la Futurama.

        Maybe one of you youngsters can set me straight. And don’t even get me started on the Marvel Universe.:)

    2. Sy Entist says:

      Re: “If the street keeps collapsing every time a pipe bursts, isn’t there a larger concern here?”

      Oh, DEFINITELY! This could be a rogue sinkhole quickly becoming bored with munching trees and asphalt. It could become a PEOPLE EATER, devouring people!

      Remember the Florida sinkhole that ate a 33-year-old male in 2013? CNN does Poor guy was never found.

      Of course there IS a bright-side: should you disappear forever into a ravenous sinkhole, your family would be spared the costs of an expensive cemetery plot.


      • Independent says:

        One suspects that the family of the victim you allude to would be less-than-amused at your crass and callous attempt at humor.

    3. BillyNYC says:

      W. 82nd St. between Columbus Avenue and Central Park West it’s not a very safe street to walk on anymore with all the sinkholes showing up in that area from over the years (100) of underground springs…If you are a building owner it’s best to check your foundation that may be the next sinkhole!!!!

    4. Jill McManus says:

      Hope the broken water pipe doesn’t lead to a broken gas line in the street or a building. Could be a real bad scene.

    5. Tyson White says:

      We need bioswales in the neighborhood.

    6. West End Girl says:

      Could this be a chicken or the egg type question:
      How do we know that the sinkhole isn’t causing the pipes to fail rather than the other way around.

    7. robert says:

      Here is the reason, maybe?
      Mysterious Blob of Hot Rock Building Up Under Northeast…

      Vast Mass Rising…

    8. urbanista says:

      yup..there is a larger obvious concern! Go for it!