Photo and Video of the Day: The Rooftop Snowman

A. Chessler sent us the photo above of a group building a snowman on the roof of 98th Street and Broadway. That snowman (visible just to the left of the person standing at left) will have a pretty sweet view for as long as he sticks around. See the video below:

Photo editing by N.S.

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    1. UWS Dept. of Comment says:

      Roofy the Snowman

    2. NYYgirl says:

      I feel a little confused…Love the pic (& video!) but it looks more like it’s on a roof north of 98th bc I think I’m looking uptown & seeing the 1st visible full block across the st being the east side of B’way between 101-102 (where the 104 bus stops)
      Anyway, it looks like lots of fun! Is there a finished snowman photo? Thanks for posting!!