For Sale: Two Turrets In An Upper West Side Castle

An apartment that contains two massive turrets of a former hospital at 455 Central Park West between 105th and 106th Street is for sale, asking $5.999 million (or round up to $6 million). The old New York Cancer Hospital was turned into an apartment building years ago, and it has some very unique features.

Some of those features were apparently the result of inaccurate science, according to Curbed. “Back in the late 1800s, the turrets were used as patient wards ‘because it was believed that germs thrived in corners.’ Because cancer research was in its infancy, the hospital got the unfortunate reputation as a death trap.”

Check out the living room, and the floor plan of the first-floor apartment below. The listing on Streeteasy is here.

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    1. Steph says:

      Beautiful. But I would not want to live there. #haunted

    2. Juan says:

      Instead of two turrets could I get two turntables and a microphone? #Beck

      Personally, I would have trouble living in a room without right angles to use to orient things. Granted, I would gladly take this apartment if someone gave it to me, but it would just feel weird.

    3. Shirley Z says:

      It also had a crematorium in the basement!

    4. Jonathan Segal says:

      Not sure if I have that much cash on me. Can I get back to you?

    5. Frank White says:

      When I lived down the block at 438 Central Park West, our RENT was $40 a month. I guess we should have bought the building back then.

    6. TwoTourettes says:

      I’ll take it! I don’t care about corners, ghosts, or basement crematoriums. lol

    7. Wendy says:

      Remember when this building was a mess ? Now, who can afford residing there ? How many illegal aliens in N.Y.C. ? Remember when some of UWS was more elegant ? I’ve seen actual castles in some of Europe .

    8. Mark says:

      I remember when this was one of the scariest corners uptown. Now they’re worth 6 million, screwy a’int it?

    9. Cintra says:

      Looks really beautiful from the outside. I might hesitate in living there because I have a vivid imagination.
      I might start thinking about cancerous patients who died there & their ghost are roaming the building. Especially when I often stay up until 3:00am in the morning reading.

      • Bizzak says:

        Cintra, I am with you because I believe in karma…imagine all the sick energy in that place..some years ago, I rented a co-op in what used to be the old Delafield Hospital on Fort Washington Avenue in Hudson Heights. I was told my apartment was above the morgue. Do you know within the year, I had a tumor on my thyroid that had to be removed thank God it was benign. As far as I know, I later learned according to Eastern philosophy, do not live above a funeral home or in a building that was a hospital or even near a hospital….energy is all around us.

    10. nycityny says:

      It’s a 1st floor apartment with a window at the bathtub. Hmmm.

      And the kitchen is rather small given all the available space in the apartment.

      I guess I’ll pass… 🙂

    11. William Raudenbush says:

      $6,007 in monthly HOA common charges? Yikes! I’m not a homeowner, I was wondering, do common charges scale evenly when the prices go into the millions? For instance: the typical $1million common charges are about 1k from what I’ve seen, does that 1:1 ration scale all the way up to $10million etc?

      • Bruce Bernstein says:

        in my condo, common charges scale based upon percentage value of each unit in the building, at the time of the offering. thus an apt that was 2x more expensive would have 2x the common charges.

        i believe this is set in stone in the offering plan and cannot be changed as the market value of each apt increases or decreases in a non-uniform way.

    12. Joey says:

      If those walls could talk and let out the secrets when they were part of the Towers Nursing Home you could make a HORROR MOVIE.

    13. John says:

      Unique means “one of a kind.” The apartment
      can’t have very unique features.

    14. your neighbor says:

      No moat, no sale.

    15. B flat says:

      Somewhat disappointing. It’s ok. I was expecting sublime and got HGTV.