The Meatball Shop Closes as Burke & Wills Reopens

On Thanksgiving Eve, one restaurant closed its doors for good while another was able to reopen after a stressful week.

The Meatball Shop at 447 Amsterdam Avenue between 81st and 82nd Streets announced its sudden closure following dinner service on Wednesday. “Structural changes to the locations interior necessary to enable the restaurant to run were too cost prohibitive to continue operation,” a company spokesperson wrote. “The team is also looking to shift their focus to new projects on the horizon.” CEO Adam Rosenbaum said the chain plans to be explore “new opportunities in the neighborhood in the future.” This location had opened in 2014.

A staff member told us the workers found out today. The company spokesperson said the Meatball Shop would find new positions for employees at one of the chain’s other restaurants in the city.

Burke & Wills and The Manhattan Cricket Club on 79th Street, meanwhile, were able to reopen their doors after being shuttered by a state marshal last week because of tax issues. With those issues apparently resolved, the liquor was flowing and restaurant-goers chowed down on Australian delicacies. “I’m at MCC right now,” wrote Todd, who sent in the photo above. “It’s packed and so is B&W.”

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    1. Pedestrian says:

      No respect for wait staff or other workers. It is appalling.

    2. Steven says:

      I liked The Meatball Shop though it was a bit pricey.

    3. Jake Black says:

      This is a tragic day for Meatball Lovers on the Upper West Side and a Glorious day for lovers of Australian delicacies.

    4. Debra says:

      I’m completely befuddled by the closing of
      The Meatball Shop. Every time I’ve been
      there it’s been packed. It seemed
      to be doing so well. Sad to see it go.

    5. wombatNYC says:

      The UWS – Where restaurants open only to Die !
      Meatball shop was yummy and you could go healthy or unhealthy on ordering . Food was good and prices moderate . Will be missed

    6. Margaret says:

      What a bummer. Meatball Shop was a great casual dinner. I don’t really follow the explanation why they’re shutting down, but sad to see them go.

    7. steve smith says:

      This was my meeting (meating) place for me and my friend….good food, good drinks and local spot for all ages….may I suggest you find another location between 96th and 106th on Broadway! Way too many vacant spots there! Please?

    8. Me says:

      Good. Less one less place promoting cruelty (killing animals) as desirable. Even if you lack compassion for animals, red meat is horrible for you!

    9. JF says:

      MBS was my family’s go to restaurant…the perfect family restaurant. Something for everyone…So sad to see them go. The excuse seems bizarre. Wouldn’t structural issues be the landlords issue and would be covered by some sort of insurance? The UWS is becoming a ghost town…so disturbing.

    10. Derek says:

      The Meatball Shop was the most disgusting food I have ever eaten. Not sure how it survived this long, but most people running there don’t know anything about real Italian cooking anyhow. Hell- the Italian food and the Irish pub next door is better!!LOL

    11. Mary says:

      Not surprised about the meatball shop. Never up to the standards of the other Italian Restaurants in the neighborhood.

    12. Sean says:

      No more balls for you.

    13. SA says:

      I miss what was there before Meatball Shop, which was EJ’s Luncheonette.

    14. FrugalUWSr says:

      I’m thrilled to see the Meatball Shop close. At $9 for the meatballs alone (an additional cost for the pasta), this place was ridiculous.

    15. Chase says:

      Polpette is the meatball shop of my hood. Meatball shop is fools gold… hype. Buh-Bye.