Five People Injured in Fire on 84th Street

Five people were injured in a fire on 84th Street and West End Avenue on Wednesday, with three going to the hospital.

The fire broke out a little after noon in a 10th floor apartment. It was apparently sparked by a candle in a woman’s home, according to the Daily News.

“I went upstairs and opened the elevator,” the super Matt Krasniqi told the Daily News. “The lobby was completely covered in smoke. I tried to bang the door down. She was inside. I opened the windows so all the smoke could go out. From there I went floor to floor getting everyone out.”

The extent of the injuries was not immediately clear.

Photo by Barbara Migdal.

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    1. Nelson says:

      Their super may want to grab a broom and sweep the now glass-covered sidewalk.

      • What's Wrong with You? says:

        Seriously? Someone just lost their home and you’re bitching that the fallout from it slightly inconveniences you? If you were good neighbor, you get a broom and help out yourself. But since you’re a bad neighbor, how about your lazy a-s-s just steps around it or walks down the other side of the street?

      • md23980 says:

        Nelson, thus seems silly to say.