Morning Bulletin: Lead Paint Problems, Kosher Pizza Restaurants Symbolize ‘Coexistence’, Best and Worst Landlords

These gloves were somehow placed on a pole that’s about 50 feet high next to the highway at 87th Street. Photo by Sunny Mindel.

November 20, 2017 Weather: Sunny, with a high of 49 degrees.

A free “Baroque Festival” and more local events are on our calendar.

A Reuters investigation of lead poisoning in NYC found one area on the Upper West Side with a particularly high concentration of lead.  “A tract on the well-to-do Upper West Side of Manhattan – adjacent to Riverside Park between 105th and 109th Streets – had rates similar to Flint’s even in recent years. The area features grand old buildings and multi-million dollar apartments, where renovations could put children at risk if lead safety practices aren’t followed.”

Speaking of lead paint, Mayor de Blasio apparently knew about lead paint problems at NYCHA for over a year. NYCHA didn’t conduct thousands of required lead paint tests.

Two Kosher pizza restaurants on the UWS — Cafe Viva and Saba — symbolize the notion of “coexistence” for one former resident. “All this to say, at a time when Jews around the country are as divided as our politics, the community on the Upper West Side remains an example for what our people might look like if they could truly live together with those differences.”

The Times’ investigation from this weekend of the failure of the NYC subway system is a must-read. Warning: it may infuriate you. A couple of examples: “In one particularly egregious example, Mr. Cuomo’s administration forced the M.T.A. to send $5 million to bail out three state-run ski resorts that were struggling after a warm winter…The nearly 2,500 people who work in New York subway administration make, on average, $280,000 in salary, overtime and benefits. The average elsewhere is $115,000.”

Time to rank the landlords. Public Advocate Tish James released the latest list of the “worst ” landlords in NYC based on open violations. Brick Underground published their list of the “best” landlords.


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    1. Wijmlet says:

      How do these pizza places indicate “co-existence”/ Any NYC restaurant has a variety of customers. They are merely eating there.

      • UWSHebrew says:

        the kosher pizza comment is insipid nonsense.

      • Lord Of The Slice says:

        Maybe for you it’s just “eating there”, but for me, my religion strictly instructs me to eat as much pizza as humanly possible.
        You see, I’m a Pizzaist. And our temples are whatever Pizza place we are near at the moment we are hungry.

        Don’t laugh at my religion, or I will be forced to mock yours as well.

        let us pray:
        Pizza for one
        Pizza for all
        Pizza for short
        Pizza for tall.

    2. Lauren says:

      SO the lead thing – what is happening?! It seems like a bigger story than a blurb. And obviously – I live in that area so am concerned. Thx

    3. Sean says:

      That dog is cute.

    4. JerryV says:

      It is not clear whether this is only from old lead-containing paint on walls or if the drinking water also contains lead. Old plumbing may contain lead solder used between pipe connections. The State supplies free kits for testing water.

    5. Independent says:

      Re: The landlord lists: note that the name “Kamran Hakim” appears on both the Public Advocate’s “100 Worst” and on Brick Underground’s “12 Best” lists.

      Also, fellow “JavaScript-o-phobes”, NoScript users and general web-minimalists take note: The former page requires allowing JavaScript not only for but for as well. There should be no valid reason for static content such as that on that page to require /any/ JS, much less from /two/ domains. Another encouraging example of your tax dollars at work…

    6. drg says:

      interesting how the lead story come out now…after a “landslide” victory for our fearless mayor.
      NYC’s problem is that its a one party system, no one wants to rock the boat of selling out the public for a pittance of campaign contributions.
      BTW, ditto that for Cuomo and the MTA

      • JerryV says:

        drg, You write, “NYC’s problem is that its a one party system, no one wants to rock the boat of selling out the public for a pittance of campaign contributions.” You are either a bit confused or you don’t know how to count. DeBlasio has been in office for 4 years. Mayors immediately before him have been Republican: Giuliani (8 years) and Bloomberg (12 years). Please keep your alt-facts (= lies) off this Board.

    7. LuluT says:

      I’ll take the dog. Seriously

    8. Christine E says:

      More lead problems…. PS 87 teacher with lead poisoning from drinking the water in her own kindergarten classroom for years, DOE knows about lead for years, does nothing to save our children or their teachers. Hopefully the kids were less affected, as they rotate out each year. 🙁

    9. Mark Moore says:

      If Cafe Viva and Saba represent co-existence then Daniello’s Pizza on Columbus and 95th represents the existence of really bad pizza.