Dog Left Outside Magnolia Bakery Taken to Animal Control

The dog shown above was found tied up outside Magnolia Bakery on Columbus Avenue and 69th Street on Saturday night and handed to Animal Control & Welfare by police after they realized the dog did not have a microchip. Our tipster Kara sent us the picture, which taken after the dog was placed in the police car.

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    1. Kara says:

      The dog was wearing a harness and a “Superman” leash.

    2. Sean says:

      That is an older dog. She has cataracts.

    3. Bill says:

      Hopefully somone will recognize it. Thx for posting

    4. Gwen Wentworth says:

      The dog is beautiful every dog deserves a loving home.

    5. Rachel Glickman says:

      Dog was returned to the owners and ACC won’t give me details about why the dog was left tied up outside. Can you find out?

      • Cat says:

        So glad to hear the dog was returned to the owners, but I’d also like to know why he/she was left tied up outside and on such a cold night. Also, did someone call the police or did the police randomly see the dog left unattended? Just curious because I was told that the police weren’t supposed to be called for situations like this and it would be helpful to have this information. Thanks for reporting this story WSR!

      • Steven says:

        That’s a shame. The owners do not deserve to get their dog back. If they are reading this, know that you’re disgraceful people & I hope you’re names are made public so you can feel the public embarrassment you deserve.

    6. Coco says:

      i believe this dog belongs to the homeless lady who lives near the citibike station at the apple bank building.

    7. Lulu says:

      The dogs name is Bear. Don’t know the owners name but she’s got some sort of dementia

    8. Steven says:

      Anyone who would leave their dog tied up on a NYC sidewalk to fed for itself should not be allowed to get it back. So if they do find out who the owner is, I hope they receive a fine for doing this & the dog is abopted by a good family who will take proper care of it.

    9. Suzanne says:

      My question is, how long was the dog left outside?

    10. Jacqueline says:

      This post is confusing and doesn’t clarify. Was the dog tied up and abandoned or neglected for a long period of time or was the owner inside Magnolia?

      Plenty of responsible owners on the UWS leave their dogs tied outside Starbucks or Duane Reade while running inside for a quick minute.

    11. Gina says:

      Don’t understand why people get
      so upset re: dogs left outdoors
      while they do their shopping been
      going on for years. People do not
      have simple common sense, feel
      sorry for the poor dog who might
      be mistreated, never for the owner
      who should know better, it’s a
      different time we live in. Take care
      of your dogs who totally depend on
      you and give you unconditional love.

    12. Ellen says:

      When I joined the group of concerned people outside Magnolia Saturday night, at around 10:00 PM, someone said the dog had been there for 1 1/2 hours, and it was probably another half hour before the police from the 20th Precinct came and took him away. This is a very troubling story. I hate the thought of depriving this woman of what is probably her sole companion, but she clearly is no longer capable of providing for a pet, particularly an elderly one that really needs regular veterinary care. What can be done?

    13. Shelley says:

      Is this the dog that was killed by the hit and run back hoe/crane on Columbus Ave. in front of Equinox on Thursday a.m.??? Does anyone know about this horrible incident? It was apparently a labradoodle.

    14. Fredde Duke says:

      Dear everyone who seems so quick to judge. None of us know why. There are humans, even younger ones with early onset dementia. That could even be a possibility. They probably wouldn’t give the dog back without an explanation. ~ just saying ~ we don’t know.

    15. JB says:

      In all likelihood, had the dog been turned over to the ACC, it would have been put down. The city shelters have hundreds of old dogs that are unlikely to ever get adopted out. The city pulls the ones it thinks have a chance of adoption and usually sends them over to private, no kill shelters. The rest get a few days at the city shelter and are then put down. The chances that a old dog with cataracts gets adopted is almost nil. The owner may not be able to care for it well but the alternative is not great either.

    16. Judy Marcovitch says:

      Hope he’s home in time for thanksgiving dinner 😞

    17. Dc says:

      I would have kept the dig before calling ACC