Van Bursts Into Flames Off of Central Park West

A vehicle in an outdoor parking lot next to 372 Central Park West at 97th Street caught on fire around 5 p.m. on Sunday, sending flames into the air.

The cause of the fire was unclear but firefighters were called at 5:16 p.m. and had it under control by 6:06 p.m., according to an FDNY spokesperson. No one was reported injured.

Update: Here’s what it looked like on Monday:

Thanks to Laura for the photos.

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    1. wombat says:

      That’s one way to free a parking spot for other

    2. Yael says:

      YIKES! So glad that no one was injured. Wondering if this was a recall issue….

    3. Scott says:

      Is Tesla now making a van?

    4. young_man! says:

      Looks like it happened at the massive parking lot at Parkside Village (now called Vaux/Olmstead or something like that to ritz it up as a condo).

      Probably an electrical issue that was ignored for a while – pay attention to your warning lights.

    5. Auntrenie says:

      ….and many thanks to our heroic PW maintenance worker Moses who rescued the gentlemen by pulling him out of the burning vehicle. I happened to be there and heard the driver was unaware his car was burning until Moses and a security guard came by to rescue him. We have a great staff at PW!