Openings And Closings: Face Values & Beyond, Starbucks, The Groomery, HeyDay, Da Capo, Trader Joe’s Update

The old Food Emporium space is finally filled, and new cafes have opened on the Upper West Side.

Face Values & Beyond opened on Friday at 2431 Broadway at 90th Street in the former home of Food Emporium. The store has two floors and sells health and beauty products, and home and baby products, as well as some groceries. A rep for Bed, Bath & Beyond, the parent company, sent some more info: “In-store, customers will find a wide variety of day-to-day grab-and-go necessities including health & beauty items, baby food, diapers, cooking, cleaning supplies, and more. Customers will also discover a great selection of must-have home items like bedding, housewares and kitchen electrics, cookware, dinnerware, storage/organization solutions and more. The new store features interactive product displays and services including a Keurig shop highlighting an extended assortment of coffee so customers can ‘try before you buy.’ Customers will also have the ability to order items from the Face Values & Beyond family of brands to be delivered directly to their home.” Carol Brewer, who sent the photo above, also weighed in: “They sell Clairol hair dye also for only $6.99, which is a plus since Duane Reade stopped carrying it at $11.00 a few months ago. Prices are lower than local drug stores.”

On Monday, Starbucks opened its newest location at 61st Street and West End Avenue, inside 21 West End Avenue. “It’s at the base of the new public school that just opened this fall, so there were teachers in there, along with the construction workers, that are working on the new buildings at the Waterline,” Ashley wrote.

Skincare shop Heyday opened at 67 West 71st Street, next to Drybar. They give facials, sell products and offer skincare advice. Learn more at their website. Photo via Madeline Hemingway.

The Groomery by Petsmart, a pet care business, is opening on Columbus between 92nd and 93rd, between the soon-to–come Trader Joe’s (more below) and Party City. Thanks to Kevin for the photo.

Two locations of frozen dessert chain 16 Handles — Broadway and 98th and Amsterdam and 75th — are no longer affiliated with the brand, according to a somewhat odd email sent to customers that said they “will not be accepting the 16 Handles loyalty app. Additionally, guests will not be able to purchase gift cards at these locations. We apologize for any inconvenience.” When we inquired, the company would only say that it was “due to an internal issue regarding ownership of the store. We are working to resolve this with the operator, and hope to have a positive resolution shortly.”

Da Capo, the cafe by day and cocktail bar by night, is now open at 322 Columbus Avenue (75th). One Yelper has already weighed in: “It is a chill place to hang out (read paper, do some work on computer…etc) with soft music playing in the background. No loud customers (yet?) Alcohol is also available. I will come back to check out the night /cocktail scene.” Thanks to Tom for the photo.

Trader Joe’s at 93rd and Columbus has been delayed until sometime next year. But “next year” is a pretty big window of time. One of our tipsters overheard a conversation between a pedestrian and some construction workers that gives some more clarity. “A person walking their dog stopped and asked two of them who were sitting outside and they said January then a foreman or supervisor came by and said it would be closer to February.”

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    1. AnDee says:

      Any news on Mama’s Too? Or Sarafina, which still has signs in the window saying “Opening this August!”?

    2. Pam says:

      There is work going on in the former Vine Japanese restaurant on Broadway bet. 115 and 116th Streets. I asked a worker if Vine was going to reopen and was told,”No, it will sell coffee”. Not sure if it will be a real restaurant or just a coffee place. Anyone know more?

      • Michael says:

        I loved Vine, it was our go to sushi place. Where else is there to go for sushi near columbia/110th street?

        • Mary says:

          My go-to local place is Suma Sushi, on Amsterdam, between 107th and 108th.

          • JVH says:

            I concur! Big menu. Fresh, generous portions.

            Bright lights and small space, however, make it not quite the dinner restaurant Vine was. But fast delivery if you’re nearby.

            • Michael says:

              Thanks. That is around the corner from me, have been there a few times, the decor is kind of bleak and doesn’t inspire confidence. Will give it another try.

      • Jeff says:

        It’s going to be a pret a manger

        • Mary says:

          Is that true? If Vine isn’t going to reopen, I would be thrilled if it’s then a Pret A Manger.

    3. Mark Moore says:

      I can wait until February.

    4. michael says:

      I frequent Da Capo at Mount Sinai on the UES. Great coffee with a true European feel. I’m very interested to see how it does here on the Upper West.

      Does anyone know if the Bed Bath’s Face Values & Beyond accepts the 20% coupons? I must get 3-4 a month in the mail.

    5. Ethan says:

      Starbucks edging westward. Next hostile takeover: the Pier 1 Cafe. Starbucks’ twin-tailed mermaid logo fits right in.

    6. Maria says:

      They’ve opened a bunch of regional stores at once. It’s not solely construction, its recruiting and training. We should be NYC or Manhattan, independent of regional planning.

    7. David S says:

      “It is a chill place to hang out (read paper, do some work on computer…etc)…”

      I’m sure the owners love it when you order one beverage and hog a table all day while you write the next “Catcher in the Rye.”

    8. Christine E says:

      The guys working on Firehouse Tavern told me they would reopen in about 3 weeks. Looking forward to the relaunch!

    9. Roberta M says:

      I’ve been in the low 90’s for 40 years. The old food emporium space was never anything but a supermarket in my 40 years here ( it was originally JH Shopwell ). What a shame that it’s become a glorified drugstore with a limited selection of bed bath and beyond type products. I like Harmon values on L.I., but this is not the right space for them. Almost 1/2 of the main floor is taken up by women’s makeup and hair care products. This is Stuff you can buy easily online at Amazon. I don’t see how they will turn a profit with that rent. This part of Broadway, or Amsterdam, needs a good supermarket.

    10. Drew Kopf says:

      Tasti D Lite at 2528 Broadway between 94th and 95th Streets is closed. Store was open during last week. On Sunday it was almost entirly cleaned out. No sign or note of explanation. Their “A” rating for cleanliness was still in the window.

      • s says:

        I was told by staff as they were moving out that they are opening a new store on 70th St and 1st Ave on the Upper East Side.

    11. Alan says:

      I’m so glad someone else thought that email from 16 Handles was odd. The strangest email I have ever received from a brand!!

    12. C says:

      Anyone know what happened to Bernheim at 113th and Broadway?

      • Kindly Dr Dave says:

        It has been closed for months. Allegedly it was open “for special events only.” The marketing for that strategy struck out. Too bad to lose “The West End”.

        • C says:

          Yes, we have noticed the special events sign, but it doesn’t look like they were actually having any. The other day there was some kind of notice on the door about the electricity being shut off, I think…

      • Rafaela says:

        What a waste to have killed the West End for two trash failures. Bring back the West End Bar!

    13. Migdalia Fuentes says:

      I am so excited. So looking forward to Grand Opening. Trader Joe’s is my favorite store. Their product line and prices are phenomenal.

    14. JRothman says:

      Re: Da Capo…
      I lived in an apartment upstairs at 326 Columbus – first, i was above a Crabtree and Evelyn – lovely. And then a Coffee Bean. Also nice. The CB brought in a jazz trio at night, fine, then they went electric. Not Great, then it became a five-piece band. WAS MISERABLE. Took months dealing with the landlord to regulate the noise levels… my pictures would shake and the floor would vibrate…every night!? Hopefully, the Cafe will be respectful to the neighbors upstairs. Would be nice for some harmony for those residents and the Cafe!

    15. Laurie says:

      What about Target?