The Con Ed project to repair the damage from a massive fire under 71st Street and Broadway is likely to continue for another three weeks, according to a company spokesman. The workers are replacing cable and enlarging three manholes in the area.

In the meantime, much of the busy area has been blocked off to traffic and some have complained of late-night drilling.

Thanks to Joel and our other tipster for photos.

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    1. Mark says:

      For those who support unencumbered development… More to Enjoy!

      • Mary says:

        This has nothing to do with development and everything to do with DeBlasio’s disastrous misuse of funds and resources that should have been dedicated to NYC’s upkeep and maintenance instead of being left to crumble. It is a disgrace how DeBlasio continues to ignore the horrific and abysmal state of the city, including many of less fortunate residents who are growing in number on the streets as they get less and less help.

        • Mark says:

          ok, let’s all agree that everything’s DeBlassio’s fault and not do anything, after all you can’t fight City Hall.

          Will this Blamefest never end?

        • ScooterStan says:

          Can anybody explain how BdB is responsible for what amounts to yet ANOTHER Con Ed screw-up?

          For those who might not know: Con Ed is NOT a city agency! (GASP!)

          It is a monopoly for-profit company dedicated to:
          1. making enough $$$ to keep its stock-price high while paying the salaries of top executives plus scores of lower-middle, middle-middle, and upper-middle management;
          2. “maintaining” its essential infrastructure (somewhat) and
          3. paying the crews who actually do the physical work to correct management’s mistakes.

      • Thad says:

        I think this is just emergency maintenance. Not sure what it has to do with unencumbered development.

        • Mark says:

          I think it was “FRIED ELECTRICAL CABLES PULLED FROM THE WRECKAGE BELOW 71ST STREET” (see previous WSR reporting.)

    2. F.Ames says:

      Once again, MERCHANTS, PLEASE shut your door.
      You don’t leave it open in Winter, and leaving the door
      open while air conditioning is on creates a huge waste
      of electricity, makes your unit run harder and faster,
      and was probably the cause of this fire in the transformers
      under the street. I see multiple merchants doing this,
      and it has to stop.

      • F.Ames says:

        PLUS. It’s ILLEGAL.
        Con Ed has been putting stickers on the Merchant’s
        doors which they have been ignoring completely.

        • lynn says:

          Nothing against the WSR, but I highly doubt that MERCHANTS are going to see your comments here. If this bothers you so much then go out and so something about it. I always wonder if people who rant about things here actually get involved with anything that’s happening in their neighborhood(s).

          • Cat says:

            Did anyone else hear the explosion around 10:45 tonight, coming from the same area? I heard fire engines a few minutes ago but don’t see anything going on from the roof, other than the Con Ed machinery. 🙁