Come ye come ye to Central Park’s Delacorte Theatre to enjoy some free Shakespeare, starting Tuesday. Julius Caesar is in the house, and he’s ready to entertain you with his woes through June 18.

Find out about the play and how to get tickets here, and if you go let us know how it was.

For those who don’t make it to the show, the fault is “not in our stars, but in ourselves.”*

*Shakespeare joke, LOL.

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    1. Wendy says:

      “Break a leg.” Joseph Papp, R.I.P.. Remember : Meryl Streep, REne Auberjonois, Paula Prentiss, Richard Benjamin ? a guy who would dress in a costume; &, recite on the lawn ?

    2. Cato says:

      I remember when “free Shakespeare in the Park” was free. I would meet friends after work, we’d get on line, get tickets and see the play.

      Now to get tickets you either have to miss a day of work to spend on line (starting at 6 AM or earlier) or “donate” to the sponsoring organization. (I used to do that too, but voluntarily, because I believed in the work being done, not as a quid-pro-quo to buy a free ticket.) So I haven’t been able to take advantage of this in years.

      “Shakespeare in the Park” is still a great thing, but let’s not call it “free”. It’s not free.

      • danniel says:

        sincere apologies for your dilemma, but one still does not need to purchase a ticket for entry… making this event free.

    3. BillyNYC says:

      Fun times in the park… how special is this to us UWS’s…