harrys nest

Real estate is tight on the Upper West Side, but one bird found a cozy nest on Broadway to settle in for the Spring.

harrys nest2

Thanks to Joel Fram for the shots.

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    1. lynn says:

      Great observation and cute pic! 🙂

    2. Mary says:

      I see that this discerning builder opted for the snug accommodation in the small “o” of “for” instead of the more spacious offering upstairs in “SHOES.” Maybe a neighbor will move in to keep him or her company!

      • ScooterStan says:

        obviously (note small “o”) it was all this birdie could afford.

        At least Mr./Ms. Bird will NOT have to use a “Poor Door”.


    3. Joel says:

      Maybe she wanted to downsize now that the children have left the nest.

    4. Always a UWSgal says:

      As a child, I remember walking by Key Foods on Broadway. The birds always nested in the “o”s.

    5. Maria says:

      What kind of bird is it? Do we know? Thanks for the photo!

      • Terry says:

        Probably a house sparrow. They’ll nest in any small opening, including in street light poles and eaves.

        Hope the baby birds that fall onto the sidewalk don’t get stepped on by new (or old) shoes!

      • john says:

        I think it may be a Shoebill bird 🙂

    6. GG says:

      Typical freeloader. He will blend in here on the UWS perfectly. Trying to live rent free…on Broadway no less!!! People are paying $1100/ft up here!!!

      This birds overwhelming sense of entitlement is really concerning. What kind of message is this sending to Trump voters, white supremacists and general birdaphobes?? Just reaffirming their biased views of hardworking NYC birds, like pigeons and hawks, etc. that contribute to the bird society and pay their bird taxes.

      First Big Bird homeless and panhandling on CPW and now this guy…? Times are tough for a bird in this town.

      On another note, why don’t people keep pigeon coops on roofs anymore. Such an old school cool NYC thing that you just don’t see anymore. Remember, Brando in On The Waterfront?? “A pigeon for a pigeon!!!” Great movie.

      • Joel says:

        Thanks for the appreciative comments.

        GG, Maybe the tenant isn’t freeloading, though she may have fluttered into this country illegally. (Walls won’t keep her and her kind out.)

        Exactly what is a bird tax? (Or should I say ‘eggsactly.?)

    7. Marion says:

      Great shot, Joel.