Silver Stars Fitness is dedicated to men and women over the age of 50 who want to increase their fitness level and overall quality of life.

There are also two new Yoga classes at our West 72nd street location starting Saturday, April 29th @ 11 and Sunday April 3oth @ 12pm. This is a small class with a maximum of ten people, so space is limited! $125.00 per five weeks or pay $30 per single class. Tai Chi starting this Sat, the 29th @ 12. Sign up for 5 sessions and pay $125 or $30 per single class.

Silver Stars is now offering private training specifically for golf and tennis players. Our golf and tennis trainers are either certified to train athletes by the National Academy of Sports Medicine and /or certified tennis and golf teaching professionals. The programs are designed to meet the needs of the golfer and tennis player.

The golf program will address mobility of the thoracic spine or in layman’s terms the ability of you mid back to rotate. This is imperative for the golfer, as a lack of motion through the mid back can cause injury to the low back and shoulder muscles and in addition a loss of power, which means less distance. The low back is the most injured part of the body in golfers. If the golfer has a tight mid back and can’t rotate efficiently, then the lower back will compensate and move in place of the mid back. The problem with this is that the low back is not meant to move, it’s meant to be stable.

Happy golfing couple sitting in golf buggy taking a selfie

The golf program will also address flexibility through the hips, hamstrings, shoulders and low back and of course strength of the core, which includes the abdominals, obliques, hips and buttock. Shoulder strength and stability are also very important, along with forearm strength. Strength of the upper and lower body, balance and power will also be addressed.

The tennis program is similiar, but quite different than the golfers program. One of the main differences between the two sports is that tennis requires speed, agility and quickness, so various drills are incorporated into the session. Balance, flexibility, core/overall strength, power, and cardiovascular endurance is addressed. The tennis program was featured in the winter of 2014 at the West Side Tennis Club in Forest Hills, New York.

Rosemary Poirier, an elite yoga instructor, was recently recruited by Silver Stars. She is a 500-hour certified advanced instructor by the International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre. Rosemary has a BA in psychology and English and is currently pursuing her master’s degree in psychology. She is certified and experienced in chair yoga, restorative yoga, yoga of recovery training and meditation and certified as a pregnancy yoga instructor. She has taught hundreds of classes of all levels, sizes and populations as well as private sessions. Rosemary meets the needs of her students and works to bring yoga and meditation to anyone’s level so that all may enjoy the benefits.

Silver Stars now has joined forces with Zion Physical Therapy and will have access to a new space on West 72nd street. Silver Stars will be offering Personal Training, Fitness for Golfers Yoga, Stretching, Tai Chi and meditation. Services at this location will be offered on the weekends.

Please email or call us to set up a consultation or to learn more about fitness for golfers, yoga and meditation. You can schedule your sessions at our West 55th street location, or book weekend sessions at the West 72nd street location.

In-home services are also offered for those that aren’t able to come to our studios or just like the convenience of training at home.

Silver Stars Fitness
850 7th Ave (West 54/55th Street)

Information provided by Jason Greenspan, Silver Stars Fitness CEO and author of the award-winning Fitness For Real Life and The Amazing Water Bottle Workout.

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