By Ernie Fritz

Members of I.B.E.W., local 3 have been staging a very noisy picket line outside the storefront offices of Spectrum Charter (formerly Time Warner Cable) at Broadway and 96th street this week.

The strike involves “pension and welfare issues” according to one of the protestors, but the larger issue seems to be Charter’s refusal to renegotiate with the union over an agreement that it had made with Time Warner Cable in 2013 that expired last month. The union has been on strike with the company since March 28th and claims that Charter has acted in bad faith under what they believed was the agreement made with TWC during the time of the sale.

Charter Communications purchased Time Warner Cable in May of 2015 for $55 billion and promptly rebranded the cable side, “Spectrum”. It is currently the second largest cable provider in the nation.

When contacted, a spokesman for the company issued the following statement, “Spectrum is dedicated to providing great service to our customers and investing in our workforce is a critical part of how we do that. This is why Spectrum is offering our field technicians a pay increase larger than the union has demanded, along with competitive and robust healthcare and retirement benefits. We believe this greater compensation to be more beneficial to our employees and allows us to grow a well-paid, highly skilled workforce for the benefit of our customers.”

Additionally, he added “I should point out that we have been and continue to stand ready to bargain in good faith with Local 3 at any time and as many times as necessary to reach a fair agreement.”

Photo by Ernie Fritz.

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    1. UWSHebrew says:

      You could hear their high pitched whistling from blocks away. I don’t understand how this is not disturbing the peace.

    2. StevenCinNYC says:

      The first day they were continually blasting airhorns. It was incredibly annoying. Plus, they weren’t just in front of the Spectrum office. They spread downtown across the block so that they were right in front of my 5th floor apartment (4 storefronts/2 stores) down from Spectrum).

      They were definitely disturbing the peace. I’ve seen strikes before but never one this noisy and obnoxious. I work from home, and it was very distracting. I called 311 and also left a message on the non-emergency number for the community affairs person at the 24th precinct.

      • John says:

        Yes, the whistles were annoying, but the airhorns the day earlier made my blood boil. As you said, they blasted those things for hours on end. I remember thinking to myself: probably some protest or strike — well, whatever sympathy I might have given them, they just lost it.

        • This is an union town says:

          Local 3 received a NYC/DOT permit for our Legal strike against the corporate greed machine known as SPECTRUM. The air horns ended @2PM. There were multiple police officers on site. I think we ALL would rather be working and providing for our families instead of “making noise” while walking in a circle in the rain…. Please CALL Spectrum! Please CALL the media! PLEASE SUPPORT LOCAL 3 fight against SPECTRUM

      • Linda says:

        You guys would be making a lot of noise too, if your jobs were in jeopardy just because you wanted decent retirements and benefits. Wake up to the this growing fiefdom economy.The only way for working families to have any power is to form unions and to stand up to greedy and selfish corporate interests.

        Better still,move to Trump Tower where you’ll find like-minded people and prohibited protests.

        • Bruce Bernstein says:

          thank you, Linda. Well said.

          thanks for adding a little reality to the discussion.

        • StevenCinNYC says:

          No, Linda, you don’t get to attack us and lump into Trump supporters. That’s vile and ignorant.

          People can strike without blowing airhorns that disturb people in their homes blocks away.

          Your knee-jerk attack on us is not only inappropriate but wrong. I’ve protested and marched and organized with union leaders. There was never a need for airhorns.

          Your ad hominem attack is exactly what cheapens public discourse, substitutes emotion for facts, and diminishes this board. It’s bullying, and you should stop.

          • Wilbs says:

            Glad to know that you are a union supporter. I look forward to seeing you march with the workers next week.

          • Bruce Bernstein says:

            the workers are trying to make as much disturbance in front of the Spectrum offices as they legally can. Good for them!!

            this is a busy intersection and i think if you understand the issues, you can put up with a little extra noise.

        • Maribel says:

          Thank you Linda

        • Scott says:

          “Decent retirement and benefits.” And then you take a shot at Trump. Apparently you don’t see the irony of the left’s open borders madness and the catastrophic effects it has on unions here, including those retirement benefits you claim to support. The left has never been accused of thinking logically however.

          • Independent says:

            Quite germane point, Scott.

            From a past comment of mine, apropos here:

            In the past, both Black leaders as well as labor leaders recognized the detrimental effects that unchecked immigration had upon their constituencies and favored restrictionist immigration policies. Such figures include Barbara Jordan, Coretta Scott King and Samuel Gompers.

      • Donald Boncoeur says:

        I sympathize with you Steve. I really do. I’ll even go a step further and personally apologize as I am a part of your problem. Not at your location, but walking the line nonetheless. I only ask that you bear with this inconvenience for just a little while longer. Unionized workers are the only workers who have to basically beg for fair compensation when corporations decide they are more responsible to shareholders than their employees. Our liveliehoods depends on contracts with Spectrum. We have been working sans contract for two years. In those two years, we have helped them turn record profits each and every quarter. And when it came time to renegotiate, instead of sharing said profits with the workers, they want us to give back the health benefits we bargained for with the previous owners. They’re offering us pay raises, which we haven’t asked for, so we can pay for our own health benefits and pension. Sorry for the info overload, I just wanted you to know why we are making so much noise. It’s the only way they seem to hear us. Again, sorry you guys are in the crosshairs. The term collateral damage means nothing to the damaged.

      • John says:

        How would u feel if your job cancels your medical and pension No personal days Tecnicians being blamed for faulty equipment. As a consumer u should be upset because u are paying a high price and being cheated

      • Fight corporate greed says:

        Local 3 received a NYC/DOT permit for our Legal strike against the corporate greed machine known as SPECTRUM. The air horns ended @2PM. There were multiple police officers on site. I think we ALL would rather be working and providing for our families instead of “making noise” while walking in a circle in the rain…. Please CALL Spectrum! Please CALL the media! PLEASE SUPPORT LOCAL 3 fight against SPECTRUM

      • robert says:

        FYI and pass the word around
        This coming Wed at the 24 is the month community meeting. It is at the precinct at 7pm, its on 100th street between Col & Amsterdam. The command holds this meeting the 3rd Wed of every month.
        They are aware of the issue, the more people that come to the meeting the better I would suggest asking them to come out with a sound meter.

    3. Diane says:

      I spoke to one of the people on strike and he told me that Spectrum’s owner received a $92 million dollar bonus while hiring independent contractors and paying them less. It sickens me to know that Spectrum is not paying it’s workers adequately considering how much I personally pay for cable and many other

      • It is hard to say if the workers are being treated unfairly. The article does not go into depth regarding financial and benefit details. Depending on services, the hourly cost per worker to Spectrum may be as much as your monthly cable bill. Everyone wants a piece of the action. Included in your bill is more than just labor but all other expenses incurred to provide your service. A lot of cable subscriptions need to be sold to pay to keep the company in the black.

        If you want to reduce your bill you can opt to use over the air television by connecting your TV to an antenna. Depending on where you live there can be as many as 70 channels that can be received.

        Similar to the union, the CEO also has certain contractual obligations to receive the large compensation package offered. The CEO who is not an owner, compensation details are at the following link.

      • stevieboy says:

        exactly!!!! but many here think that these hard working people, rightfully disgruntled, are the problem. Not the corporate overlords who exploit and take advantage of them.

        • John says:

          CEO MAKES 95 million last year and wants to cut MEDICAL AND PENSIONS FOR THE WORKER MAKING 50 thousand a year. THATS NOT RIGHT

    4. Paul RL says:

      I could see and hear them from the 14th floor a block away. They were out there with whistles, horns, and other noisemakers at 8AM on the first day of Passover. 911 told me to call 311, which in turn told me to call 911. The cops on the street told my wife to call De Blasio. I left messages with Helen Rosenthal and Gale Brewer. Only Rosenthal’s office called me back and, while sympathetic, explained that the Supreme Court’s ruling on Free Speech allows for someone to make all the noise they want, although they try to send out a representative to encourage the protesters or strikers to keep it down for the sake of the community. The strikers were causing a racket for most of the day except for a quiet lunch brake they rewarded themselves with around noon. I will never understand how assaulting those around you with noise falls under “free speech.”

      • StevenCinNYC says:

        Yes, Paul, I agree completely. It’s assaultive and not productive.

        • Mr Ed says:

          The productive part is attention, we have yours and a larger audience than a nice silent walk would have given us. For your hours of discontent we have had years of it, Our plight will sooner or later becoming to you and all the people we so called disturbed, when lesser skilled, unverified technicians start showing up in your home you will say “I wish someone would have looked out for us” that is us. Your safety and our jobs, some of the techs are from out of state, no background checks, just a person there for the money, and it just may not be just a paycheck either. We have a purpose!!!

        • Local 3 rules says:

          Unfortunately this protest and strike has gone almost completely unnoticed by the media. We’re only getting coverage on the Internet. That is why we are making noise because the city is not hearing us. Hey Steve Mr. Work from home. I’m sure you get your Internet service from somewhere. What if it goes out completely and all you get is a unqualified technician that doesn’t know what they’re doing.I’m sure after a while you would make some noise too. If not well this is NYC if you’re not used to noise maybe you should live upstate.

      • Mark says:

        I challenge your assertion the cops really said that,
        how well can you back that up with proof?

        • Paul RL says:

          Ummm, how about I was there and you weren’t? That’s proof enough for me, Mark. But forgive me for not walking around with a tape recorder as I didn’t think I’d have to address your idiotic assertion that something didn’t happen just because you didn’t witness it.

          • D says:

            The real atrocity here is the media black out!!! I’m sorry you have to deal with noise… but we are not getting media coverage or respect( or a paycheck)!! Every ad block for every news outlet is purchased by spectrum as a bribe not to cover the strike. Oh and by the way most news outlets are owned by a cable company. Ch1 spectrum ch 4 Comcast CNN is owned by time warner. The collusion is the real problem here if we had some coverage and could get the word out maybe we could calm down! If it takes us making noise to get people to talk about it then sorry it’s our only choice!

      • Frustrated says:

        Yes call everyone (Mayor, News, Politicians) you possibly can and at the same time tell them why is it that 2000 NYC are striking while the CEO is pulling in 98 million this year!

        • Patricia Sprofera says:

          I’ve sent e-mails to all NYC politicians and called Channel 2 News. I was advised: “We’e aware of it.” I also e-mailed this publication, the NYDN, the Queens Tribune and the Public Advocate’s office, to thank them for their coverage. Spectrum’s CEO, Tom Rutledge, is shameful.

      • Middle Man says:

        Just to be clear Paul. That break at midday was to allow for Mass to take place at the request of the church around the corner. But that would be the type of assumption that takes place with a misinformed populous

      • Maribel says:

        It wasn’t a lunch break wee took no breaks it was for the church who has prayer session!!!!!

        • Paul RL says:

          Maribel, let me be clear, I support everyone’s right to make an honest living and to organize. As an involved Jew, I march for various causes myself. But I do not support the intrusive methods that were used on Tuesday morning, which was a religious holiday for Jews. The fact that you broke per the request of the church makes me even more annoyed as you didn’t give the rest of us any consideration. However, the blame lies with the City. The permit itself should never have been approved for that particular day, or at least should have been modified to prohibit excessive noise.

          • Bruce Bernstein says:

            i didn’t know there was a synagogue on the corner of 96th and Bway.

          • Independent says:


            In previous comments to this thread, I have not only expressed agreement with and corroborated nearly all that you have written in it to-date but have also defended you against what I maintain were unfounded and unfair attacks. I wish to take two remaining matters up directly with you before leaving this thread.

            First, with the preface that I am myself an observant Jew, I would like to challenge one sentence from the above comment of yours. I do so with the hope that you will accept my criticism in the respectful and constructive spirit in which I offer it.

            You wrote,

            “As an involved Jew, I march for various causes myself.”

            Certainly, in so far as your comments with regard to Passover observance were concerned, identifying yourself as a Jew was obviously quite relevant. But here, in the above sentence of yours, taken in the context of the rest of your comment, I not only fail to see doing so as necessary but actually see it as problematic and even troubling. Would it be unreasonable for one reading your comment to notice and question the contrast of the presence of the above-sentence in it against the absence of any comparable mention of marching for causes out of being an “involved” or committed American (or even New Yorker or Upper West Sider)?

            Additionally (and without in any way intending to question your own professed identity as a Jew), while I invite you to correct me if you feel I am mistaken, I would suspect that at least many of the causes that you were referring-to in your sentence were Zionist ones. If so, I would simply point-out that (a) not all Jews are Zionists and not all Zionists are Jews, and, (b) that in considering Zionism far from integral to or even compatible with Judaism but actually violative of it, I am far from alone– even and especially among religiously observant Jews. I realize that this is a delicate, emotionally-charged topic; I harbor no illusions of changing anyone’s strongly-held views on it; and I certainly neither intend nor wish to derail the thread into an off-topic debate or discussion. I would just point-out that merely to acknowledge that there are critical distinctions to be made between Zionism and Judaism and between Zionists and Jews, is not to make any judgments of or offer any specific opinion, one way or the other, on any of the aforementioned entities or ideologies.

            Finally, on a friendly, personal note, having wondered for some time now about the following questions, I just had to finally come out and pose them to you. Feel free to decline to answer them if you are not comfortable doing so. First, would the “L” in your chosen posting name just happen, by any chance, to be the actual initial letter of your real last name? Second, would all three of the following descriptions apply to the you of around thirty years ago: (a) in your early teen years; (b) residing on the UWS; and (c) attending services at a certain architecturally grand synagogue on W. 91st St.? If yes, then I think we may have known each other for a brief period during those days of our youth. I recall that Paul with fondness and nostalgia. If you are him (and even if you are not) I am glad to see that you apparently have done quite well for yourself* and I offer my best wishes to you and your family.
            (*with, of course, the inevitable, requisite help and blessings from The One and Only One, without whom nothing would be possible.)

      • Christina says:

        Gee, I hate those Jackhammers and bulldozer noises day in and day out at the construction site by me. It’s so disturbing! They should quit and stop building or all be fired!… That is nuts right Paul RL? Pluleeeaaassee! It’s a city. If you want peace and quiet go live upstate! I don’t like the noise the construction makes or the traffic with all the horns or peoples cr alarms going off every few minutes BUT It’s MY CHOICE to live here so I deal it!!! So should everyone else! Or the choice to leave is always an option!

        • Paul RL says:

          Christina, there’s a difference between the normal sounds of the city and a boneheaded decision to issue a permit for a noisy demonstration on a religious holiday, And sorry, but living in the city doesn’t automatically mean that we have to choose between accepting every annoyance that’s handed to us or moving. Would you tell the workers of Local 3 that they should either accept the unfair treatment they’re getting or find another job? No, they have a right to improve their lives, just as we do. Perhaps your lack of self-respect prohibits you from doing the same, but that’s your problem, not mine.

          • Bruce Bernstein says:

            wow, proud Trump voter PaulRl always manages to be so condescending… and such personal attacks. “Perhaps your lack of self-respect prohibits you from doing the same, but that’s your problem, not mine.”

            I think you owe Christina an apology.

            this business about a “religious holiday” is pure malarkey. a daytime demonstration didn’t interfere with your Seder.

            And, as you stated, you are on the 14th floor. I dare say you barely heard them.

            demonstrations, and the right for striking employees to make noise in front of their employers offices, are indeed the normal sounds of the city. it seems like you would prefer the UWS become a gated community.

            • Paul RL says:

              You are truly amazing, Bruce. First, you – the King of Personal Attacks – demands an apology for my rebut against Christina’s own personal attack? Secondly, you’ve decided what will or won’t interfere with someone’s holiday? And lastly, you’re now a self-proclaimed sound and trajectory expert that knows what we can hear in our own apartments? You may think you know everything about everyone, but you do not. But keep trying.

            • Bruce Bernstein says:

              more personal attacks… actually, i never make personal attacks. I just cite what people say… such as that you are a Proud Trump Voter. Is that inaccurate?

              i remain skeptical about how loud it was on the 14th floor. but you live on one of busiest intersections on the UWS… so i can conclude that peace and quiet 14 floors below was not a main priority of yours when you moved in there.

              you most certainly owe Christina an apology. she made no attack on your person, she just said a few mildly sarcastic things about your ARGUMENTS. you responded by sayign she has a “lack of self respect.”

              not very nice.

            • Paul RL says:

              “Not very nice”? Let’s see, you trolled my exchange with Christina, defended her caustic comments, twice called me a liar with regard to my noise complaint, then claimed that the very noise that I supposedly couldn’t hear didn’t interfere with my holiday. What do you know about nice?

            • Bruce Bernstein says:

              anyone who wants can go up this thread and read what i actually said. you are distorting it.

              and yes, i defend Christina’s sarcastic remarks, which made an ARGUMENT against your comments, and did not attack your person.

              you responded by saying she had no self-respect, which clearly is a personal attack, and inappropriate.

            • Paul RL says:

              Assuming anyone else besides you and I are still reading this thread, I’d bet the majority would see that you were just using Christina’s remarks as an excuse to Bernstein me. But it’s really cool that you can read her mind.

              However, maybe you’re right, so let’s try this: Hey Christina, if you’re still out there and REALLY didn’t mean that someone who has an issue with excessive noise on their holiday should either deal with it without complaint or move upstate, please let me know. If so, then I will apologize for the misunderstanding and take back what I said about you having no self-respect.

              As for you and me, Bruce, should we get one of those Kennedy-Khrushchev hotlines?

    5. Lsilver212 says:

      If we can get the phone number of the executive or executives in charge, customers can swamp them with calls, the same way we’ve done with Senators and Congressmen. Worth a shot. I want the Union members to get their jobs back. In my building, we don’t have a choice of vendors…

    6. D. Riazanov says:

      The whole framing of this strike by the author of this article is absurd. Calling it “noisy” – oh, how inconvenient – seems to miss the fact that the whole point of a public demonstration is to draw attention. How about interviewing the strikers, focusing on their grievances and demands, rather than quoting at length from Spectrum’s PR wing? Next time, focus on the substantive questions instead of pandering to the Social Darwinists who love to comment on this site.

    7. Chrigid says:

      If Spectrum’s spokesman were telling the truth, why would union members be spending their time demonstrating? Doesn’t make sense. We need more information than this.

      • phillip lee says:

        Truth be told charter is not willing to negotiate in good faith. Charter wants to eliminate the medical benefits and pension plan that these workers have earned through the CBA of the course of 44 years. Charter continues to violate the city’s franchise agreement, by USING OUTER STATE WORKERS! Let me also mention here that workers being hired by charter have NO BACK ROUND CHECK(nice job) so the consumer safety is being compromised. In addition the company puppet Mr. Bonomo claims that the company is offering a huge pay increase and a robust medical plan as well as a better 401k plan. If that’s the issue why are they on the Pickett line and not at work. Charter enough is enough, stop with the lies, stop the mistreatment of the hard working men and women and stop BS the customers of NYC!!! As spike lee said “DO THE RIGHT THING” and get back the IN-HOUSE technicians back to work.

    8. Sarah says:

      If you all don’t want the middle class to disappear entirely from NYC, then you’re going to have to accept that unions are occasionally going to have to make some noise.

    9. NYYgirl says:

      I’m with Diane

    10. Eric says:

      Why is everyone so insensitive to unfair treatment, the reason the workers are protesting is because the company is taking,pensions, 401k and also making employees work in a hostile environment, working 2 weeks in Brooklyn,next 2 weeks in New Jersey,next 2 weeks in Queens etc… While using refurbished equipment and being disciplined for repeat service calls

    11. Frank says:

      Noise sucks, but giant cable companies also suck. They don’t care about us or their employees. I blame Spectrum for this, not the employees.

    12. Frank says:

      Why did you reach out to Spectrum for a comment and not the Union?
      Plus the word noisy… telling people what to believe and only giving 1 side of story? Thanks!

    13. A. Drummond says:

      What spectrum is not saying is that they are offering a “raise larger than the union has demanded” at the expense of pension and health benefits ,so we will pay way more than the so -called raise, back into health care and pension cost.They give the same generic statement to every media hose . They also penalize the technicians for unreliable internet and repeat trouble calls ,due to their unreliable network and they have a draconian and error prone metric system that they use to measure productivity .Those numbers air used to determined raises and advancement and guess what ? Few people ever meet the requirements

      • A Drummond says:

        Sorry about the noise but 2000 middle class jobs are at stake here. We are in the fight of our lives here ,we are not striking for $$$ We are striking because of the many unfair labor practices that have taken place under time Warner and continue under spectrum.

        Spectrum is being sued by the N.Y. Attorney general for failing to deliver reliable internet speeds that you pay for ,for faking FCC speed test results , for slowing down your netflix so they can shake netflix down for money . They punish workers for minor infractions. They have made the workplace hostile, they write you up first and ask questions after , morale is low . If you call for slow speeds ,the technician comes out ,he tries to fix the issue but the speeds continue to be poor because peak usage slows the internet so you call and complain again .Well that technician gets hit with a repeat call , he takes the hit, it goes on his overall score ,he could be written up .Imagine having 5,10 , or 15 of these a month , then they hound you. Knowing that their infrastructure is old and weak .See Erick Schniderman’s lawsuit against Spectrum .

        I apologize to all the affected people and the public in general but they are out to destroy us,because they want a non union shop period.

        A worker.

        • So Susy says:

          God Bless and continue to fight for what you have all worked hard for…..if someone doesn’t like the loud sounds of the whistles & you guys vocally experiencing the unfairness SPECTURM, is doing to Local 3 busting your butts in the field while all those in the Corporate Office are Pushing Paper & collecting all the monies they are taking from there customers. Continue BLOWING YOUR WHISTLE & MAKING NOISE TILL THEY HEAR & UNDERSTAND HOW UNFAIR THEY ARE TO THOSE THAT ARE REALLY OUT THERE WORKING HARD !!! Many Blessings to all 🙏🏼

        • 96th resident says:

          You got my support! Fellow union brother at NYSNA. Raise hell to protect your family’s wellbeing. All union brothers and sisters are getting squeezed. We ALL need to stick together.

    14. Spectrum In-House Technician says:

      You want to know why we’re STRIKING & MAKING NOISE!? Read the link I’ve attached. Its not about MONEY! ITS ABOUT OUR FURTURE, OUR FAMILIES FUTURE & ABOUT OUR CUSTOMERS. When I conduct a service call. You’re my customer. I do everything I can to fix your issue. Its what IN-HOUSE TECHNICIANS DO!!

    15. Latoya says:

      When a company suggests you take a $5 pay increase, but we are going to pull out of your social security, 401k, pension give you less than $9000 for medical for your family and you a year. Also we are going to remove your fair respentation, give to the amount of hours we see fit relocate you whenever and wherever we want. Take away your sick days, remove some of your holidays. Place you on a point system that will grade you on service calls were 89% of the time the equipment is what failed because it’s REFURBISHED EQUIPMENT  (check out the AG LAWSUIT,  many have been disciplined,  suspended or fired  and loss there monthly bonuses because of this, yet the CEO receives  $98.5 MILLION dollar annual bonus). It’s all blame in us the TECHNICIAN who doesn’t get the proper training, proper equipment and is rushed to do a fast job so that the next customer is seen in the next hour it’s a lose lose situation. We are humans if one if us is injured or falls off of a ladder or building or pole what will they robust benefits cover nothing??? They are trying to deplete the middle class from the company !!! Look how they are keeping it out the media if we don’t show up outside their businesses to bring attention to what’s going on no one will know!!!

    16. Donald Boncoeur says:

      As a Spectrum employee, I take offense to the quotation marks around our issues, as if that’s really not the issue. I am also annoyed with the continued response Spectrum gives to the media. What they don’t tell the reporters is that they plan on giving substantial pay increase by having us pay over $8000 in health care deductibles before their “robust” coverage even kicks in. Currently, we have no minimum deductible, save major surgery. We thank you for shining light on our plight. The noise you refer to is just our passionate response to corporate greed.

    17. Get Real says:

      If you spent 2 seconds to research the strike at all you would stumble across multiple articles on the web, even forums and facebook pages explaining exactly what’s going on.

      It took me all of 30 seconds with Spectrums horrible WIFI speeds (which they’re getting sued over as well), it would’ve taken a shorter amount of time to google it yourself than writing a comment.

      I’m sure they’re terribly sorry by the inconvenience the noise has brought everybody. How dare they stand up for their lives, families, past, present, future, retirement, health, and everything else they’ve worked so hard for. I’m sure your inconvenience is greater than theirs.

      If you wanted quiet, you shouldn’t have moved to the city.

    18. J White says:

      The horns are being blasted to wake up the communities that we are even on strike. It might be a slight inconvenience for a few hours for you, however our livelihoods are at stake and is being completely silenced by Spectrum with their across the board sponsorship of the corporate media which will not cover our story. So excuse us for finding different ways to get people to find out exactly what is even happening with over 1700 qualified technicians at risk of loosing health and Medical benefits they’ve fought for many years ago.

    19. Concerned about my future says:

      Before you complain about the noise pollution ask your selves why there is not more media coverage about 2000 NYC employees striking for something as simple as their benefits and pensions?

      There would be no noise if the proper media coverage was given instead new outlets want to post live feed on Giraffes. There would be no strike if we were given a fair contract.

      Sorry for the noise but we deserve a fair and just contract.

      I suggest the people annoyed take 5 minutes out their day and contact Spectrum Charter to do right by their worked. Or do some more research on what the issues are and how you can help.

      Thank you

    20. Lyn says:

      I am the spouse of a striking spectrum employee and what spectrum is doing is wrong. They are not asking for a pay raise just to keep the benefits that they have. They keep stating to the media that they are giving a pay raise and robust medical and retirement benefits in a vague statement. They are not saying what this entails. The pay raise is only about $4 per week and they will be removing contributing to the retirement plan, social security benefit and cutting the medical benefit. The workers only want what is fair. This was a billion dollar deal and the executives received millions in bonuses. They want to break the union so that they can treat their workers unfairly. Corporate greed. It always amazes me how people who have so much are still trying to acquire more. This strike is about getting what the workers see as fair. Is that too much to ask? These are people who have built this company to what it is today.

    21. Jay says:

      Looks like this posting is getting spammed by the union.

      • a union worker says:

        no this posting is being clarified by the Union…its only fair you hear our side and the things we have to endure, we have been quiet for 2 years with no contract…enough its enough!

      • Sik says:

        Legitimate people responding with their point of view is not spam. It’s dialogue

        • Jay says:

          Notice how the same thing is repeated over and over again with different screen names. Doesn’t seem like there are that many people posting about this… probably just one or two people (clearly spectrum or union employees) trying to seem like more.

          How about some attributable, sourced facts? Then we can have a dialogue. Otherwise… this is all just spam.

    22. Juan says:

      The spokes person was not clear about how much they want to take away in exchange for this increase they are offering. In short, they want to offer employees a 7-10K increase for removing about 20k in benefits as well as no job security.

    23. Maribel says:

      Ppl have been striking without aithorns since March 28th you heard it for one day and blast them for what ? .. they’ve been protesting for unfair labor practices and benefits for 3 weeks!! Instead of acting out of frustration for one day of permitted noise which was announced and planed properly with officals maybe you should write the proper letters to spectrum for those who help maintain the system in all types of weather 24/7.

    24. pajomac22 says:

      “Spectrum is dedicated to providing great service” …. Would you expect the cable company to say otherwise. “Spectrum is offering our field technicians a pay increase larger than the union demanded” …. The union never demanded a pay increase. “Also with robust Healthcare and Retirement benefits” …. So, somehow the proposed cut in pension and medical benefits of 60% is equal to “competitive and robust healthcare and retirement benefits”. “I should point out that we have been and continue to stand ready to bargain in good faith with Local 3 at any time and as many times as necessary to reach a fair agreement” …. So what are you waiting for?

    25. pajomac22 says:

      Oh, and … sorry for the noise. We apologize for the disturbance. We are just interested in continuing to have good meaningful careers for ourselves and those that come after us. Its our sincere hope that this does not last long at all.

    26. Brian DeLoach says:

      The comment made by the representative on behalf of Spectrum is FALSE. You give your child a weekly allowance and put money into a graduation account for years, you then tell them that you are going to significantly cut the graduation account but increase their allowance a bit. An unaware child would be excepting to that ridiculous proposal.

    27. BillBrown spectrum clown says:

      The real atrocity here is the media black out!!! I’m sorry you have to deal with noise… but we are not getting media coverage or respect( or a paycheck)!! Every ad block for every news outlet is purchased by spectrum as a bribe not to cover the strike. Oh and by the way most news outlets are owned by a cable company. Ch1 spectrum ch 4 Comcast CNN is owned by time warner. The collusion is the real problem here if we had some coverage and could get the word out maybe we could calm down! If it takes us making noise to get people to talk about it then sorry it’s our only choice!

    28. Jens says:

      I support workers rights. As soon as it became Spectrum the prices were jacked up and service offerings reduced.
      Monopolies are not good for anyone.

    29. Jessica Rosado says:

      New Yorkers what is annoying is to have your medical and pension benefits taken away, they are not offering any better medical plans or more money or anything like that so wake up…If I am making noise its because we need to be heard…Spectrum is not only mistreating their employees they are robbing New Yorkers blind!!! The State of New York has a lawsuit against them for frauding all of you New Yorkers out of money! Go and see and you will find out….dont let corporate fool you!

    30. A West Sider says:

      I don’t want anyone to lose their jobs. However, I hate cable companies and do not have cable TV anymore. I found I don’t need it. I have internet via my employment (I realize that is unique). So I can’t get into it much about a cable outfit’s woes. But people/unions have a right to strike and to fair treatment on the job.

    31. Big Earl says:

      Wake up. Time Warner/Spectrum sucks. We got rid of them 4 years ago and have been using RCN ever since. RCN has a better setup, controls and way cheaper. Why anyone would even still use Spectrum when there are better alternatives is beyond me. They treated us like crap, so I hit Time Warner where it hurts – their pockets.

      • Independent says:

        Big Earl: Does RCN offer residential service? Even for Internet only? I had emailed RCN to inquire– at least twice, the first time being as much as three years ago now– but never received a response.

    32. craig says:

      My apologies for the length of this comment, but it addresses the facts of the ongoing NOISE many commenters are complaining about.

      Below is Spectrum’s “Competitive and robust healthcare and retirement benefits”.

      Spectrum’s offer line by line from their proposal of 3/12/17:

      1. 5 year contract

      2. Delete contract language preventing use of CONTRACT workers to perform residential service (repair) work

      3. Remove any contract restrictions on Company creating any work shift they want

      4.Stop paying any premiums for workers assigned to Saturday or Sunday shift

      5.Eliminate 2 Holidays, replacing one calendar Holiday with a floating holiday and if any future holidays are required by LAW, one of the existing Holidays will be replaced by new REQUIRED HOLIDAY.

      6. ELIMINATE 3 Personal Days.
      ELIMINATE right to 6 days of SICK TIME automatically accrued on April 1st, sick time to be earned each pay period for a total of 6 Days – 1/2 day earned each month.
      ELIMINATE sick day payout at end of year for any unused sick days.

      7. Replace Benefit package negotiated over the past 40+ years, covering Medical, Dental, Vision, Education, Retirement, funded by the diversion of part of our negotiated pay increases from each previous contract (to the current level of 38% of our gross payroll, money that could have been in our pockets all these years) into our CHOICE of the Joint Industry Benefit Fund, with $8,529.00 contribution towards our personal purchase of Medical benefits on the open market and a dollar equivalent of 6% contribution of gross payroll towards retirement benefits, with NO COLA increases.

      8. Eliminate our negotiated Social Security clause requiring Spectrum to pay our SS tax portion.

      9. Eliminate requirement Union rep be present at any official disciplinary hearing.

      10. Eliminate our Education benefit through the Union and offers Charter education benefit.

      11. Eliminate Spectrum requirement to pay Shop Steward/Union Rep for time spent working on representation activities during working hours – Local 3 to pay Shop Steward (SPECTRUM HAS REFUSED TO PAY UNION REPRESENTATIVES DURING THE PREVIOUS NEGOTIATION MEETINGS, REQUIRING UNION REPS TO NEGOTIATE ON PERSONAL TIME)

      12. Add language providing for specific damages in case of work stoppage by Union.

      13. Move to biweekly payroll.

      14. Pay raises of $5.00 for the lowest paid technician (Currently making $11.00) to $1.00 to $3.00 for the top techs (current pay level depends if top tech has completed SCTE training courses previously).
      Future pay raises to be MERIT based not Contractually negotiated.

      15. Employees can be PERMANENTLY assigned to ANY location at Spectrums discretion, as opposed to the current temporary assignment.

      Spectrum currently disciplines technicians based on faulty metrics and prevents these technicians from advancing in their careers.
      Service technicians are disciplined for repeat service calls, if a customer calls for a service call within 30 days of their last service call the first technician will be disciplined and prevented from any progression. Many of the repeat service calls are directly related to the inferior equipment and the old, archaic system backbone in place.
      Spectrum advertises and sells internet speeds, at an additional cost that the system can not support and disciplines the technician when a customer complains they do not get what they pay for.
      Attorney General Schneiderman is currently investigating many customer complaints of this type

      In short, Spectrum:

      wants back 3 personal days and 1 holiday without offering compensation for that loss.

      wants to limit PAID sick time for a workforce that works in every kind of weather you can imagine occurring in NYC, at all hours of every day and that is exposed to all kinds of illnesses while performing their jobs in residences throughout NYC.
      If a tech gets sick in April or May he will have accrued only 1 day of sick time to use, any other time out of work will be unpaid and will subject the tech to discipline.

      wants to be able to make any shift they determine they need with no restriction on days worked on the weekends (currently no shift can include BOTH Saturday and Sunday)and eliminate any wage premiums for weekend work.
      wants to be able to permanently assign technicians to any location with 2 weeks notice, regardless of seniority and/or the technicians concerns of working conditions at each location i.e., pole system versus manhole/vault. Instead of the temporary assignments allowed in the current agreement

      wants to essentially wipeout all previous BENEFITS negotiated over the past 40+ years and paid for out of our negotiated wage increases (NOT IN ADDITION TO THESE WAGES)and replace with a package of benefits worth 25% less and does not intend to compensate us for the difference.

      wants to eliminate another 5.5% of wages in the form of SS payments, again without compensation for the loss.

      wants union members to give up their Weingarten Rights by contract.

      wants the Union and the workers to pay for Union Representation during working hours.

      wants to call a wage increase for the lowest paid worker “ROBUST” when NY state is moving towards raising the minimum wage, so this worker will again only be making $1.00 above the new minimum.

      Sorry if we have disturbed your neighborhood but this is about our livelihood and about our families and should concern all working New Yorkers. We do not seem to be attracting attention from any of the larger NY media outlets, so we are making noise in the streets.

      • 92nd Street says:

        These are some interesting demands from Spectrum, but you did not list the current number of days off, etc.

        It is difficult to judge without having all the facts.

        As a Free Lancer, I earn a living based on the hours I am willing to work. Generally between 60 and 80 per week. I will take off 15 days off a year, unless I get really ill. I consider these to be fair and I do not have to rely on anyone but my own sweat. Retirement is based on my investments but realistically will never happen.

        How about a spec sheet showing what the Union currently puts in per year?

        • Bruce Bernstein says:

          in the US, a 40 hour work week is considered standard, and has been since at least 1900.

          if you have to work 60 or 80 hours a week to make a living, i feel for you and commiserate with you. that is brutal and inhuman. but please don’t try to make it the standard for others.

          we should look back on the labor movement of the late 19th century:

          “8 hours for work
          8 hours for rest
          8 hours for what we wish”

    33. John says:

      What is going on here. I can not believe upper west side liberals are complaining about union members protesting. Has everyone become a Republican trump supporter in the last few months? 🙂

    34. robert says:

      FYI and pass the word around
      This coming Wed at the 24 is the month community meeting. It is at the precinct at 7pm, its on 100th street between Col & Amsterdam. The command holds this meeting the 3rd Wed of every month.

    35. tatiana cabezas says:

      they fail to mention how they wish to achieve these pay increases and robust healthcare and retirement benefits. They plan on making us pay for our own medical, and take away pensions,fica, lastly annuity. Second thing they fail to mention is that they are penalizing us the techs when we wish to advance or get a bonus with a faulty metric system. They know they are giving us refurbished bad equipment and they know its not possible to garantee wifi yet when the customer calls back we get disciplined which in turn stops us from recieving bonus and job advancement.

    36. Mark says:

      Let them eat cake.

      • Always a UWSgal says:

        I hope the union is successful at protecting their workers and that this strike gets more coverage. 6 days of sick leave per year is really stingy.

    37. Rae says:

      Steven I work in this same neighborhood ..let’s all put ourselves in the union strikers shoes for a moment . I looked into this whole strike situation . Ginger Adams Otis from the NY Daily News was the only major reporter from a major newspaper who wrote three “online” articles on the Spectrum Union Strike , but besides her no one else is reporting . News headlines from the past few days include “Men who want to become Mermans” and April the pregnant giraffe. Their voices are being silenced . Let’s turn the tables and look at their point of view. The media is not informing the public . They are keeping this from the major shareholders . After a quick google search -George Soros and Warren Buffet are major shareholders maybe Charter Communications doesn’t want them catching wind of this. Vanguard and Dodge & Cox are the top two according to Morningstar. I think this is being done deliberately . Stocks are high 330 a share on Friday . They don’t want them to fall. The only comments you hear from the corporate suits at Charter say is that they are giving their union members a “robust raise” ,over and over in the few online articles,but they leaving out that they are taking everything away ; pensions ,benefits 401K contributions. I don’t blame these Local No. 3 union members . The CEO , Tom Rutledge, donated money and got a meeting with Donald Trump 4 days before this strike . Tom Rutledge claims he is hiring 20,000 new workers and doing a $97billion dollar upgrade. He wanted his union workers to strike. This is classic union busting and Trump has a long history with the Local No 3 and it’s not a good history. After finding all this out, I would be blowing horns too and raising Hell. This is a TAKE DOWN and these guys and waiting for contracts for weeks now. Trump spoke at the April 4th builders conference and he did a “shout out ” to the Local No 3 union but it was not genuine “shout out ” because they were not there . He called them rich. Look at the Verizon strike? Even that got coverage..Fight hard and don’t stop we support you. If this was us, we would be doing the same. Just think about it…

    38. A West Sider says:

      I haven’t had a pension from an employer since 1999. And my current employer does not honor Pres Day, MLK Day, Veterans Day, Easter. They suck too. I’ve had years of zero raises and increased health care costs for like 8 years.

      It’s called work.

      • Bruce Bernstein says:

        seriously? and you’re proud of that as an economy wide standard?

        I’ve got some news for you, my friend. if you indeed work under the conditions you describe, these Spectrum workers are fighting for you as well, albeit indirectly. you should go shake their hands and thank them.

        • This strike is not meant to change how industry treats workers. The union over the years has negotiated perks that many non union workers have to pay for themselves and do not get the tax benefits. The cost of these items are always passed on to the consumer. In this case many are also passed on to the taxpayer in the form of business expenses and sheltered employee untaxed income.

          • Bruce Bernstein says:

            i never said that the strike was meant to change how ALL industry treats ALL workers. the strike is meant to change how ONE COMPANY treats several thousand of its workers.

            but it’s accurate that the prevalence and success of unions in the workplace, and their overall bargaining power, affects workers who are non-unionized. non-union companies have to raise their benefits and pay to keep up.

            “A WEst Sider”, in his/her comment, described what i consider onerous and unfair working conditions: zero raises for 8 years, increasing health care premiums, his employer not honoring national holidays (Pres Day, MLK Day, Veterans Day, Easter). (Easter? he has to work on Sunday with no overtime and holiday pay?) He appeared to be saying that this is the nature of work in America and NYC, and we should just accept it.

            i pointed out that, if he/she is working under such onerous conditions, the Spectrum workers, in demanding decent treatment, are indirectly also fighting for him/her. This is simply Labor Economics 101. if they win, their victory will help him/her make a better case for improved benefits. why, his own workplace might even get unionized!

            NYCissues said:

            “The union over the years has negotiated perks that many non union workers have to pay for themselves and do not get the tax benefits.”

            that’s true. that’s an advantage of being in a union — the pay, benefits, and working conditions are better. Is that a bad thing?

            NYCissues said:

            “The cost of these items are always passed on to the consumer. In this case many are also passed on to the taxpayer in the form of business expenses and sheltered employee untaxed income.”

            this is not ALWAYS true. in fact, when unions are strong, the result is usually that labor gets a higher percentage of the fruits of the economy, and owners (investors) and executives a lower share. there is nothing special about higher wages that they are “passed on” to consumers, whereas higher profits and higher dividends are not. i wonder how leveraged this company is to debt? is that “passed on” to consumers? what about the PARENT company’s CEO’s 98 million pay package from last year?


            In any case, the company is in a price war with Verizon, so your argument is difficult to sustain.

            finally, as to whether some of these benefits have a welfare payment (tax credit or deduction) attached: it is true that many health care benefits are tax exempt, and this could be considered a form of “welfare” payment to middle income workers. are you also equally upset about a much bigger welfare benefit, aimed at the upper middle class: the mortgage interest deduction?

            • I have no problem with the mortgage interest deduction. It is aimed at anyone who has a mortgage and itemizes their taxes. It doesn’t limit the amount of income a homeowner can have. It does set a cap on the size of the loan that qualifies. A higher interest rate paid means a higher deduction.

            • Independent says:

              The above post is exemplary evidence that Bruce Bernstein is indeed quite capable of presenting arguments that are, if nothing else, (a) clearly well-written and reasonable and, (b) free of gratuitous insults, attacks or condescension.

              Additionally, in this case, I happen to find myself at least sympathetic to most of Mr. Bernstein’s arguments and even inclined, at least to a considerable degree, to agree with at least many of them. (All of which should come as no surprise as, like many on the Dissident Right that I identify with, I am far more a populist on matters of economics and labor than an ideologue. To say nothing of what is or at least should be our greatest area of convergence with the principled Left: foreign policy, specifically anti-interventionism; opposition to endless, pointless war.).

              Concerning Easter Sunday, I certainly would agree that no one who at all identifies as Christian (or who even merely has close family that so identify) should have to work on what is a day of such holiness and significance in that faith.

    39. B.B. says:

      Don’t worry, NYC Public Advocate James in on the case.

      Fresh from her getting NYC to ban employers from asking about previous wage history when hiring new employees; Letitia James is going after Spectrum.

    40. jules says:

      dont care…got rid of cable 3 yrs ago…use an antenna get 78 channels….use verizon for internet/phone

    41. Pauline Sklar says:

      Spectrum charged extra money greater speed and my machine goes down more times then I can tell you no email have 2 yeare pro mac. Phone 6 plus all my things that run on wifi are down even if I program them back they just go down again.

    42. UWS Craig says:

      With its millions of subscribers, a modest increase in the monthly rate would easily cover the cost of providing a comfortable retirement for the unionized workers. I doubt any of us would object to that so long as the surcharge were clearly explained on the billing statement.

      • Consumers are already complaining about high cable bills. The benefits are already part of the monthly bill, to pay extra and get taxed for it not acceptable.

    43. zapiti Thalia says:


    44. Worthy info for all those in Local 3

    45. Eric says:

      Gd evening reading some of the complaints and even the proposed contract I don’t blame you guys for the protest, think about it how can a company that is profitable, and the owner has gained a windfall in what his previous salary was from 16 million a year to 98.5 million is mind boggling and to not want to give his workers a fair a just contract is ridiculous, this corporate greed must be stopped ,we as people must wake up and stop allowing such atrocities to manifest. We as citizens of this city can not justify what any one human being is capable of performing a task that would be sufficient of earning a 100 million dollars a yr. I ask all who subscribe to charter spectrum to do whatever you can to rectify this unfair practice.The techs that are out there are your techs they come to your home or business in good weather or harsh conditions to do the best job they can, they have families and health concerns like all human beings , fair and honesty go hand in hand,lies and deceit will always create chaos, we’ve been with you since Manhattan Cable days all the way up to Time Warner cable we may not have been the greatest but we were there …Now after 45 yrs of service in the 5 Boros we were sold to Charter communications and within 6 months the techs are on strike ……

    46. Billy the cable guy says:

      You people have no clue what your talking about the company not offering heath , retirement, and personnel days i am in a tech department at spectrum and I have all of these and I don’t have to pay a third party (union)to get them, not to mention I have been getting paid for the last 3 weeks, So when you finally go back to work are you really going to get any kind of increase that is going to make up for losing many weeks of pay?

    47. Independent says:

      Let me just add that like Paul RL, the commenter whom I agreed with and defended in my previous comments, I fully support the right of the workers to strike and demonstrate. (Moreover, I am inclined to find it entirely plausible that their demands, or at least a large portion thereof, are entirely valid and legitimate.) I simply challenge, like Paul did, the propriety, acceptability or even necessity or prudence of (a) their doing so in the excessively loud manner that they did– at any time and, (b) all the more so, that of their doing so during the first days of Passover (for the reasons I enumerated and elaborated upon in detail in my previous comment).

    48. Independent says:

      @ Paul RL:
      Indeed, you are quite correct on all counts:

      1.) The degree to which (proud Hillary voter*) Bruce Bernstein, along with a number of others here, not only routinely exhibit the very behavior that they attack others for but actually do so in the very course of so attacking others, has yet to cease to amaze me. This being just the latest example out of countless others that I could cite (a number of which I have cited at various points in the past.)

      (*If being proud to have voted for the President is shameful, then being proud to have voted for Hillary Rodham-Clinton or any number of other candidates is no less shameful.)

      2.) Residing on a high floor myself, I marvel at how much noise from the street I hear in my apartment– even with the windows closed. I can attest that sound does indeed travel upward to a remarkable degree. (I pity those who, in any area as noisy as the UWS, live in front-facing apartments on low floors. I wonder how anyone could manage to do so for any length of time.)

      3.) Perhaps most egregious about (proud Hillary voter) B. Bernstein’s comments here was his incredibly presumptuous and truly offensive declaration that,

      this business about a “religious holiday” is pure malarkey. a daytime demonstration didn’t interfere with your Seder.

      One, observance of Passover is neither limited-to the sedorim* nor to synagogue services. Rather, like any religious festival, a major component of the observance and celebration involves time spent at home with family and friends as well as religious and spiritual study, contemplation, meditation and introspection. To say that the kind of inordinate and excessive noise that was made by the striking demonstrators is hardly conducive to any of the aforementioned activities would be both to state the obvious as well as to make quite an understatement. Two, it is not uncommon for the sedorim themselves, which Judaic law stipulates not begin before nightfall and only after returning home from the evening synagogue service, to extend well into the night and even into the wee hours of the morning. (Thereby making it unlikely that by 8:00 AM the following morning, all, most or even any of the members of a household will be wide awake and ready to take on the new day.) Three, the many people in our area who were off from school or work for Passover were by no means to limited-to observant Jews or even Jews at all. Heck, New York City Public Schools were closed throughout the entire eight days of the Judaic festival.

      (*The seder (plural sedorim or sedarim) is the special observance for each of the first two nights of Passover consisting of a special, prolonged festive meal that is interspersed with the recitation and discussion of the Haggada, a collection of liturgical passages and songs designated for the occasion.)

      Finally, four: Imagine if everything had been the same in this thread with the only difference that instead of a Jew complaining that the inordinately and excessively loud protest had disrespected and marred his observance of a Judaic holiday, Paul RL’s comments had been written by a Muslim making the same complaint about an Islamic holiday. In such a case, would (proud Hillary voter) B. Bernstein have written– or even so much as considered writing– anything even approaching the pointed offensiveness of,

      “This business about a “religious holiday” is pure malarkey. A daytime demonstration didn’t interfere with your Iftar?

      4.) (Proud Hillary voter) B. Bernstein declares that Paul owes interlocutor Christina an apology. Whether or not that is true (and, if it is, to what extent), I would suggest that Mr. Bernstein certainly owes an apology– and in fact is long overdue in issuing one– to Paul for the repeated hostility, attacks and assuming of bad faith that the proud Hillary voter (B. Bernstein) has exhibited toward the “proud Trump voter” (Paul RL).

      • Paul RL says:

        Thank you, Independent.

        • Independent says:

          You’re most welcome and I greatly appreciate your acknowledgment; without it, I would have been left wondering and speculating whether you had even noticed my comments and, if you had, any number of possibilities that I could have imagined for how you might have reacted.

          I put a lot of time and thought into what I write* and it means a lot to me to see there’s at least someone out there who appreciated my efforts.

          (*Yes, often too much, I’ll admit; when I get into something, I get into it…)

          Let me also note that at the moment I write this, I am anxiously awaiting to see if an additional comment that I had submitted last night will be approved– one which I addressed directly to you and mentioned, in an entirely friendly manner, that I suspect that I may know who you are and if you are the person I think you may be, we actually met many years ago when we were both still in our early teen years.

          • Paul RL says:

            Independent, I do read your comments, and truly appreciate your perspectives here in the WSR comments section. As to whether or not we know each other, I don’t believe so as I was twenty-three in 1987 and didn’t move to the UWS until 1989. My first apartment was a Seinfeldesque fifth floor walk-up studio at 13 W. 82nd Street.

    49. Richard shabman says:

      It’s amazing how during the Lindsey years when the sanitation went out on strike and left garbage in the streets for weeks which caused unhealthy situations for all walking the streets, did not effect everyone.
      The transit strike when they left everyone without transportstion duting the Koch administration, did not effect everyone! The teachers strike during the Beame administration, did not effect all our young children. This is the same effect as the local 3 technicians who are on strike blowing horns or whistles, to get attention from the people we enter into their apartments to repair or install the equipment or service so you all can enjoy the life of technology. And you all are engrafeful people who can’t even say thank you when we finish or repair your complaints to a lousy company who over charges your sorry asses!
      So, when I blow my whistle, or honk a horn, it’s for the strength of solidarity to all unions fighting for the better life, and recieve a better end when it comes. So all you rich minded people who establish your lives, allow myself that same due process. So, if you continue to support the corporate greed, then uou have to listetn to my first ammendment right!

      • Eric says:

        Hello,for the subscribers in the NYC area we are on strike for unfair labor practices, why? Because of corporate greed, as long as stock prices stay above 330.00 a share and CEO Tom Rutledge makes his 100 million a year and shareholders reap the profits they can and will continue not to care and service will still be unreliable ,because you the consumer support or condone this type of business , in short think about why would 1800 men and women walk the picket line and lose weeks of pay if what they are offering is fair.we will not accept lies and deceit and metric systems that judges techs on refurbished equipment, old infrastructure and bad management,we as techs and union members never asked for any monetary gains our demands are for a fair and just contract ,so Spectrum can continue to try and lead the public astray but this is the truth ,continue to flood the television with ads to masks what is really going on, ask yourself why does Spectrum have issues with just about every Network, It started with NBC ,then Univision,now its Fox. We as union brothers and sister,husbands and wives,fathers and mothers are asking you the subscribers to voice your displeasure with Spectrum, contact the BBB,the NYSE, your community board members, local congressman and assemblymen to right this wrong thats going on in our city ,we as the tax paying citizen demand better service if Charter Spectrum has the franchise as our ISP and phone and video carrier.and i close this message thankful to all who have read this and try to help support our fight for quality service and a fair contract to the men and women who work on this system,it cost only time and care to stand for whats right