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Photo by Randi Lauren Klein in Riverside Park.

April 17, 2017 Weather: Cloudy, with a high of 71 degrees.

Free concerts and more local events on our calendar.

Neighbors are upset about noise coming from The Ribbon, the restaurant on 72nd Street near Central Park West. They asked Community Board 7 to make the restaurant shut its French doors while the restaurant is open. But the owner called them “elitist” and said he’s done enough already to dampen sound and bring a good vibe to the area. “Brokering a compromise, the CB 7 business and consumer issues committee drafted a resolution denying The Ribbon’s liquor license application unless the restaurant vowed to never open a sidewalk café, include sound absorption material in the awning it plans to mount when the scaffolding comes down, and closing its front doors at 9 p.m. Sunday through Wednesday and at 10 p.m. on the weekends.”

Mice have infested a three-bedroom co-op on the UWS, even running across the pillows at night. Yikes! Traditional pest control hasn’t worked. The mother of the apartment owner wrote in to the Times asking: Whose responsibility is it to fix the problem? “Management must take this issue seriously, figuring out how many apartments are affected and treating them all. Your daughter should speak with her neighbors, who could collectively call for a special meeting of the board.”

Affordable housing and disappearing small businesses were the biggest topics at a town hall with Scott Stringer last week. “‘The fact [is] our small businesses are being wiped out of our communities,’ [one community member] said. ‘If you walk down any avenue of the Upper West Side, you’ll see vacancy after vacancy after vacancy.’ Stringer acknowledged the problem, especially on Columbus and Amsterdam Avenues, and explained he created his Red Tape Commission specifically to understand what local businesses go through. The comptroller also drew on the experiences he had with small businesses in his days as Manhattan borough president, when he was often invited to grand openings.”

Performances will take place this week in the neighborhood to honor Sexual Assault Awareness Month. “4th U Artivists, the New York City-based nonprofit whose mission is to help end violence against women, is behind Body of Women, a series of performances commemorating Sexual Assault Awareness Month. The April event will feature a song cycle, a monologue collection, and a new play. Body of Women will run April 22 at 7 PM and April 23 at 3 PM and 7 PM only in the 4th Universalist Society’s church on the Upper West Side.”

And there was a nasty car wreck in Riverside Park on Saturday as a car flipped over the railing of the Henry Hudson Parkway and nearly hit two bicyclists.

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    1. Bob says:

      Boo the Ribbon. Overpriced meh everything except the atmosphere. Which is compromised when you have to deal with the overpriced meh everything. Surprised place is still in business.

      • Donny Evans says:

        The Ribbon has become a wonderful addition to the west Side restaurant community. They did a great job in the renovation & should be applauded.

      • Kenneth says:

        It’s seems no matter what kind of UWS business it is – big – small – privately owned – corporate owner – restaurant – drug store – food store – mom & pop – franchise – chain store it is just too big, too small, too over-priced, too greedy, too insensitive, too elitist. too noise, yadda, yadda, yadda.

      • amy says:

        The Ribbon is actually awesome. One of the only places we go in the neighborhood

      • Penny says:

        The Ribbon is a wonderful addition to the community and one of the few places that, gasp, draws people from outside the UWS to eat there. I much prefer it to a copy/paste of yet another early aughts “french” bistro with stale steak frites. Here’s hoping the neighbors get on board.

    2. Mark says:

      Wow. The Ribbon sounds delightful (NOT).
      Given their suggestion that their customer base is “elitist” for wanting a relatively quiet home – I will be sure to stay away.
      Plenty of businesses in the neighborhood that are also good neighbors.

      • Steen says:

        In their defense, the people who are complaining are not actually in The Ribbon’s building. No one who is *actually* living above it is complaining, only those who want 72nd St to be more residential like 100th St. The street is a main thoroughfare, not the quiet side street they are trying to pretend it is. No matter what went in there, they would complain.

    3. jezbel says:

      The Ribbon is a lovely restaurant not “elitest” at all. Try it, you may like it. Fried chicken on Sun and Mon are fantastic. They’ve been nothing to kind and generous to my family and my guests. Nothing but great experiences there. I’ve also never been there when the bar has been noisy or rowdy. It’s always great.

    4. Dirk says:

      How about listing the address of the mouse infestation?

    5. Mike says:

      I’m a fan of The Ribbon, too.

    6. js says:

      Have had a tasty meal at The Ribbon though not worth a return.

      But IMO really weird that the owner would call
      neighbor-residents “elitist” as in fact the folks who eat at The Ribbon have plenty of money themselves.

      72nd Street is and has clearly been a residential block – any restaurant should be limited given it is a residential area.

      • your neighbor says:

        Just because you have money does not necessarily make you elitist.

        Good restaurant on a major 4 lane cross street. Certainly if bar patrons get rowdy and frequently cause lots of noise the restaurant should do something about it, but I don’t see that as a problem in this situation. Residents can’t expect the peacefulness of living on a lane side street.

    7. M says:

      Funny I didn’t know one would be considered “elitist” for wanting peace and quiet in ones home in the evening.

      • uwsmom says:

        The Ribbon is delicious and a great addition to the neighborhood. Quinoa saiad is so good I go back for it! As for the crowd, there might be noise, but it is not a messy college bar. Clientele skews older than the right out of college age in bars along amsterdam. With all our complaining about vacancies and bad restaurants on the uws, it is nice to have a well-done restaurant.

    8. Ira Gershenhorn says:

      Obviously no bicyclists in the comments section. West Side Rag – you suck too. You put an article about a car being where it shouldn’t almost creaming two people at the bottom of a story whose headline has zippo to do with it. This is what burying is. At least you reported it, poorly, but reported it.

    9. Sarah says:

      “Elitist” is probably code for the Dakota across the street, which…well, are you really going to argue with that one?

      W. 72d is a four-lane street, no? Completely lined with retail at ground level halfway through the actual park block. A subway stop right there and major retail at Broadway. I’m not sure what one calls “residential,” but unless you consider every mixed-use block to be residential, W. 72d isn’t it.

      And, yes, the Ribbon is a badly-needed addition to the neighborhood, even if it isn’t ultra-ground-breaking. (They even extended their delivery area to my street further north, so my sole beef with them is resolved…)

      • genobravo says:

        The Dakota residents would be as unaffected by the sound from The Ribbon as residents of the actual Dakotas. The “elitists” label undoubtedly refers to the Oliver Cromwell at 12 w72, which is, in a word, AWESOME.
        It’s likely genuinely affecting people on the lower floors and probably sounds like a huge party is happening every night.

    10. Jo Ann says:

      It is ironic to read about neighbors complaining about the noise from The Ribbon in the same article that reports on a committee to investigate why small businesses are closing on the UWS. Let’s support or local businesses and stop complaining. If you can’t stand the noise maybe should live in the country.

    11. Lunabee says:

      The Ribbon is pedestrian and deafening inside (and I guess outside too).
      Five of us tried this spot when if first opened. Food meh. Conversation NOT.
      Caters to those who prefer to text not talk.

    12. UWS40 says:

      Affordable housing and small business (mom & pop stores) have been disappearing since the 80s.

      Everyone just noticing now.

      Thank Community Board 7. They only work for the developers.

      Too little much too late.

    13. Bruce says:

      We love the ribbon! Great food. Great bar! Awesome place. Noise complaint? Really??? Just lower your hearing aids.

    14. Wijmlet says:

      Try for mice.

      They helped our building get rid of bedbugs and did an excellent job.

    15. knyc says:

      The Ribbon is great. Burger and fries are the best in town. I have been there maybe 20 times and have never ever noticed restaurant noise outside. And i am sensitive to noise.