hudson and charles

A butcher shop and a two-level Vegas-style restaurant just opened, and a new French wine bar is on its way.

Butcher shop Hudson & Charles has opened at 555 Amsterdam Avenue on 87th Street, the former home of Schatzie the Butcher (which is now on Broadway between 101st and 102nd). Hudson & Charles also has a West Village shop and will be offering grass-fed meats and sandwiches.

Sugar Factory is now open at 1991 Broadway between 67th and 68th Streets, replacing Ollie’s. The two-level restaurant has glitz, glamour and frothy goblets filled with 60 ounces of sugary drinks.  The first Yelp review is in, and it’s pretty positive: “Aaron or as people call him ‘Mr. King Kong’ served us and was very humorous and welcoming- especially when we ordered the Lollipop Passion Goblet.” Who is this Mr. King Kong? Here’s the menu. There’s a lot of dessert and brunch food. It’s open until midnight Sunday-Thursday and 1 a.m. Friday and Saturday.

As of Monday, there was still a stop work order notice on the building, after the city halted work on the public plaza outside the restaurant. And there was no carousel either. Thanks to Helen, Elena and Daniel (who took the photos above).

Amelie Wine Bar is planning to open at 556 Amsterdam Avenue between 87th and 88th. Amelie is a “modern wine lounge with French flair,” according to its website. It started in San Francisco and has another relocation in Manhattan. Here’s the menu. “The wine list is comprised of high quality yet affordable wines from around the world…An equal amount of thought and attention is given to food and wine pairings. Our menu hits the spot whether you’re in the mood for a savory munchie, a full dinner or a decadent dessert.” The bar is scheduled to go before the Community Board 7 Business Committee this Wednesday to attempt to get a liquor license.

Anel Cleaners on 70th and Columbus will be replaced by Australian beauty product chain Aesop, a helpful reader pointed out. Irony of all ironies, the contraction billboard is advertising Chanel, which was Anel’s original name until Chanel objected.

club monaco4

Club Monaco is closing its location on Broadway between 86th and 87th on April 23 and “merging” with its Columbus Avenue store. Thanks to Shari for the photo.

The Second Time Around consignment shop on Broadway and 99th is the only location that is closing on the UWS. The two other locations will remain open, a company rep tells us.

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    1. the dude says:

      is it a travesty that all these spots are turning into beauty outlets. god this area is bombing out with custie crap.


      a dude

      • A girl says:

        I wouldn’t say that Aesop is actually “beauty” products. Seems like the wrong word! Their hand soap is what I associate them with…

    2. Concerned Neighbor says:

      Seemed like the contractors were using very loud buzz saws in the soon-to-be Aesop space last night after 9pm! Anyone know how to get that stopped at night?

      • lynn says:

        Start by calling 311 or reporting it online at The forms are easy to use and I’ve always had speedy results.

      • B.B. says:

        Call 311 and file a complaint with department of buildings for illegal/after hours construction.

        However I’d check the construction notices that are required to be posted on property. Many contractors have been requesting, and the city has been almost gladly giving out after hours/weekend permits like candy.

      • 40UWS says:

        Call Linda Rosenthal’s office.

    3. Susanne says:

      Second Time Around Madison b 93/94 also closing

    4. SB says:

      hmmm.. second French Wine Bar (there is Vin sur Vingt on 84th?) to come uptown.. and nestle on Columbus or right off…the French seem to like us

      • B.B. says:

        Don’t know about you but for the past few years have never seen so many French in NYC. For some reason they seem to love Brooklyn especially Williamsburg.

        Tourists one is used to but these are persons obviously living here instead.

        Employment situation in France is not that good, especially for the younger post college generation. Then you have the fallout from the high/new taxes Hollande’s government pushed through on the “rich”.

        Add to this the increasing anti-Jewish sentiment or feeling causing some to feel uncomfortable or even safe in France. Piled on the terrorist attacks of late as well.

        Finally there is a small but growing “tech” sector made of up French entrepreneurs springing up in NYC. It is very difficult to do many of the start-up tech related things we see (and take for granted) all over NYC and the USA. The laws/regulations in France and even EU are just too stifling.

    5. Katie says:

      FYI – walked by Ashoka (Indian restaurant) at 489 Columbus Ave this afternoon, and there was a sign on the window saying they’d been shut down by the Health Dept. I saw police inside, so asked a man standing outside what was going on. He said they were closed now but would be open for dinner. The police then approached me and asked me what the man had just said, so I told them. Seemed like something strange was going on.

    6. Andrea says:

      Perhaps the opening of Hudson & Charles is a bit premature. Stopped in to check it out and found its inventory sparse, its cuts unimpressive, the sausages looked tired and it has – and I’m a true carnivore – a strange, too butchery smell. Oh well, I guess I’ll let it age a little.

      • David Morris says:

        Neither their Village location nor Schatzie has beef of veal cheeks. And you can’t order them in advance. They’re butchers? Oppenheimer always could get them to order.

      • Anon says:

        When I went in they said it was a soft opening. They are waiting on the city for several permits to get up to full scale operational. So maybe don’t bash for not having a full selection until then.

        You can order items in advance because it’s my understanding they don’t order from a supplier. They butcher onsite so they have the products of what they are butchering.

    7. Gale says:

      re.: Sugar Factory: I stand corrected on whether or not the Kardashians actually “own” this place, but they certainly sell their gilded goods there. So close to our NYC cultural treasures( Lincoln Center, Ch 13 Studios, Museum of American Folk Art.) Do you really to support this type of establishment?

    8. Lyri Clark says:

      The Bloomingdales outlet (72nd/Bway) needs to clean up their store. It seems to be a gathering spot for homeless to use bathrooms and generally hang out. I rarely stop in but was browsing yesterday (old messy selection of cheap leftover clothing) and when I tried to use the Ladies room..I was scolded and shouted at by a woman with rolling suitcase….I told security….I won’t be going in there again. Downstairs is deserted. It’s a sad looking scary store. Such a waste of space. Really nice “Off Saks” on E57th. How do the UWS stores always turn into such a mess?

      • Sprinkles says:

        Whenever I go in there, I feel like I’m being offered some tacky ageing socialite’s leftovers. So much of it is straight-up hideous drek. Damaged fabrics as well. Nobody wants to go shopping and feel like they’re getting cast-offs, especially if they’re really not that cheap.

    9. ben zinkin says:

      Why can’t the UWS support a really first rate restaurant?

      • Robert says:

        There are plenty of “first rate” restaurants on the UWS, as many as there are anywhere else in NYC.

        Starting around Columbus Circle and going all the way to Columbia University you have:

        1 – Per Se
        2 – Jean George
        3 – Porter House
        4 – Masa
        5 – Bar Boulud
        6 – Lincoln
        7 – Shun Lee
        8 – Cafe Luxembourg
        9 – Nougatine
        10 – Shake Shack
        11 – Sushi of Gari
        12 – Dovetail
        13 – Motorino
        14 – Momofuku Milk Bar
        15 – Barney Greengrass
        16 – Red Farm
        17 – Peace Food
        18 – Candle Cafe
        19 – Sal & Carmine
        20 – Levaine Bakery
        21 – La Caridad 78
        22 – Jin Ramen
        23 – Bustan

        You have some of the best Chinese, sushi, burgers, bistro, French, ramen, Italian, steak, pizza, Middle Eastern, desserts, Jewish, vegan, cookies, Cuban… anywhere in NYC.

        What does the Upper East Side have?

        • JoyceB says:

          Don’t forget Isabella’s. 20+ years, a neighborhood

        • stevieboy says:

          I’ve eaten in all of those restaurants. Not impressed. What else you got??

          I am a foodie though….so I don’t expect you to understand. My palate is so sophisticated I usually just nourish myself with an IV.

    10. Kathleen says:

      The Sugar Factory is the most bizarre concept I’ve seen yet. It serves the most unhealthy foods available, as well as Foie Gras which requires the torture of innocent ducks by forcing pipes down their throats to force feed them, so people can have this disgusting “gourmet” crime on their plates. It doesn’t seem there’s alot of intelligence or compassion about the value of life and importance of nourishing our bodies. Shaking my head in utter amazement.

    11. eric says:

      Is Amelie Wine Bar opening at 566 Amsterdam Ave (not 556) which was the location of the Belgian restaurant?

    12. Curious says:

      What’s happening at SW corner of 90&brodway? Has been empty since the food emporium closed and now there’s construction team. Any news?

      • Dancy Nrew says:

        Literally today as I was strolling past (and intently reading the building permits like I was Nancy Drew or something) a guy stopped to say that he thinks it will be a Bed, Bath & Beyond. But who knows?

    13. AOI says:

      Love Hudson and Charles. Great cuts of meat, all organic. It’s so clean, owners friendly. Great downtown vibe instead of the tired and entitled uws schtick. Don’t just be local, be good.
      Perfect add to the neighborhood…and just right “butchery smell” for me.

    14. Celia302 says:

      Not sure what Sprinkles or Lyri Clark are talking about Bloomingdales outlet. I was there yesterday and saw Louboutin shoes and a Celine handbag. Pretty first rate stuff in my book.

    15. kristina says:

      Joe’s Bar on 83rd and Amsterdam is closing after today