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January 9, 2017 Weather: Partly cloudy, with a high of 28 degrees.

A post-election panel at Book Culture and many more local events are on our calendar.

Two quick-thinking officers saved a man from the frigid Hudson River on Christmas Eve. “Officers Groger and Etter were patrolling the Upper West Side of Manhattan last week when they responded to a 911 call about a man in distress in the Hudson River. The officers rushed to Riverside Park and began to search the area to obtain more information. While canvassing the area, a passerby waved them down and drew attention to a man waist deep in the freezing water. The officers quickly climbed down the boating dock ramp and into the Hudson. From there they were able to grab the distraught man and bring him to safety.” It’s not clear why the man was in the river in the first place.

All subway stops should have wi-fi and cell service as of today.

Three UWS buildings just got sold. “The Orbach Group sold three Upper Manhattan walk-up rental buildings with a combined 41 apartments for $21 million, the firm told The Real Deal. Castellan Real Estate Partners bought the 16-unit building at 309 West 111th Street for roughly $8.8 million. Zada Realty bought 627 West 113th Street, which has 10 apartments, for $5.1 million. An unknown buyer bought the third piece of the package, a 15-unit building at 109 West 105th Street, for $6.8 million.” Castellan was found in 2015 to be “using intimidation tactics in order to empty rent-stabilized buildings“, according to The Real Deal.

Around the time of Pearl Harbor, a boy became convinced that a pushcart salesman on the Upper West Side was defending America as part of a ‘Secret Squadron.’ “I could not believe it: Tony, the pushcart peddler, an undercover agent of the Secret Squadron, protecting America from his post near my school?”

Where do Zabar’s, Barney Greengrass and others get their smoked salmon? Acme Smoked Fish in Brooklyn, mostly. And each store claims Acme gives them something special. “It was a claim made by virtually every location: Each store had specific criteria, and a special relationship with Acme, that made their fish ‘the best.'”

All is lost! There’s a white truffle shortage in New York!

Governor Cuomo is making his state of the state speech today ahead of the new legislative session. How does he determine when to throw billions of dollars at projects like airports and when to veto funding for other things? Gothamist and the Village Voice take a sharp look.

Will the state make good on its pledge to fund supportive housing to reduce city homelessness? Care for the Homeless intends to hold them to it. And in the second item here, they explain how people can help, including calling state leaders. “You can also join the campaign to send the Governor and legislative leaders 20,000 e-mails about the need for supportive housing by visiting”

A proud Upper West Side mom notes that her daughter Ariel is in a fun musical about Bernie Sanders, featured on the cover of the Village Voice last week.

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    1. dannyboy says:

      Book Culture is such a treasure (2 treasures).
      The larger store takes a while to get the hang of, their organization is kinda’ unique.

      But both store have great Recommendations on 3X5 cards that are really useful!

      I’ve been to discussions there and loved them.

      shop local

      • Online is much cheaper even with shipping. Shop smart. Just saying. We don’t all have Hamptons money:)

        • TaxpayerMooch says:

          Or a pension…

        • galdebord says:

          Sure, because you know what the UWS needs more of? banks and drugstores. Use it or lose it. No such thing as “free” shipping; we’ll all pay for your habits in the long run. And once all the independents are out of business and Amazon is the only option…

        • dannyboy says:

          Dear TaxpayerMooch,

          Again, it is apparent that you have paid less in taxes than I have.

          I guess I was able to hold on to a job, so can contribute to the general welfare.

          • TaxpayerMooch says:

            Perhaps. But I would never settle for a schoolteacher’s salary.

            • dannyboy says:


              If you read, you would know that I spent a 30 year career on Wall Street.

              Your writing about: “Or a pension…” is a delusion.

              Good luck with that.

    2. Scott says:

      Cuomo moving left which pleases De Blasio but which guarantees that his disastrous tenure as HUD chief is the last federal job he ever holds.