Denton Taylor shared this gorgeous photo gallery of Central Park foliage with us.

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    1. ScooterStan says:

      Best shot is that Bow Bridge pic with its “leading lines” taking the viewer’s eye directly to the red leaves…complete focus on topic.

      Also great are the reflection shots.

      Good ‘shooting’ !

    2. dannyboy says:


    3. Sue says:

      One doesn’t have to go north to experience fall foliage…what fabulous pix! Thanks for sharing.

    4. Rita says:

      Love these!! We are so lucky to have 2 beautiful parks nearby!!

    5. Judy Piemme says:

      Gorgeous, outstandingly beautiful photography!

    6. Jake says:

      These are some of the most beautiful pictures of the city I
      love and have lived in since 1968 that I’ve ever seen. Thank you so much! And keep them coming, okay? How about a photo session for every season of the year? Just a thought…
      Again, my thanks and congratulations to you!

    7. Lucille Gordon says:

      While I no longer live in NYC I enjoy keeping up with my old neighborhood’s doings from Westside Rag.

      These remarkable pictures of autumn in Central Park deserve a prize! I hope all the other readers are getting a reminder of the natural and man made beauty on the Westside.

    8. Arlene Wites says:


    9. That’s my wonderful Park. Thanks for the pictures.

    10. Sylvia says:

      These photos are beautiful! I walked on Central Park South on Friday November 18 by The Pond, and the colors in these photos are exactly what I saw on Friday. The colors of the trees were fantastic – yellows, reds, and oranges, contrasted with greens and browns. Thank you for capturing this time in autumn in these photos!

    11. Rob says:

      Fall is my favorite time of year. What a treat to live near Central Park, where the “Urban Heat Island” (actual meteorological term) gives us a later ‘peak’ of color each year, compared to the surrounding area. Mix that with the variety of foliage we have in the park, and it makes for a beautiful sight each season!

    12. Central Park says:

      Having photographed many times on the Bow Bridge and in Central Park, it still surprises me how there are always new sites to be discovered, new ways of seeing what is familiar.

    13. Jon says:

      These photos are amazing every year! Thank you so much for sharing them!

    14. Former UWSer says:

      Gorgeous!! Do you have any of Riverside park as well?